It's getting ugly between former James Bond actor George Lazenby and his soon-to-be ex-wife, former pro tennis ace Pamela Shriver.

Last week, Shriver filed for divorce and on Thursday afternoon, she filed for a restraining order against Lazenby, requesting that he remain 100 yards away from her, her work and her vehicle at all times.

In the whopping 95-page document, Shriver claims that her hubby threatened to kill her if she attempted to gain full custody of their three children and believes that his "severe anger management issues, alcoholism and poor parenting skills" place 4-year-old George Lazenby Jr. and their 2-year-old twins, Caitlin and Samuel, at risk.

Click here to see the documents: Part 1 (PDF)

Click here to see the documents: Part 2 (PDF)

Shriver states that in the past, Lazenby has offered their youngsters beer from beer bottles and ice from scotch glasses, and has objected to such things as the children brushing their teeth, wearing sunblock, going to the doctor and sitting in secure car seats.

Shriver also claims she's a victim of domestic violence and recalls times when Lazenby "twisted her ear" and caused bruising to both arms. She also states that he would often get violent with their children, on one occasion throwing their then 2-and-a-half-year-old son George in his bed with extreme force.

Shriver also claims that just last week, Lazenby slapped 2-year-old Sammy with his universal remote control because he was crying while he was trying to watch golf in "peace and quiet."

Pamela also ordered that she retain possession of their three kids’ passports out of fear that the Australia-born "Bond" man might smuggle their little ones Down Under.

Update: Michael Sands — a representative for Lazenby — told Pop Tarts on Friday that on a daily basis, Pamela takes painkillers for a shoulder injury and the sleeping tablet Ambien and that she drinks every night, hiding the alcohol behind their flat-screen TV.

"Both parents need to be alcohol and drug tested," Sands said, adding that George tested clean at his recent court-appointed alcohol test.

In the restraining order, Shriver also declared that George constantly made anti-Jewish remarks and was abusive at the Brentwood Country Club.

"I have never known him to be anti-Semitic — Pamela is attempting to make him look like Mel Gibson to the judges and publicly humiliate him," Sands said, adding that Lazenby was merely defending himself at the club when Shriver allegedly took a swing at him with golf clubs several times.

"George is devastated; it didn't have to be like this. He is a hands-on father and would never hurt his kids," Sands said. "In fact, one of the nannies has man-handled their children."

Lazenby intends to file his response to the restraining order by Aug. 25. His attorney is family law specialist Marina Korol.

Lauren Conrad Celebrates Clothing Launch but Doesn't Wear Her Own Designs

Lauren Conrad was all smiles in Sin City last weekend as she hosted a soiree at the new Christian Audigier nightclub at Treasure Island.

Conrad went with a particularly large entourage (more guys than girls and no "Hills" costars) to celebrate the birthday of a close pal.

We're told the reality starlet was also there to rejoice over the recent fall launch of The Lauren Conrad Clothing Collection. Well, it would have helped if she'd worn one of her own designs instead of a BCBG dress, right?

And considering she was apparently getting paid very nicely to host the party, the folks at Christian Audigier can’t have been too happy that she didn’t don one of his dresses, either.

Also spotted strutting on The Strip was "Sex and the City" actor Jason Lewis (who was reportedly swarmed by flocks of females on Friday at PURE) and musical legend Prince, who snuck in and out of the hotspot.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook (Almost) Clash

After their very recent (and very public) divorce trial and his confession of marital infidelity, the last person Christie Brinkley would have wanted to see at a children's concert over the weekend was ex-hubby Peter Cook.

The two arrived (separately) with big smiles to the Jonas Brothers "Summer@Ross" event series performance in New York. We're told the two took an extra effort to ensure that they didn't cross paths or even look at each other, but Brinkley chose to do an early runner and not stay for the concert.

Instead, Peter hung around the whole time with their children and was even spotted chatting with Dina Lohan. Perhaps they were exchanging divorce stories. ...

Speaking of the Lohans, aspiring singer Ali Lohan was present at the performance but ever since the launch of her reality show, it seems she is too cool for school. The 15-year-old apparently refused to do press and insisted on sitting in the back where nobody could see her rocking out to the pop princes.

Meanwhile, her little bro Cody couldn't contain his excitement and wanted to meet the brothers. But even when you are a Lohan, sometimes you just have be told that some stars are too busy for you. ...

Chace Crawford Explains Those Racy 'Gossip Girl' Promos

They’re everywhere — super-sexy snaps of the gorgeous "Gossip Girl" cast are gracing billboards, buses and glossy pages across the country. So while the upcoming season probably isn’t as suggestive as the advertising campaign suggests, Chace Crawford (hopes) it will encourage us all to tune in to the hit CW show.

"Well, sex sells," Crawford told Pop Tarts at the recent Teen Choice Awards.

And even though their on-screen characters are quite the naughty types, co-star Leighton Meester said she’s nothing like that in real life.

"In my regular life I have a little brother who looks up to me, so I just try to behave for him," she said. "But people will still say whatever they want to.

"The biggest thing I’ve learned is that everything that seemed so important when you were younger just goes out the window. What other people think of you — you just don’t care anymore when you get a bit older. You become more comfortable with yourself."

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