Presidential Campaign Bogged Down In Mud

The presidential campaign is bogged down in the mud.

As we predicted, the personal attacks on President Bush (search) have ratcheted up this week, basically some on the left now want to revisit his National Guard service and the media is playing along — "60 Minutes," the Boston Globe, the L.A.Times have all exposed the president's Guard experience.

But, my question is, who cares? By his own admission President Bush made many mistakes in his youth and if he was a slacker in the guard, who's surprised? That was 35 years ago and Mr. Bush is a much different person now, as are most of us.

Now, this is tit for tat because of the Swift Boat (search) deal, some Americans feel they have to reprise the Guard story. It is also irrelevant.

Yes, John Kerry brought up Vietnam and tried to capitalize on it so there is context to the criticism of him, but really, shouldn't we be concentrating on the life and death issues affecting Americans right now?

Also coming up, a book by Katie Kelly that will attack the president personally, again. What is the point?

There is no question Mr. Bush was a party guy in the past, obviously he's changed direction. Why is the dirt necessary?

Miss Kelly was pitched to us by her publisher and, like Michael Moore, you can make the call on it.

Our new Poll question asks, should I interview that woman? Now, I'll abide by your decision, just as we did in the Moore case. So, let us know.

Now, last night we got a ton of reaction to my interview with John O'Neill (search), the Swift Boat captain. I'll read the letters later on. But, it amazes me that so many Americans are caught up in all this.

As Talking Points has suggested, Senator Kerry should just hold a press conference, answer all the Vietnam questions and never address the subject again. The smart strategy is, do what Mr. Bush did, say you regret some of your past mistakes and don't look back.

Once again, the next president of the United States should be the man who will protect us best against the Islamic fascists and who has the best vision for helping Americans succeed in life. And I'll submit to you that none of those things have anything to do with what happened 35 years ago.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

A new Harris Poll says Americans are angry with France, as we should be. When asked, "If you view France as unfriendly to the USA," 42 percent say yes."

That's up a whopping 17 percent since 2002. France is considered the third most unfriendly country in the world towards America. China is first, Pakistan second.

The poll didn't take into account our active enemies, like North Korea, Iran, and Cuba — only mutual countries or former allies. The poll is not at all ridiculous. France is hurting the USA in the fight on terrorism, and the "Boycott France" bumper stickers available on BillO' say it all.

And we have a new poll question on BillO' Should I interview this Kitty Kelly, who's got this ... Bush book coming out. Going to do what you want, just like Michael Moore.

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