Country crooner-of-the-moment Taylor Swift recently opened up to Blender.com about music, men and her new album "Fearless" (which just dropped this week) but Pop Tarts is dishing the dirt on the interview before Blender even posts it.

Swift (whose recent romance with Joe Jonas hit headlines when he dumped her over the phone) said she’s well, pretty much over guys all together … but are they over her as well?

"I’m thumbs down-ish about boys," the blonde beauty said. "I’ve had a lot of guys complain about things I say either about them in songs or things I say about them in the press. I think it’s kind of fun to call out your ex-boyfriends. Why do this if your not going to take the opportunity to always have the last word, it’s so much fun."

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We’re assuming Taylor is feeling a lot more thumbed after it was revealed this week that Joe has moved on and is apparently dating stunning 19-year-old actress Camilla Belle.

But it seems the "Teardrops on My Guitar" songstress has at least one man who doesn't appear to be too worried about his personal life being leaked in lyrics -- after all, he's experienced in that area himself.

Swift was spotted hanging out at Wal-Mart in Hendersonville, Tenn. on Monday night with Intern Adam (the guy who was fired and then rehired after recently leaking Britney Spears's "Womanizer"). According to an eyewitness, Taylor and the 25-year-old 107.5 The River employee couldn't stop whispering and smiling. We're told the two have been friends for a while now. But of all Swift's celebrity fans, who makes her most excited?

"When I first met Miley Cyrus she came up and she was like "I’ve been listening to your CD all week" and I was like, 'that’s awesome' cause I just didn’t expect that. At the VMAs Paris Hilton came up to me and said she listens to my music a lot and that she’s a fan of it. I was like 'that’s awesome,' Taylor said. "Also my favorite, favorite gymnast ever, Shawn Johnson — I think she’s amazing. I heard the other day that she likes my music and that she warms up to it. Like that was what blew my mind 'cause she’s so cute."

Star-Struck: What Singer Intimidated Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera certainly puts out the perception that she’s fearless -- but it turns out that there was one musician that caused the "Fighter" singer too feel a little scared.

"My all-time favorite singer is Mick Jagger, so performing with him was huge and of course so intimidating," Aguilera told Tarts while promoting her new album "Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits" which is exclusive to Target. "But on stage I just went for it, he was the most exciting person to duet with because his charisma on stage was undeniable, he is who he is for a reason."

But having a Greatest Hits album at the tender age of 27 is no mean feat, and Aguilera credits her crazy self-criticism for her success.

"I'm extremely detailed oriented and I will kill it and murder it and run over it again until I'm really done with it, it is a little nerve racking because I’m such a perfectionist to my own fault sometimes," she added.

And hey - whoever said that motherhood makes you grow up?

"I am a kid at heart, as much maturity and responsibility comes with being a new mom I'm able to be a kid again and play and have so much fun with my son," Aguilera said.

But could it be possible that Aguilera (who is known for her ability to transform her image from teeny bopper to badass to burlesque) has actually has run out of ideas? With her new-found blonde bangs and red lips, Xtina is looking more and more like emerging singing sensation Lady Gaga, although apparently Aguilera claims she has no idea who Gaga is ...

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The Show Goes On: Distraught Paula Back to her Day Job

It was a crazy day for Paula Abdul on Wednesday, given that an obsessed fan was found dead outside her Los Angeles home, but in true "American Idol" fashion the show must go on.

"Hollywood Week" has kicked off and that meant 150 singing hopefuls descended upon the Kodak Theater on Wednesday evening and met with the four famed judges (including Abdul plus host Ryan Seacrest). Paula has apparently been holding up well considering the devastating circumstances and close friends and family have been rallying around.

"Paula is a very sensitive person and something like this really, deeply impacts her," said a close pal.

DJ AM and Mandy Moore: It's Not Back On

Ever since Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was injured in a plane crash in September, he has been spending a lot of time with ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore, sparking speculation that the two have romantically reunited. But according to an inside source very close to Goldstein, their love is still in the realm of friendship and AM sees Moore more like his little sister.

We're told AM has recently started seeing a 26-year-old (non-industry) gal, but isn't ready to settle down so they're taking things slowly.

But back to Miss Mandy Moore, the Tinseltown twosome are booked to join forces this weekend at Sin City's number one hotspot, PURE. Moore will host a post fight party for her MMA friends while DJ AM turns the tables.

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