How quickly dreams can become nightmares.

Just a few days after the engineering team behind the Chevrolet Volt triumphantly rolled out the production version of its much-anticipated car for journalists to test, the folks in marketing followed it up with folk music, break dancing, and what looks like a few rejects from a 1986 high school production of the "Pirates of Penzance".

Click here for VIDEO of the Chevy Volt Dancers

Word that General Motors had commissioned a theme song for the car called "Chevy Volt and Me" first turned up last week on gm-volt.com, an independent blog dedicated to the development of the car.

With lyrics that include lines such as "what will get us out of first gear? A better EV. Not that that's a big idea(r)", the milquetoast tune seemed anathema to the high-tech, next-gen image GM has been crafting for the car up to this point.

Now there's the video.

Although it looks more like a "Saturday Night Live" skit, the dance routine that was performed on the Volt display at the Los Angeles Auto Show is all too real. Captured by a visitor who uploaded the video to YouTube, three females wearing puffy shirts and the aforementioned break dancer, who also plays air guitar, shake just about everything on their bodies for the duration of the song. Often out of sync. Reportedly, the cringe-inducing interpretation of an electric-powered future took place every hour during the ten days of the show.

When asked about it during a web chat with journalists on Monday, GM's newly-minted head of marketing, Susan Docherty said she hadn't "yet seen the Chevrolet Volt song and dance but it sounds like I need to spend some time tonight on the web viewing this."

She's not the only one.

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