Justin Timberlake spent his weekend bopping around in a leotard, but behind-the-scenes his New York Restaurant "Southern Hospitality" is facing a legal woe.

26-year-old former busboy Felipe Ramales claims he worked at the high-end BBQ joint for over a year and for over 40 hours per week without earning overtime or even the minimum wage. In the federal suit filed Friday, Ramales claimed that he and his co-workers did not receive their fair share of gratuities that the Upper East Side restaurant automatically collected from parties with a minimum of six diners.

A rep for Timberlake did not respond for comment; however the restaurant manager said the suit is "baseless" and argues that all employees are paid appropriately.

Reese Witherspoon on her Traumatic Childhood & Secret Alter-Ego

When it comes to brains, beauty and bank accounts Reese Witherspoon is certainly doing very well – but it turns out that star of the upcoming comedy "Four Christmases" didn’t have the smoothest start in life.

"I had giant Coke bottle glasses when I was little and I was always the midget, the little one. No one would pick me on the kickball teams," Witherspoon said of her childhood in Nashville, Tenn.

Well, we bet her classmates have a few regrets about that now …

"No, I’m still not very good at kickball," she responded with a laugh.

And despite winning an Academy Award in 2006 for her portrayal of June Carter in "Walk the Line," Witherspoon insisted that country crooning is something she only excels at when behind-the-wheel.

"I pretend that I'm a country music singer in my car and I'm really good in my car, amazing," added the 32-year-old. "It's just when I get out of my car, I'm not very good at all."

Witherspoon shows off her surprising comedic streak in the Vince Vaughn Holiday flick, but beneath the family feuding and out-of-the-ordinary gift-giving, there’s a lesson to be learned –- a lesson Reese no doubt learned the hard way after divorcing Ryan Philippe last year following rumors of infidelity.

"I think you have to be honest with people because the truth is going to come out eventually," she said. "We try to keep so much from each other and when we go home, all is revealed and I think we really have to reevaluate our relationship at that moment."

Who’s the Hottest Jonas Brother? Not Joe!

Joe Jonas has frequented entertainment headlines quite a lot over the past week given his very public "phone break-up" with country music sensation Taylor Swift, followed by the weekend in Mexico with new gal Camilla Belle. But the night before he left estar de vacaciones, Joe and his brother-band celebrated the launch of 77ids with private Hollywood concert and Joe was more than happy to admit that 16-year-old bro Nick is actually the one that brings most females to their knees.

"Our youngest brother, he is the crowd pleaser for sure," middle brother Kevin also confirmed.

And while the boys said they just "laugh" about the constant media scrutiny of their romantic relationships, there’s only one lady in their lives they aim to impress.

"Family’s always been very important to us; making sure the family is tight and that we’re tight and we’re just doing our best everyday to make our mom proud," Nick said.

Kiefer Opens Up His Prison Experience

Kiefer Sutherland spent seven weeks behind bars earlier this year for a second DUI conviction and for violating probation. The "24" star has since remained tight-lipped about his incarceration, and press have been strictly warned not to approach the subject. But Sutherland has (finally) opened up about the ordeal.

"There's no smoking. The lights never go out, 24/7. You can't cover anything. You can't even put your head under a blanket. All the cells have cameras in them," the 41-year-old actor lamented to the upcoming issue of "Men’s Vogue."

Sinning in the City: King Baby for Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz

Former Porn Princess Jenna Jameson is pregnant with twins, but that isn’t stopping the former porn princess of well, enjoying the time spent in their home-away-from-home: Sin City.

Pop Tarts spies spotted Jameson and her legendary UFC hubby Tito Ortiz checking into the Hardrock Hotel & Casino late Wednesday evening, but first the couple made a pit stop at the Hard Rock Retail Store.

We’re told Ortiz spent a little while sizing up the products before making a $1000 purchase in King Baby cufflinks and a skull key-chain while Jenna spent some serious dosh on "mood" candles …

Shaun White Left Red-Faced at his Own Party

Snowboarding sensation Shaun White was the man-of-the-moment at last week’s Ubisoft Launch of his self-titled snowboarding video, attracting a heap of Hollywood hotties including Audrina Patridge, 90210 star Adam Gregory, Ryan Cabrera and Kelly Osborne. But White was left a little embarrassed when his best buddies Seal & Heidi Klum (who apparently RSVP’d for the party) were a no-show.

Shaun sent a text to Seal to find out his status and received a response to send a car and he’d been on his way … only a bunch of other guys showed up and attempted to get in to the exclusive bash with claim they were part of Seal’s entourage.

Oops. White later discovered that Seal was in New York and Heidi was already in Miami ahead of the highly-anticipated VS show. So the cell number he had was like waaaay old and now belongs to a random who pretended to be the music mogul -– and obviously enjoys the perks that come with inheriting a star-studded phone number.