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Last night, after the airing of the first hour of our interview of Joran van der Sloot, we posted a poll about the interview. If you watched the interview and have not voted in our poll, please do so now. If you did not watch and are curious what others thought, check the results. I know that I have been curious what people thought about Joran after the interview and have checked the poll regularly.

Natalee Holloway's disappearance remains a mystery and I can't help but wonder if we will ever get the answers. It is very easy to pick sides and be emotional about it, but the bottom line is that we must look at facts and facts alone in trying to solve this mystery and get justice for Natalee and her family. We — including you — do no one any good by getting it wrong. We must be steely cold and completely unaffected by emotion as we examine the facts.

During every commercial break of the hour last night, I asked both people who were in the studio with me (the stage manager and audio technician) if they were more convinced of Joran's guilt or innocence? Less? The same? Their answers were interesting for me to hear.

Thursday night we will air Part 2 of my interview — another hour of Joran van der Sloot. Like last night's show, it will be shown to you unedited. You will hear every question asked of him and his answers in entirety. By the way, what struck me about watching last night's interview was how different it seemed in the room conducting the interview than it did to me watching it.

If you know anyone who was out on the Aruban beach the night Natalee went missing, please send an e-mail to: We want to talk to anyone who might know anything.

Yes, I will be back in Washington, D.C., tonight and my presence in New York City last night was unrelated to the airing of our one-hour interview with Joran. I had to do some work on a FOX News special that we are doing and it had to be done in New York. Hence, I was in New York.

Here are many of your e-mails, randomly grabbed:

E-mail No. 1

I noticed on the ABC interview and now again with you, that Joran breaks out in hives when he talks! Is he that nervous?!

ANSWER: I noticed the redness on his neck in the beginning of the interview. I had not noticed it before the interview or in any other conversation with him. As time passed during the interview, the redness seemed to vanish. I assumed at the time that it was simply nerves... many people get nervous on TV.

E-mail No. 2

Joran got a really blotchy red rash on his cheek and neck as he started talking about the night in question. It wasn't red in the beginning when you were talking to him about other things. This is strange, because I noticed that rash developed when he was being interviewed by Chris Cuomo too. The rash seems to be getting worse as he's talking about the events! What is THAT about?

E-mail No. 3

I have to say after watching Joran's interview... I don't know what to think. I, like a lot of people, have pegged him as a total liar, and did not even watch his interview on ABC(?) After watching your interview with him, he seems to answer each question VERY quickly, and in some detail. If I was watching this interview without bias I would be very torn as to whether he was lying or not. It's difficult watching it, knowing he has lied numerous times and try and determine whether or not he is telling the truth now... but it definitely appears he is doing just that.
I await Part 2
Orlando, FL

E-mail No. 4

At first, I thought, this was just teenagers out looking for fun and to meet girls. Joran stated that the drinking age in the states is 21 and in Aruba it's 18. He said most 18-20-year-old Americans are not used to drinking and therefore don’t know their limits. The eye-opener was when Joran said they waited until 12:30 (half hour before closing) to go to Carlos and Charlies. That is when it became obvious that this was so rehearsed and a patterned behavior. Joran stated that he and the Kalpoes didn’t go to school together, didn’t spend much time together, and would hook up to go to the bars. He called them to tell them about the girls from Alabama. They show up at the bar just before closing when the patrons would be in their most drunken state. They separate and scope out their prey. Joran joins up with a girl and purchases her the strongest drinks he can. Satish stands watch and lets his brother know when to pull the car to the front door. As soon as the lights are turned on in the bar indicating its closing time, they quickly escort the girl to the car. She is intoxicated and inexperienced in this situation — completely naïve about the danger of this. This is the perfect set up for sexual predators and without a doubt not the first time they did this.
Can’t wait to see what the second half of the interview exposes.
Pam Tupelo

E-mail No. 5

This is so disturbing to me, he has total recall from the minute he saw Natalee and that was nine months ago.

E-mail No. 6

He's hiding something.

