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From Berkley, California comes the story of a schoolteacher who augmented her teaching salary by working a couple nights a week as a hooker. Shannon Williams’s eight-year prostitution career began when she enrolled at San Francisco State to obtain a teacher's certificate. She told the Contra Costa Times that "doing this, I could work one or two nights a week and really focus on my studies."

Ms. Williams’s lawyer says that she should still be allowed to teach because the prostitution charge against her was dropped as part of a plea agreement. Lou Sheldon, head of the Traditional Values Coalition (search) in Anaheim is appalled that Ms. Williams is even thinking of going back to teaching, saying: "The last thing in the world schoolchildren need is to have a prostitute as a role model."

But the head of the local PTA wasn't so sure. "As long as she's not bringing it into the classroom, maybe it's not a problem," said Carol-Ann Kock-Weser. Ms. Kock-Weser emphasized that her opinion did not represent PTA policy.

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