Pop Tarts: Top Ten Celebrity Meltdowns: Who Went Mad and Made a Mess in 2007?

Bald beauties, booze and stars behind bars — every year keeps us busy and 2007 was no exception.

And while Britney Spears won't be winning any awards for her VMA performance, she does (surprise, surprise) take the gold for the greatest meltdown of the year, topping Pop Tarts' list of Tinseltown's most troubled.

"2007 has probably been the worst year of Britney's life, with so many bizarre behaviors — fights with the paparazzi and her mother, custody battles, binge drinking and car accidents. However, the number one meltdown is the shaving of her head," said Patrick Wanis, a psychologist and celebrity behavior expert who worked with Pop Tarts to compile the Top Ten.

"Few people realized how serious this incident was and what it signified. Although in some cultures shaving the head can represent cleansing or letting go of the old self, in Britney's case it was really more about self-mutilation and self-loathing than a spiritual ritual."

But Brit is in close company with her former panty-free party pals Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, who take second and third place respectively.

Li-Lo hit her lowest low when her love of liquor and illegal substances landed her with two drunk-driving arrests and two romps in rehab. On top of all of this, the "Bobby" beauty had to deal with parental problems and her father's release from jail.

Meanwhile, Paris violated the terms of her drunk-driving probation and as a result, prison became her personal pad for a few weeks.

And while the designer diva was made to wear an orange jumpsuit for days on end, it was her weeps and cries for her mama that caught the media's attention.

The next person on our list is a little bit country ... in 2004, Mindy McCready was sentenced to three years' probation after being convicted on a prescription drug fraud charge.

And if you thought Brit turning away from mama Lynne was bad manners, then we don't know what you will make of Mindy, who broke her probation this year when she was charged with battery and resisting arrest after apparently scratching her mom's face.

The "Tumble and Roll" singer then took her tune a little too literally by fighting a female deputy who was called to investigate the domestic dispute.

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Speaking of taking songs too seriously, Boy George took his own lyrics to "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" too literally by reportedly chaining up a male escort in his London apartment and pulling out some sex toys with the line "now you will get what you deserve."

And Kiefer Sutherland appears to be yet another celeb who couldn't separate himself from his art.

Sutherland may have an Emmy and Golden Globe on his record for playing invincible Jack Bauer on "24," but he also has four DUI arrests since 1988 — the most recent being twice the legal limit.

And although Owen Wilson has given us hours of reel-life laughter, he also made us cry in real life when he reportedly tried to take his own life this year.

Wilson always seemed sprightly on screen as he crashed weddings and his married friends' homes, but like the rest of us, Owen reportedly suffered the pain of rejection, break-ups and 'dem everyday blues.

Taking eighth place is Alec Baldwin, who blasted his 11-year-old "thoughtless little pig" of a daughter in a phone message in which he also threatened to "straighten her ass out."

But speaking of animals, a certain canine has paved the way for Ellen DeGeneres to take number nine on our list.

From sitcom sensation to talk show host, DeGeneres cemented her success as a comedienne always able and happy to make fun of herself.

So viewers were shocked to see Ellen crying on national TV, pleading for an animal shelter to return to her friends the dog she adopted but gave away. Ellen's on-screen pleas led to death threats against the shelter.

Doggie dramas have indeed damaged several stars during 2007 as Michael Vick rounds out the top ten, thanks to his guilty plea to federal dog fighting — but that's not where the stupidity stopped for the Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

Vick was ordered by the court to undergo random drug testing up until his December hearing, but two weeks following this order, he "touched down" with a positive reading for cannabis use.

Vick shares the tenth spot on our list with fellow football star O.J. Simpson, who will stand trial on robbing and kidnapping charges over his Sin City incident.

Sorry celebs, you might have more fame and fortune than the rest of us, but you can't get away with anything and everything. And judging by the number of Hollywood arrests in '07, justice was served.

New Couple Alert: Zellweger and Baldwin?

He is a far cry from country crooner Kenny Chesney, but could Alec Baldwin be just the man for Renee Zellweger?

Pop Tarts has been told that the Hollywood hotties were taking a bite in the Big Apple on Tuesday night at the oh-so-stunning Waverly Inn restaurant, known for its romantic ambience.

Apparently the duo kept a very low profile as they noshed away, but it looked as though there was more on the menu than just food and wine.

"They talked a lot but both seemed very relaxed and happy," said our spy. "But they left separately."

Jenna Fischer Over 'The Office'?

We know and love Jenna Fischer as the randy receptionist on NBC's "The Office" — but is the star of the controversial new comedy "Walk Hard" ready to "Walk" away from those machines and memos?

"I really wanted to do an over-the-top, out there comedy. I've been a little bit restrained by 'The Office' desk, so this was my way to break out, be in a big rated R movie, and it was a lot of fun," Fischer told FOX last week at the Hollywood "Walk Hard" premiere.

"It was great, so different. Three months of [Dewey] Cox jokes and they never get old. My personal favorite right now is 'Everyone needs a little Cox for Christmas.' I had such a good time; I want to do all over again."

And screen star John C. Reilly (who stayed in his comical crooning character Dewey Cox) had a clear message for FOX.

"I just wanted to dance and tell my story to the world — encapsulate the pain, the suffering, the highs, the lows, everything I went through and all the people I inspired," Reilly said.

"People like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly and Robert Dylan, Brian Wilson, all of them stole from me. Truth's going to come out now — put that on FOX News. Take that O'Reilly."

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