Taylor Swift is one of the sweetest and most stunning starlets to step onto the country music scene, and like Jordin Sparks, she also felt the recent MTV Video Music Awards were too racy.

“I think that there was a little too much sex being talked about instead of music,” Taylor told Pop Tarts at Sunday’s DVD premiere of “Another Cinderella Story." “But I think (host) Russell Brand is a great comedian and he’s funny. I think that the Jonas Brothers are the most professional people in the music industry — they laugh at themselves and know how to have fun regardless of whether they are being picked on throughout the entire show.”

But unlike so many other young starlets, this 18-year-old isn’t even remotely tempted by the troubles of Tinseltown.

“I wouldn’t be a party girl even if I wasn’t doing this; that’s just not the way I live my life,” she said. “There are cameras and microscopes now, but honestly, I wouldn’t be a party girl either way. That’s just not how I am.”

So while Swift vows to stay away from “the scene," she’s certainly making no secret of the fact that she's growing up.

“My new album comes out Nov. 11 — I wrote every song on it and co-produced it and wrote a lot of songs about my life for the past two years, so I’m really excited for people to hear it,” she said, adding that boys, love and break-ups are at the heart of her upcoming release.

Mean Girls … and Guys

The majority of Hollywood is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to saying not-so-nice things about their celebrity counterparts, but the recent EA Sports Facebreaker Boxing Launch in Los Angeles brought out the cattiness in everyone.

“I could take on the people of Florida in the boxing ring, but not Ashley Dupre,” "Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis (who was recently embroiled in a lawsuit against the alleged Eliot Spitzer call girl) told Pop Tarts. “Ew, I wouldn’t want to even touch her. But I wouldn’t mind taking Khloe Kardashian down.”

Spencer Pratt concluded that his girlfriend Heidi Montag could take anyone down, even enemy Lauren Conrad. But it looks like the music manager had better watch his back…

““I’d like to facebreakdeath that Spencer character, even though what I think he does is genius. He has us all, they have us all fooled, eating out of the palm of our hands with their wonderfully scripted mediocrity,” E! host Sal Masakela said.

“The best part about people like him is it’s that it’s proved that talent is not necessary anymore. If you actually have talent it holds you down in this town, because they’re like 'What are we going to do with him — he’s actually good at something.' But if you’re just not talented and they can mold you and shape you and put them in whatever ... you win.”

But Masakela isn’t alone in his desire to deck “The Hills” duo.

“I wouldn’t mind knocking out Heidi and Spencer,” Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer added.

George Lopez Sticks Up for Kanye

Last week, Kanye West made headlines after being arrested at LAX for a physical altercation with a paparazzo, but the hip-hoppin’ hottie still has at least one other star supporting him.

“I am a Kanye fan, so what happened is unfortunate,” George Lopez told Pop Tarts over the weekend while promoting his upcoming comedy “Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

“Airline personnel allegedly sell information, so then they (the paps) are waiting for you when you arrive. The main problem is that the paps then insult you as you’re walking, they ask you inappropriate questions and really bait you.”

Sheryl Lowe Claims Former Nanny Dressed Inappropriately

Rob Lowe's wife Sheryl filed yet another declaration in the Los Angeles Superior Court late last week, detailing even more dramatic stories surrounding their former nanny, Laura Boyce.

Not only did Sheryl allegedly support Boyce while she vented about her abusive relationship, apparently she also helped her treat a "lip infection" and even bought her clothes because the ones Boyce wore to work simply were not appropriate.

Lowe also claims that she fully supported her employee's efforts to conceive with her beau, despite knowing that Boyce would resign when she finally did become pregnant.

"I deny all of Ms. Boyce's allegations against me," Sheryl also declared. "I was shocked and surprised to learn that she is accusing me of all these allegations, especially because I had requested that she be reprimanded for using racial slurs."

Boyce filed a lawsuit against the Lowes earlier this year claiming that Sheryl constantly made nasty, racist remarks.

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