Prince Albert of Monaco’s Former Flame Alexandra Kamp Slams Hollywood Big-wig Steven Seagal as 'Polarizing' and 'Insulting' | Jewel: 'I Should Be in a Ditch Begging for Food' | Vanessa Hudgens Is in Da House, Cameras Away!

Prince Albert of Monaco’s Former Flame Alexandra Kamp Slams Hollywood Big-wig Steven Seagal as 'Polarizing' And 'Insulting'

Most celebrities keep quiet when it comes to the Tinseltown types that they don’t think too highly about — so it was refreshing to hear Europe’s answer to Julia Roberts, aka Alexandra Kamp, give her honest opinion of 90’s action hero/musician/producer/director Steven Seagal, who incidentally just scored his own cop-like reality series.

"Some people are the polarizing type, I think he sure is one of them. It seemed he felt the same way about me because when I was invited to the casting of his film 'Half Past Dead.' I was introduced to him and I right away got an odd vibe and could tell the feeling was entirely mutual," Kamp said with a laugh in our exclusive interview. "He asked me what I do, as if acting was not my real profession. Maybe he just tried to make conversation , but I simply found that question odd and a bit insulting. And working with him on set sadly didn't change my first impression of him ..."

But someone who Kamp does have much higher regard for is her former flame Prince Albert II of Monaco — although she decided being the next princess didn’t really fit in with her free-spirited ways.

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"I enjoyed him for his fantastic sense of humor, worldliness and intellect and yes, his amazing ability to have fun and enjoy life, whilst being one of the hardest working human beings I’ve ever met," she said. "I wasn't eyeing on a serious love-relationship but just on a serious friendship. Of course that’s tough when two people live such a fast pace life all over the world."

Speaking of her romantic relations, the 42-year-old has since developed a preference for robbing-the-cradle and is currently dating a hottie 12 years her junior.

"Younger guys are not afraid of strong women and I like guys who are not afraid. Older guys often seem to need a much younger woman to still feel young and cool so in essence they are not secure," she explained. "I dated men who were older, same age and younger and recently but I've found myself in relationships with younger men. They seem to not just see my appeal, but they admire the woman behind it."

But hey, that doesn’t mean Kamp has any desire to turn back her own biological clock (she was more than happy to strip for the cover of German Playboy at the ripe ol’ age of 40 and show off an almost flawless figure). So if Kamp can look this bangin’ in her fifth decade of living, does that mean most women use age as an excuse to let their looks lapse?

"Our looks simply evolve like our minds do and I embrace that. It's a shame when women use age as an excuse to let themselves go and thankfully more and more women embrace their age and all the potential for beauty, sexiness and happiness it comes with," she said.

Even though Ms. Kamp has clearly been blessed with beauty and brains (she also writes a column for bestswimwear.com) it is somewhat comforting to know that she is still human enough to make a fool of herself in front of Hollywood’s hottest — which is exactly what happened when Julia Roberts won the Oscar for Erin Brockovich.

"I was so thrilled that I stood up and cheered her loudly like a madwoman, unfortunately I was the only one getting that excited and I got strange looks from Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson," she laughed. "The only one smiling at me was Russell Crowe."

Jewel: 'I Should Be in a Ditch Begging for Food'

She’s transformed from pop to country, and now songstress Jewel hopes to make her fans fall asleep with a self-produced album "Lullaby" — an album that stems from her days as a homeless teen on the streets of southern California.

"I have gone through a lot of really stressful things in my life when I was younger especially. I used to write lullabies for myself when I was homeless to calm myself down and help myself fall asleep," Jewel told Tarts in an exclusive interview. "It was wild, I moved out when I was 15 and so I had a lot of anxiety and have always used music as a way of calming my nerves."

And it seems Jewel is still pinching herself that she actually has a roof-over-her-head let alone having sold almost 30 million albums worldwide.

"I should definitely be a statistic in some ditch somewhere begging for food," she said. "So it’s amazing to me, it’s such a gift that I get to do this with my life."

And is Jewel and her bull-ridin’ hubby/DWTS champ Ty Murray working on bringing another little life into the world?

"We want a family so we’ll see, whenever it happens is great with us," she said with a smile.

And if Jewel isn’t a mama next year we might see her picking up where she left off on "Dancing" after getting injured in rehearsals.

"After seeing how hard Ty worked I think I might have gotten off easy breaking a leg because he was working 12 to 18 hours a day," she added. "It looks like such a fun challenge, it’s pretty tempting to do it again. But it is an amazing schedule. You really have to be a real athlete to do it."

Vanessa Hudgens Is in Da House, Cameras Away!

Has Vanessa Hudgens suddenly become Madonna? The young actress turned up to the Oakley Gifting Party at the Sky Bar in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon and all the party peeps were warned before she came inside "no photos, no interviews."

Oh, but Ness made sure to take, take, take lotsa Oakley luggage and frogskins and shades. Thankfully, she eventually decided that the least she could do for all the goodies was pose for one picture ...

Do celebs not understand that in exchange for free stuff a little PR on their part is kinda the right way to go?