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Fox has the edge on news. Forbes has the edge on business. Now the fastest growing news channel and the world's premier business publication have teamed up to give you the edge on your own personal finances.

As markets fizzle, too many of us still rely exclusively on "experts" and mutual funds that missed the last market shift and may miss others. But armed with the right information, individual investors like you can do as well or even better than the so-called experts. And that's precisely what Forbes on Fox will do: inform folks who want to have more say in their investment strategies.

The wise investor knows to "buy low." But where to find the trends and new markets? To do that you have to think outside the conventional wisdom that drives the markets. And Forbes has made its reputation providing readers with opportunities unseen by those stuck in the conventional wisdom.

Forbes of Fox packages the essence of Forbes in just 30 minutes. In a sharp, fast-paced format, I walk viewers quickly through the best and brightest Forbes has to offer: from breaking stories on business to ideas about whole new markets that aren't even on Wall Street's radar screens. As part of a full two-hour business news block, Fox is leading the way in weekend coverage of markets, giving folks at home a healthy jump on the markets.

How are politics and global events affecting your wallet? We’ll put the story In Focus and give you the bottom line.

Our panelists give you the scoop on all the inside business information before you hear it anywhere else in The Informer segment.

Are you sick of pundits that just promote their stock picks? In our Makers & Breakers segment, panelists ask the tough questions of stock experts to get you the information you need before you invest in anything.

Plus, tired of hearing the same investing advice from every side? We’ll give you the contrarian approach to investing in our Flip Side segment.

Forbes on Fox gives you the bottom line on what matters to your money.