President Bush's Bold Visit to Iraq

I'm sure they told him, "Not a good idea, Mr. President."

You're going in daylight. Daylight's bad.

Insurgents can see you. Target you. Stay home.

Talking up the troops in Iraq, sir, doesn't mean being with the troops in Iraq."

And I'm sure they told him he'd be impossible to protect.

That a helicopter ride in Baghdad would be like a scene out of "Full Throttle."

They probably told him that he had nothing to prove.

That these new Iraqi guys in charge could take care of themselves and didn't need the big guy glad-handing them.

Stay home. Enjoy Camp David. It's quiet there.

But President Bush didn't listen.

Apparently he didn't listen to any of them -- all concerned for his safety. I'm sure more than a few questioning his sanity.

He went to what some call the belly of the beast to prove all is not beastly in Iraq.

Nothing brings home a point like ignoring all others' points. Hoping against all the cynics, that the cynics are wrong.

President Bush could have said that from the confines of Camp David. Maybe the fact he chose not to, says as much about the man as the mission he holds dear. That maybe, just maybe, the value of the mission, is bigger than the man who leads it.


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