President's Report Card on Terror

I've always thought that the war on terror (search) would define this president. Now I'm beginning to realize it just might doom him. Not because of anything he's doing wrong, but precisely because everything he's doing right.

This isn't a political statement. I like to think it's a factual one.

He has done such a good job combating terror threats in this country, that it no longer seems a worry in this country. I see it everyday entering and leaving this great city of Manhattan.

I remember there was a time when cars were searched, when police by the hundreds guarded tunnels and bridges. I don't see searches now. I see very few police now. We are a nation getting our Mojo back now.

That's good. But for the president, that's bad.

It takes off the table the one issue that is his greatest on the table. That of security. We're secure in thinking maybe Sept. 11 (search) was a fluke. Nothing's happened here since. So we've moved on since. And as my friend Dick Morris (search) points out in a brilliant column today, we've relegated all things life and death behind all things profit and pocket book.

Never mind this president scores highly on security, if you're already secure, do you worry about feeling secure?

I'm just reminded of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. I remember a policeman on the scene saying something like, "Well, they'll never attack this place again." He was partly right. For years, they didn't. About eight years, to be exact.

Terrorists aren't short-term thinkers. It is a big pity we are.

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