Proof Canadians Are Different Than Americans

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Finally, proof beyond any question that Canadians are different than us.

This story comes out of Red Deer, Alberta, up Canada way.

A burglar broke into the home of a guy named William Mitchell and stole his video camera. The cops soon got an anonymous call from someone — evidently the burglar — giving instructions on where they could recover a stolen video camera. There was also a tip that the cops should turn the camera on and take a look at what was recorded.

When the cops retrieved the camera and followed instructions, they found images of a computer screen which was in the house where the camera was stolen. What was on the computer screen was child porn.

The burglar also left the address of the home he had burglarized where he took pictures of the computer screen. So the cops went there, seized the computer and found 13,000 pornographic images, presumably many of children.

Mitchell was arrested and pleaded guilty. He'll be sentenced this week.

Nobody has any idea who the burglar is, or where he is.

So what evidently happened was the burglar was going to take the computer but turned it on first. Then he found the camera, recorded the images and set the wheels of justice in motion.

Or... or... this was never a real burglar in the first place, but instead someone who knew Mitchell had a computer full of child porn.

I prefer to think it was a civic-minded burglar doing the larger right thing, while committing a lesser wrong thing.

I can't imagine an American burglar would do that, but maybe I'm selling my country short. I'm sure I'll soon hear from some of our own burglars claiming they would do exactly the same thing, but I kind of doubt it.

Seems to me burglars — as well as regular folks — are just a bit different up there.

That's My Word.

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