Pop Tarts: 'The Hills' Drama: Spencer Steals Heidi's Tongue?

"The Hills" star Spencer Pratt may have a history as a "manager" of fellow MTV man Brody Jenner, but it seems as though he is taking his role as Heidi Montag’s other half just a little too annoyingly.

The Z-list lovers caused a stir on Tuesday night at EA’s pre-Valentine’s celebration of video game "Burnout Paradise," although apparently Spencer stole Miss Montag’s tongue.

"Whenever anyone went to talk to Heidi about her new clothing collection, Heidi Wood, or her upcoming projects Spencer took over," an inside source told Tarts. "He was so annoying; Heidi couldn’t get a word in so she just let him go. He definitely seems to play the dominant role in that relationship. She has no voice. He does all the talking on her behalf."

Hmmm… perhaps he was "worried" about being questioned about his directorial debut. Pratt directed Montag’s first music video, "Higher." The low-budget video shows his girl running down the beach in a bikini, Baywatch-style, getting sexy on the sand and constantly touching her cleavage.

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The, ahem, song was released just last week on iTunes to not-so-rave reviews, which (according to Us Weekly) made Montag "cry herself to sleep." Awwww. It’s a harsh world — especially when all Heidi intended to do was motivate others.

"This song is so uplifting and inspiring and 'I’m only going higher!' The past is the past and you don’t have one moment to look back," the current covergirl on Maxim magazine wrote on her official MySpace page. "You create your life and what happens. I wanted to portray this message and energy in my song and hopefully give people the same feeling."

Despite the dismal downloads and hundreds of parodies swarming the net, Heidi is determined not to let her dream of being a pop princess die.

"She’s going to rise above all of this," an inside source told Tarts. "She is a talented girl and she plans to make more music. Everybody starts somewhere and both Spencer and Heidi refuse to give up."

Karolina Kurkova on 'Sexy' Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is known across the U.S. as one of the hardest-working peeps in showbiz, given his hosting duties on "American Idol," E! News and his KISS-FM radio show. But it turns out that he can add "very sexy" to his already regal resume, as approved by Victoria’s Secret Angel Karolina Kurkova.

"Ryan is a man who is just always out there and he’s not afraid to smile," the beautiful blonde said. "He is sexy, he’s confident and successful … that definitely makes a man sexy."

Seacrest was the recipient of the "Sexiest Smile" on the Annual Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy" list, but it turns out that the Hollywood host also benefits from ladies' lingerie.

"I love lingerie," he added. "It’s something that everyone gets something out of."

BeBe Launches Lingerie

Speaking of sexiness, Pop Tarts popped out in Hollywood Wednesday night to see iconic fashion brand BeBe's world premiere of lacy (and racy) lingerie.

Donning "cheeky" items ranging from bust-boosting bras to black transparent negligees, the strutters proved that while they certainly were super slim, they didn't have a super status. Perhaps it was just their enormous platforms, but almost half of the dozen dames took tumbles -- causing some unexpected entertainment for the crowd.

"These girls definitely don't come from New York," one big-wig fashionista told Tarts.

Paris Followed by ANOTHER Laguna Beach Babe

Paris Hilton may have starred on her own reality series "The Simple Life," but it seems as though she has her own little base of "Laguna Beach" babes.

On Tuesday evening the heiress hit up PURE in Sin City (alongside Kristin Cavallari) and then on Wednesday our Paris partied hard down the Strip at hotspot LAX. Although this time she was keeping company with current MTV faves Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner.

"Paris is a pretty friendly girl and is always welcoming," a Hilton insider told Tarts. "But now it's becoming crazy. She's everybody's means of keeping their 15 minutes of fame alive."

Well, at least "The Hills" hotties managed to make a few hours of it. After all the schmoozin' and boozin' at LAX, the threesome moved on to the ultra-exclusive Noir Bar downstairs where, apparently, our hotel hottie (finally) sat down after her evening of table-top dancing.

But back to Conrad, we just can't figure it out. On this occasion she was getting cozy with Brody but last week Pop Tarts popped her at Rebecca Mader's Whiskey Blue bash with "Laguna Beach" alum Stephen Colletti. Well, this is why she has her own real-life drama series!

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