Primary Race Candidates Feel the Georgia Heat

And now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine:

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More Fuel in the Fire?
The heated Georgia primary race between Cynthia McKinney and challenger Denise Majette may get a  fresh infusion of fire this weekend. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is heading to Atlanta — but his reasons aren't quite clear. The Atlanta Journal Constitution  reported that he would visit McKinney's congressional district and urge voters to support her. But today McKinney's chairman said Farrakhan will not visit the DeKalb County District — but will speak over the weekend at three Atlanta churches. Last weekend, McKinney campaigned with the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Sticks and Stones?
Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who will not seek re-election, indulged in some wrestler rhetoric this week in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio. He called columnist George Will a "Mealy-mouthed, bespeckled little puke" that he'd like to "smack around."  Will had written that Minnesotans had awakened after Sept. 11 and realized they needed sounder leadership than their current governor. Today, Will told FOX News, "If biceps were wisdom, Jesse would be James Madison. But they are not, and he is not. Minnesotans understand that.” So as the University of Minnesota fight song says, "Minnesota, hats off to thee."            

The humble hyphen has precipitated a political storm in the Sunshine State. Patrick Feheley, one of four Democrats seeking an open Florida congressional seat, sued his opponent because he doesn't like the look of her punctuation. The ballot will list candidates in alphabetical order, and Feheley objects to finding himself down ballot of Candice Brown-McElyea. He much prefers the un-hyphenated version Candice Brown McElyea, which would put him atop her on the Sept. 10 ballot. His suit seeks to determine whether a candidate, "May for the purpose of gaining a preferable ballot position change their surname after having qualified as a candidate." Brown-McElyea insists Brown is part of her last name, not her middle name.