Powell: No Interest in Political Office

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As he prepares to end his tenure as secretary of state, Colin Powell (search) is ruling out a run for political office.

Asked on the Sunday talk shows if he had any plans to seek elective office, Powell responded with a firm and quick, "No."

He said he has no immediate plans to write a book, either.

Powell said he really hasn't nailed down exactly what he's going to do.

"I'm still looking at the opportunities that are out there after I retire. I'm sure there will be opportunities to serve in a public way," Powell told NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I don't intend to go hibernate for the rest of my life. And so we'll see what happens. I hope to continue to serve the country in some way in private life," he added.

In a farewell interview with The Associated Press (search) last month, the secretary suggested that working to promote education among disadvantaged children might play a role in his future endeavors. "I wouldn't be surprised if working in the field of mentoring or education or something like that does not appear on my calendar," he said.