Protecting Criminal Aliens

The mayor of Newark, New Jersey Cory Booker is protecting foreign criminals who commit crimes in his city. Booker and his predecessor Sharp James ordered police and officers of the court not to alert federal authorities when aliens both legal and illegal are arrested for criminal activity.

Even though three college students were recently murdered by criminal aliens in Newark, Booker remains defiant.


CORY BOOKER, NEWARK, NJ MAYOR: Local law enforcement officials should not be going out, asking, inquiring and investigating as to whether people are documented or undocumented immigrants. It creates an environment in which local law enforcement officials will not have active conduits about information about crime that's going on to create a chill in which often the most marginalized and vulnerable citizens in my city do not feel comfortable engaging with the police. It's an environment that I will never tolerate as long as I'm mayor.


Now here's what makes me angry. Booker is spinning the issue. It's about illegal alien criminals, not illegal aliens. He's spinning it.

Now he's being flat out dishonest and downright stupid.

Item, illegal alien Jose Carranza is one of those charged with murdering the three kids in Newark. He had multiple arrests, including child rape. If the Feds had been alerted, they could have taken Carranza into custody after Judge Thomas Vena inexplicably lowered his bail.

Item, Rudolfo Godinez from Nicaragua also charged with killing the three. He had a green card, despite multiple criminal convictions according to published reports. Federal law says Godinez could have been deported after one conviction. But apparently the Feds do nothing about him because of Newark's dereliction.

However, Mayor Booker is not alone in his dangerous politically correct days. You may remember authorities in Cherry Hill, New Jersey failed to notify the Feds about three Muslim illegal aliens, who racked up more than 70 traffic violations. Those men are now charged with terrorist activities in the Fort Dix case. No thanks to Cherry Hill.

Now think about it. Local authorities are protecting terrorists and criminals. It's an outrage.

Now here's what must be done. New federal law should be passed requiring all local authorities to inform ICE within 48 hours of any foreign national being arrested for anything. Failure to do that would mean loss of all federal funding to the jurisdiction.

That legislation should be introduced this fall. And those who oppose it should explain why. It's obvious that people like Mayor Booker and legions of others simply do not have the will to protect the people from crime and terrorism, so the federal government must act.

In addition, if I were a family member of the murdered kids, I'd sue Newark, Essex County, and the state of New Jersey for negligence. Americans have a constitutional right to be protected from foreigners who would hurt us. The authorities will not do their jobs if other pressure must be brought. And that's “The Memo.”

Most Ridiculous Item

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." As we discussed last week, a small publishing house will soon release that loathsome O.J. Simpson book, which I predict will not do well.

And today we find out that Barnes and Noble will not even carry it. The Riggio brothers, who run B&N are good guys and are doing the right thing. Corporate dignity is important and never ridiculous.

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