Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

At Cross Purposes

Ten priests from the order that founded the University of Notre Dame are asking the school to reconsider its invitation to President Obama to speak at next month's commencement. The priests from the Congregation of the Holy Cross say the school is risking what they call its true soul, by giving an honorary doctorate to a person whose policies on abortion and stem cell research clash with those of the Catholic Church. The group says failure to rescind the invitation, "will damage the integrity of the institution."

And in an effort to strike at the school's funding, The American Life League is calling for Notre Dame to be removed from the official list of Catholic institutions. The pro-life group’s president, Judith Brown, says they interviewed students and, "found a tragic attitude at the university... apathy, if not hostility, toward the faith. The university is backing away from the Catholic Church."

Holy Pontification

Meanwhile, Pope Benedict in his Good Friday address warned against religion being purged from public life. His prayer read: "Allow us not to drift into the desert of godlessness. Enable us to perceive you in the gentle breeze, see you in the street corners, love you in the unborn child."

Antisocial Behavior

Alabama Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus raised some eyebrows Thursday. The Birmingham News reports Bachus told government leaders in his district: "Some of these guys I work with, the men and women in Congress, are socialists."

He then said that 17 House members are socialists, but only named a U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

His comments came as he was being asked about President Obama, who he said is a better listener than his predecessor. But Bachus said he is worried the president is being steered to the left by Congress.

Short on Cash

And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not yet paid off her presidential campaign debts. So longtime Clinton adviser James Carville has fired off an e-mail to supporters about a raffle for "fantastic prizes," including tickets to next month's American Idol finale. The proceeds will help Clinton retire her debt: "You and a guest will watch live as the 'American Idol' judges make their final comments and decisions on this year's most anticipated season finale!"

Other prizes include a day with former President Bill Clinton, and a lunch with Carville and Democratic commentator Paul Begala. There is no cost to enter, but the e-mail asks for donations.

— FOX News Channel's Zachary Kenworthy contributed to this report.