President Obama's Atmosphere of Under-Reaction

So as the underpants bomber entered a not guilty plea, a new Rasmussen Poll reveals that nearly 60 percent favor ethnic profiling for airline security. This on the heels of President Obama finally accepting responsibility for the major screw-up on Christmas Day: Our president admitted that the "buck" stopped with him.

And he's right: It was his fault and he deserves all the blame that comes with it — and, possibly, a light spanking with a feather duster.

Remember, during his campaign, he rarely mentioned terror, because "change" meant so much more. And it was then that Obama revealed two major blind spots: One that missed the greatest threat to America in recent times and another that missed the biggest threat to his own presidency.

See, any idiot — and I mean myself, specifically — could have told him that even if health care reform or global warming rank as priorities in your life, they all slide off the front pages once terror appears. Your concerns become piffle when your kids are on a plane.

And this grave error in prioritization didn't just mar the candidate: The lax attitude trickled down to every single hire, including a homeland security chief who disdained the word "terror" and who only now is beginning to see how rude Al Qaeda really is.

But in the end, it was Obama himself who created the atmosphere of under-reaction, so it's no surprise that it wasn't just the underwear bomber caught with his pants down.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist homophobe who doesn't recycle.

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