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I have posted the last group of pics we took during our trip to see the Blue Angels and the Pensacola Naval Station (search). The last group of pics are pics of the hall steps inside the building where the Blue Angels meet everyday on the base. Unless you are lucky enough to be invited into their workspace, you won't get to see these pics posted on the wall… so this IS behind-the-scenes.

More than one Blue Angel pilot or support crew told me how exciting it was when he/she became a Blue Angel and first walked the steps and could see the proud tradition of the Blue Angels posted in this staircase. The pics on the wall show the photo history of the Blue Angels and also Fat Albert (the C-130 that supports the Blue Angels). One thing is plain — among the Blue Angels there is enormous pride... and it is completely contagious.

For some behind-the-scenes... Thursday night as I sat on the set 30 minutes before show time, I looked through the big plate glass that separates the studio from the news room and watched Bernie Grimm (search) and Ted Williams (search) both at separate pods studying madly for the show. They looked like students approaching finals. They both had their heads bowed over information we provided them for the show (and which they also researched themselves). They arrive early so that they can adequately prepare themselves for the show. (Incidentally, most nights after the show someone on the crew has to chase Ted down the hall with his glasses... he chronically leaves them on the desk on our set.)

I am curious what you thought about our segment on Iran last night. The statement the president of Iran made about Israel (the need to destroy it) and the fact that we are told Iran continues on its mission to enrich uranium is very disturbing. How should the world and /or the United States handle this? And do you think the appropriate attention is being paid to this?

Some random e-mails...

E-mail No. 1:

Oklahoma City is $1.99, Russellville, KY, $2.28, Tampa, $2.59. In So. FL we are paying $3.02 for regular. We are suffering with no electricity, long gas lines, boil water, and being gouged big time by the big oil companies while were are suffering and in need. Please go after them. I have spent over $400 in gas to keep a generator going to be able to keep food and boil water since Wilma.
Please help us.
Steve Brazell
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

E-mail No. 2:

Greta, I just read in your GreatWire about Joran van der Sloot (search) saying that Deepak buried Natalee Hollaway in a June statement. What an outrage for the Hollaway family. The Aruban government should be held responsible!!!!! What a pit from hell that Aruba is. The Netherlands should be embarrassed by their island.

E-mail No. 3:

I cannot believe what I am hearing tonight. Now they are trying to blame the family for their daughter’s death!!!!!!! I would not only never go to Aruba I would never go to the Netherlands! The authorities over there are corrupt, inept, and they are protecting the Van der Sloots! I think it is an outrage!!!!!
Nan Bopp
Beaufort, South Carolina

E-mail No. 4:

What a joke… the Aruban authorities are trying to divert attention away from their botched investigation with a bunch of ridiculous questions... maybe the FBI should proceed under the disguise of tourist agents as the Aruban authorities have never had a problem "partnering up" with them for the past 25 years....

E-mail No. 5:

I can't believe the questions the Aruban government ask Natalee's mother. The source of her funds is none of their business and has NO bearing on the case. Aruba looks more and more like a corrupt "Banana Republic" every day. Americans should boycott Aruba. This outrage deserves a travel alert from our state department.
Bob Ragland
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

E-mail No. 6:

It is totally unbelievable to see how the investigation is and was handled by the Aruban authorities...
I for one will never vacation there, and I recommend that all Americans boycott their island... maybe some economic sanctions will affect the investigation there
Tom Newhart
North Catasauqua, Pennsylvania

E-mail No. 7:

Five months of “investigation” and nothing to show for it. Seems like Aruba is jerking our chain. Let’s play “hardball” and stop the tourist trade. Why are the networks and Mrs. Holloway afraid to ask for a boycott?
Susan McDaniel
Washington CH, Ohio

E-mail No. 8:

I know everyone thinks you are a savior, but you just one person in a long list of FORMER PROSECUTORS who GET OFF on SEXUAL DEVIATION AND THE LAW. You must look into that with your therapist as well as your CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL DESIRES. While I understand that it makes you money in terms of a news show, you cannot deny the fact that you get off on your reporting, you can lay blame on the fact that you are a former prosecutor and these are the kinds of stories which peak your interests but you really must go through psychoanalysis to determine whether or not it is your repressed sexual diviations which make you so good at what you do. (sic)
Anne Marie Boyle

ANSWER: Dear Anne Marie Boyle — I hate to ruin a good rant like yours, but I was never a prosecutor.

E-mail No. 9:

That pizza delivery woman has ESP, just like me! Sometimes I have strong feelings like that!
When my grandson was 2, (he's 4 1/2 now) I felt something was wrong and his mother (my daughter) was at work and the dad was supposed to be watching him, but was sleeping while my grandson went outside in front by a busy highway! She got home to find him playing in the front yard alone!
Maybe an angel told me; maybe an angel told that pizza woman.
Sherri H.

E-mail No. 10:

Greta, Myself along with a friend (Libby Cornett) flew down to Aruba at the end of June and the first week of July. If you need verification you can ask Beth. Libby and I offered any help we could give. We were there exactly one week; I was personally stopped by the police twice and questioned about what I was doing (which one time was just walking from our motel to Beth's). At one time I really felt uncomfortable! You can never convince me if Americans would boycott Aruba for just ONE month, the officials would jump through fiery hoops to get this case solved. I was so shocked when I landed on the island, after seeing the story on the news I just figured there would be posters all over the island, the ONLY time I saw a poster was in the media room at the Holiday Inn. Also we offered the Aruban government money to post as a reward with the stipulation they would have to say it was from their government. We were told they would get back with us, as of yet we have heard nothing. Do you have a clue what happened to the arm found on the beach in Venezuela? Please keep up the good work following this case!
Priscilla Rye
Jasper, Florida

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