Pop Tarts: Victoria Beckham Gives Up 'Posh' Veggies-Only Diet

If you “Wannabe” waif-like, then “Spice Up Your Life” with a buffet of vegetables only -- that's what Victoria Beckham used to do.

The super-skinny star has finally admitted to Britain’s Heat magazine that she may have suffered from a few food issues.

"I became obsessed with what I looked like. I would look in the mirror and check the size of my bottom, see if my double chin was getting smaller,” the British brunette told the mag. "I began living on vegetables and nothing else. But it never occurred to me that I had an eating disorder."

But the “Posh” princess was then diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, a condition that could affect her ability to have children.

"I did start eating more after that," Victoria said. "But the damage had been done. All I would eat was vegetables, chicken, fruit and fish.”

The Tinseltown tiny said that food is now her friend, but she still carefully controls the calories.

"It freaked me out having to eat proper food because I hadn't for so long,” the former Spice Girl splurged to the mag. "I do control my eating. But I think there is a big difference between someone having an eating disorder and someone who is controlled about what they eat."

Jessica Simpson Says She's Fatter But Happier Then Ever

While diet dominates Posh’s world, Jessica Simpson has moved on.

The buxom brunette seems to be bouncing with a little more booty on her bod as of late, and is proud to have pushed her weight woes aside.

“Jessica’s vowed to never starve herself again,” a close gal pal told Australian NW magazine. “She knows she put on weight but she doesn’t care. She’s actually telling everyone, ‘Yeah, I might be fat, but I’m happier than ever.'"

And after following her music beau John Mayer around the world, Simpson was happy to hit up the Hollywood party scene -- and didn’t even mind that some surplus skin spilled out from her dress.

“She’s been falling out of her dresses a lot lately,” added the insider. “But she has nothing to be embarrassed about. She still looks hot.”

And the Hollywood hottie can credit her newfound self-love to Mayer, who reportedly thinks her “Body Is a Wonderland,” even with its bonus bumps.

“John says he loves her curves and he thinks she’s perfect as is,” the source confirmed to the mag.

After splitting with husband Nick Lachey, Jess is going to make sure this time around that “What’s Left Of Her” is hips and happiness.

“She dieted and stressed about being skinny the whole time she was with Nick,” said the friend. “But her dress size is no longer important -- John is.”

Did Lindsay Lohan Share Lesbian Kiss?

Pop tart Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been having some girl-on-girl good times, and this time it’s real-life rather than reel-life.

The “Freaky Friday” femme fatale is said to have shared a passionate kiss with DJ pal Samantha Ronson, 29, at a club in Tokyo.

"They just started making out right there like they didn't care who saw them,” a spy splurged to Star magazine.

A rep for Lindsay denied that the two are anything more than pals.

Whatta 'Honey': Alba the World’s Sexiest Woman

No surprises here: Saucy screen star Jessica Alba has been sworn in as the Sexiest Woman in the World by British FHM Magazine.

“She’s a talented, successful and beautiful actress who clearly has sex appeal that translates worldwide,” said the magazine’s editor, Chris Bell.

Alba beat out a heap of other Hollywood hotties for the top spot, including Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce Knowles.

Last year’s golden girl Keira Knightley was only able to “Bend It” into 12th place in 2007, while Sienna Miller’s sexy stamp slipped from 12th to 45th.

Did Reese Warn Jen to Stay Away From Jake?

Reese Witherspoon reportedly has told Jennifer Aniston to “Walk the Line” away from her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake and Jen shared a passionate embrace and prolonged kiss at the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Click here to see a photo.

"It wasn't just a polite peck on the cheek. There was definitely feeling in that embrace,” a Witherspoon pal told Woman’s Day magazine. "When Reese heard about it, she broke down in tears asking, 'Why would he do that?' She is very unhappy about it."

In her first public romance since splitting from Ryan Phillippe, Reese thought she had finally found love with “Brokeback Mountain” star Gyllenhaal; however, a source now suggests she may be in doubt of her dream man.

"She [Witherspoon] always thought Jake was intelligent and charming. That's why she's so stunned by the photographs of Jake and Jen,” the source said to the mag. “She's really hurt by what she's seen. They seem to be very explicit and everyone knows Jennifer's looking for love."

Jake and Jen founded a friendship when the starred together in “The Good Girl” in 2002, and on the night of the GLAAD Awards, Gyllenhaal was presenting the “Friends” star with an award.

Joe Simpson to Take Britney Spears Under His Wing?

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson's father reportedly is striving to step up and steer Britney Spears back to success.

According to the New York Daily News, Joe Simpson, a former Baptist minister, is considering taking on the bald beauty’s crazy career.

And it seems that pop princess Jessica no longer sees Spears as her rival. The buxom beauty apparently offered to put a call out to Brit and reportedly is pleased about the potential partnership.

Perhaps Spears is just seeking a fresh family in the Simpsons after her father’s angry outburst in which he called her "out of control" in the New York Post last week. Us Weekly reports that Spears has since decided to block out her blood roots.

"She's cut everyone out of her life," a source told Us. "She says she doesn't want to see anyone from her past."

Meanwhile, according to an inside source at In Touch Weekly, the single mom is hitting the bottle less than a month after leaving rehab. Spears reportedly wined and dined on April 14 at a Beverly Hills condo with her cousin before popping over to Parc Nightclub for a few more rounds of red.

"Brit feels like she can have a few drinks," a friend told the mag. "She feels like as long as she's having fun and not hurting anyone, she doesn't need rehab."