Presidential Pressers

This week the President held what might be the 2 most bizarre press conferences in Presidential press conference history.

On Tuesday he succeeded in making everyone mad by blasting Republicans that’s not unusual, but he called them hostage takers; then he busted the backsides of the members of his own party and called them essentially a bunch of idealistic whiners.
And he made Americans at both ends of the economic spectrum mad by reluctantly agreeing to continue the tax rates just as they are instead of raising them, but saying he really wanted to raise their taxes and would do it in 2 years. He didn't seem all that Presidential---he seemed angry and he let it show.

Well actually, the Republicans want to keep taxes low for everyone. I'm a Republican and while I admit, there's no magic number for a tax rate that is "holy," there is something strange about believing that if we just drain more blood from the families and businesses, we’re somehow going to create jobs and stimulate economic vitality. That nonsense was once the medical practice of believing that bloodletting would make sick people well and in fact was why George Washington died-they just kept letting out more of his blood until he died-not because he had too much blood, but because he didn't have enough….

He sees John Boehner and Mitch McConnell as the Kidnap Cowboys it would appear….but wait….there's more!

Actually I think they will do VERY well, Mr. President, because you just gave away your playbook to the other team. You and your party are now on record as saying that just taking 35 % of dead people's money from their grieving family isn't enough; you won't be satisfied until you grab at least 55% of it, even though it's already been taxed while they were alive.

On Friday, the President had another unscheduled presser, this time with a surprise guest, the former President Bill Clinton, who was brought in to be the adult in the room.

And a darn good thing too, because right in the middle of it, President Obama said he had to leave--- his wife wanted him to come home:

Just when I think I've seen it all, a sitting President says he can't hang around and deal with the highest unemployment rate in the past 30 years or a debt big enough to ground Santa's sleigh; nope, he had to go because this President thing was getting in the way of his getting home and going to a Christmas party. I'm sure a lot of Americans, especially the ones getting shot at in Afghanistan would love to get home to Mama and make it to the Christmas party. But they’re going to stay at their posts, because they took an oath to their duty.
Maybe Bill Clinton could stay over and work with the Republicans and at least close a deal to keep everyone's taxes from going up January 1.

It was kinda like the old pro giving a lesson to the novice--

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