Prime Suspects

So I was on an airport security line this past weekend and I watched, with some bemusement, the detention of two clearly suspicious individuals.

One looked about 80 — a woman, helped out of a wheelchair, no less.

The other was about four — male with shifty eyes.

Both were relentlessly searched.

The woman's wheelchair was gone through as if it were a Sherman tank.

The little boy saw his Mickey Mouse backpack emptied as if he had confiscated firearms.

The closest I saw? A Buzz Lightyear (search) doll.

Now, keep in mind there were other interesting characters on this line, including two Middle Eastern men and some unruly, and I suspect, drunk businessmen.

I'd at least have pulled all those guys aside. But no, they passed while granny and the oh-so-suspicious Buzz Lightyear kid did not.

I'm not here to fault our clearly overworked and — judging by this day — overwrought airport security folks.

I'm just here to remind them that there might be slightly bigger threats than an old lady who has trouble walking and a little boy who has trouble "not" talking.

I'm not saying Buzz Lightyear couldn't be a threat. I'd just buzz on by him to clearly "bigger" threats.

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