E-mail No. 7

Watching the interview, I'm not 100 percent convinced he did it.... the Kalpoe brothers seem far more suspicious to me — particularly after the slave comment (which they may or may not have heard). But unless the Kalpoes talk, or more evidence is brought to light, unfortunately we will probably never know.
Love the show,

E-mail No. 8

A yard is a beer that is 1 yard in height. It holds about six 12 oz beers. I haven’t had one for years, but when I did I couldn’t help but feel it. If he has a good tolerance and it was a lighter beer (not a Sam Adams) then he should feel at least a buzz. He is lying about that.
Joseph Robillard
Newmarket, NH

E-mail No. 9

Oh Greta, I am so sorry, but we laughed so hard when you were telling us last night about being wanted by the Aruban police. It occurred to me though, my goodness, it would have been horrible if they had arrested you and put you in their jail. I myself could not survive, even the thought of ever being in any jail horrifies me. What would you have done? I mean, would they handcuffed you and strip-searched you, how embarrassing would that be? You know though, her name might sound like "murderer," especially from a distance and they are paranoid. Can't wait to see the interviews tonight. Love your show,

E-mail No. 10

I am sitting here reading your blog and laughing out loud. If they would have put even 1/4 of that effort into trying to find Natalee... the case may be solved! I can't wait to watch the interview to see the new stories that Joran has made up. Who knew that we have a convict on the loose! Thanks for making me laugh today!

E-mail No. 11

I had to laugh when you told your story last night, then I thought how stupid can they be. If they put you in jail, don’t worry, all America will be there to knock down there jail and get you out. I am looking forward for tonight’s show. I never miss your show, keep up the good work.
Gail Gooch

E-mail No. 12

Wow Greta! They couldn't find you on that small island. Is it really a mystery now that they can't find Natalee? They have surely redefined Keystone Cops.

E-mail No. 13

Greta, I have to agree with Donna Dean from Florida about Joran's parents being so upset with him... it was totally orchestrated! They were acting! Greta you can be such a Bambi sometimes. Joran and his father have orchestrated this thing from the beginning and every move they make is part of the plan.
N. Grant
Atlanta, GA

E-mail No. 14

Can't wait to see your interview with Joran. Sounds like you had quiet an experience in Aruba, stay out of jail now, ha-ha. Keep up the great work, great show as always...
Reggie Jordan

E-mail No. 15

Well, you've gone and done it again! Some people just don't like the way you pronounce certain words, Greta — "Holloway," "Nadira" — and this time it could land you in a foreign jail. Just don't step foot on their soil until it's straightened out so you don't get hit with a lawsuit like Joran did when he stepped foot on our soil. I'm really looking forward to your interview tonight and tomorrow to study Joran's eyes when he is asked the tuff questions; in the primetime interview he gave with another network recently, his eyes fluttered when he was asked the poignant questions, "Did you kill Natalee?" and, "Do you know where Natalee is?" I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat.
Andrea Shaikh
Las Vegas, NV (Ne-va-da not Ne-Vaugh-da!)

E-mail No. 16

Greta, if this wasn't serious, it would be funny! Does Deepak have a guilty conscience? I will be watching your interview with Joran tonight and tomorrow, and so wish you could have gotten one with Deepak. I'm sure this boy has a lot to say, if he just would... but guess we're hoping for too much. I just hope Joran doesn't badmouth Beth again, as he did on ABC. That was too much! Trashing Natalee is too much, and this was like adding insult to injury. I just don't believe that for a minute. I expect Joran to tell more lies, but will withhold judgment until I see the interview.
Gayle Kretschmer
Fernley, NV

E-mail No. 17

I am very proud of the way you and FOX have continued to cover Natalee's disappearance. I sincerely hope you will continue to be relentless in your quest to find the truth. If the other media outlets had spent as much effort covering Natalee's disappearance as they have on Cheney's accidental hunting shooting, I think Natalee would have been found by now. Thanks for all you do.
S. Wilson
Mountain Brook, AL

E-mail No. 18

Well now Greta, it seems you aren't just wanted by your loyal viewers, but by the Keystone Kops in Aruba. I'd send Jim, Bernie, Ted and Gloria down there on your behalf. After dealing with that quadruple whammy, I suspect Karen Johannson (sp?) will be ready to drop the charges.
Dan Beegan
Rumford, ME

E-mail No. 19

Hi Fugitive, LOL!
That is absolutely hilarious! Is there a reward out for information leading to your arrest? If so, they're going to have millions calling and saying in a conspiratorial tone, "Umm, I think I know where you can find her...." Are you going to get copies of the news articles in Aruba and frame them for your office wall? (I would!) I have trouble believing Nadira didn't know her own name when she heard it, or that the others didn't know what you were saying. I think it's their way of keeping you out of Aruba. If I were you, I wouldn't expect and Easter card from the Kalpoes this year.
Can't wait to see the interview tonight!
Boycott Aruba... Demand Justice for Natalee

E-mail No. 20

The Keystone Cops are alive and well in Aruba it seems. No wonder their investigation into Natalee's case dead-ended.
Oro Valley, AZ

E-mail No. 21

Not to worry, they couldn't find Natalee so what makes you think they can find you? You go girl...
A. Wright
Jackson, MS

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