Private Jets and Million-Dollar Bras: Gifts for the Rich and Famous

These days, jet-setters want more than just to fly from private island to private island — they want the whole jet.

“The hottest luxury right now is private flight,” said Jeremy Abelson of, a Web site devoted to tracking down the most expensive indulgences in categories ranging from hot dogs to helicopter rides.

“Luxury is taking away any additional work in life, and not having to wait in line at the airport is something that will separate you from the masses,” he said.

A minimum flying package with private aviation leader Marquis Jet gives your giftee 25 hours of flight for $119,900 (owning your own jet can exceed $50 million.) We know ... a tad expensive.

But just in case you hit the jackpot between now and the holidays, here are some other gifts to consider when only the best of the best will do:

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Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

Once again, Victoria’s Secret has upped the high-priced panty ante with their 2007 Fantasy Bra set, featuring $4.5 million worth of diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires and emeralds woven onto a push-up bra, garter, thong, wrist cuff and barrette.

Inspired by the winter poinsettia, this floral get-up — although not appropriate for the office holiday bash — was definitely meant to be seen.

Can It Play 'Stairway'?

While most people are running out to buy "Guitar Hero III," those with serious bank are opting for something a little more exclusive.

World-class guitar-maker Gibson is issuing in limited quantities the world’s first robotic guitar. The Gibson Robot Guitar, $2,499, tunes itself while adjusting to changing climates. With only 10 guitars per participating supplier, this sleek instrument is perfect for any rock star or trust fund baby.

For the Chocoholic

What better way to immortalize a chocolate lover than a one-of-a-kind set of portraits by Vik Muniz, an artist who will paint your recipient's likeness in Bosco syrup.

This gift, featured in the 100th edition of the famous Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, will leave you looking good enough to eat. Cost? $110,000.

For Daddy's Little (Spoiled) Princess

Who needs "Project Runway" when mommy and daddy can buy you a Custom Couture Fashion Design Kit from famed toy emporium FAO Schwarz, $895.

Aside from fabric and sketch pad, this gift comes with your very own NYC fashion designer to help turn your vision into a reality.

When a New Yacht Just Won't Cut It

When every Tom, Dick and Harry at your country club has his own megayacht, set your man apart with his very own air-conditioned submarine.

The Neiman Marcus-Edition Gem Triton 1000 from U.S. Submarines has leather seating and 360-degree views of the deep blue yonder.

Included in the $1.44 million price-tag is a two-day training program, as well as a bejeweled key chain.

For the Botox Babe

Any surgically-enhanced gal knows the woes of a new wrinkle. So for those ladies who like to safeguard their skin against the hands of time, we suggest extending that mindset to their handbags.

Zagliani’s python handbags are both soft-skinned and supple, thanks a silicone treatment much like a Botox injection. The designer's metallic python clutch, $1,400, is a favorite among celebrities, both nipped and tucked.

For the Opulent Organic

Made from all natural materials, Goyard’s canvas "St. Louis" shopper tote, $1,065, is the perfect companion for any trip to the farmer’s market. The bag is also completely recyclable, so after it gets dirtied up, it can be put to good use ... like providing the materials for a $1,000 lunch box.

Our Pick

But if you want our favorite pick, we're going with the Marquis Jets membership. Aside from avoiding flight delays and claustrophobic cabins, the plan entitles you to a $1,500 gift certificate toward a custom-made Ermenegildo Zegna suit, as well as access to the Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response program, which provides top healthcare at any destination.

“On these flights, everything is done for you. There are stewardesses that are privately attending to you. You sit in a chair or bed as opposed to a row,” said Abelson. “You just feel like a huge player."

And the best part?

"If you are late, they wait for you," Abelson said.

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