President Obama, nukes and Afghanistan - that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo.

Thursday, the president led the U.N. Security Council to pass a resolution making it more difficult for nations to violate the nuclear weapons ban. A good thing for sure, but it doesn't mean very much in a world where North Korea and Iran couldn't care less what the U.N. does.

So while the president gets a good P.R. boost, the fundamental problem remains: Iran may be months away from having a nuclear weapon.

Now, Israel is not going to let that happen and the world is still impotent trying to force Iran to obey international law. Next week, negotiations with Iran will begin, but few believe they will lead anywhere.

President Obama is threatening tough sanctions against the Mullahs, but unless Russia joins the action, Iran will skate.

Right now, President Obama should be war-gaming with the U.S. Navy, contemplating a blockade of Iran. That, of course, would provoke hostilities but it would also send the Mullahs a message they could not ignore.

That is the only way Iran is going to stop its nuclear program and if President Obama doesn't take that action, Israel will bomb the Iranians and that will lead to worldwide chaos.

Stock markets will drop. Oil will go through the roof. Terrorist recruitment will also skyrocket. Attacks on American interests will increase. Iraq will blow up. The unintended consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran are staggering.

The Mullahs know they can cause an enormous amount of damage all over the world. They may even want to do that because if Israel attacks Iran, the Iranians might well stop protesting against their government -- and unite against the attack.

Again, the Mullahs may want to provoke Israel and the United States.

We are living in a brutal world where there are no moral boundaries anymore. Terrorists will do anything. Iran wants to kill as many Jews as it can.

That's where President Obama finds himself, in a world of hatred and violence.

In Afghanistan, right next to Iran, the president must give the generals the troops they are asking for. You can't say no to field commanders who are saying the war will be lost unless more personnel are put into the theater.

The president should stop delaying and put the troops in there. If things don't improve by the end of the year, then I can see backing away from the corrupt Afghan government. But like the surge in Iraq, this is worth one more try.

Obama is a rookie on the world stage and he is now looking at two unbelievably complex and dangerous situations. All Americans should be praying for him. And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

A new study by Sacred Heart university in Connecticut says that FOX News is the most trusted television news network in the USA.

30% of Americans say FNC is their most credible source of information. Second was CNN at 19% percent; way down the list NBC News at 7.5 percent.

For doing the study, the folks at Sacred Heart are patriots.

On the pinhead front, comedian Tina Fey was asked about 16-year-old singer Miley Cyrus performing a routine near a stripping pole:

Click here to watch the segment.

We believe Ms. Fey was being facetious. You make the call.

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