Pop Tarts: Spears 'Steals,' Paris Pretends and Lohan Does Community Service

Britney Spears was busted boogying out of a gas station Friday night with a cigarette lighter that she (oops!) didn't pay for, an eyewitness said.

"She went in to buy gum and on her way out took a lighter," said the spy from the gassy hangout in North Hollywood. "It was weird — another performance for the paparazzi, because she turned to them and said something about how badly behaved she is."

Meanwhile, it was just last week that we were wondering whom Stavros Niachros would choose: post-pokey princess Paris Hilton or reforming rehabber Lindsay Lohan.

Last week, Lohan was in the "in," as he reportedly ditched Paris at Hollywood hotspot Crimson to hang with the "Bobby" beauty.

But our hotel heiress gets a five-star rating for her ability to never back down. Hilton and Stavros were snapped together in Miami late last week looking very, ah, "intimate."

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Our spies also spotted Hilton at the Versace Mansion in Miami on Saturday night, only she wasn't partying — she was wandering around all night "pretending" to be on her cell.

"It was interesting," said our insider. "She didn't know a lot of the people there and obviously felt uncomfortable, so she chatted away on her phone to phantom friends, at one point it even started to beep while she talking. ..."

But our Linds isn't exactly crying the blues over Paris and the shipping heir. Instead, she was out and about helping the world as she continued her community service with the American Red Cross over the weekend.

So what if it was court ordered! Lohan still showed up and made the most of it with a smile while dressing in style. And the golden gal even gunned through the drive-thru of those golden arches for a Happy Meal on the way.

Fergie: Big Girls Do Cry

These past few years have certainly been "Glamorous" for Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, as she has successfully overcome the drug-related demons of her past and become a huge star. But has this "Big Girl Been Crying" to all the wrong people?

"I've learned that I've used way too many interviews as therapy sessions and you know you don't owe it to the world to open yourself up that much," Fergs told Pop Tarts at People magazine's Grammys kick-off party in Hollywood on Thursday night. "I'm still learning that lesson — I need to be a little more closed. I let myself go way too much."

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And even when you're a "Duchess," bumming with "Black-Eyed" boys and sustaining a solo career is a lot to handle.

"Next year I'm definitely going to create more of a balanced lifestyle for myself and in years to continue, because I want to be able to maintain that, and you can't go the way I've been going for four-and-a-half years for another four-and-a-half years," she said. "So for me, I'm just going to space out, work smarter -- not harder -- and just keep working."

But the hard work is certainly paying off for Fergie, who has been nominated for yet another Grammy.

"Oh this whole feeling is amazing; I got all the e-mails today. It's a very prestigious award for me being nominated for Best Vocal Performance because it's about your vocal," Stacy said. "And that vocal is so intimate for me and that song so personal, so it's a wonderful thing."

Pop Tarts then partied inside The Avalon with the "Pea-sized" host as she introduced such acts as Ne-Yo, Natasha Bedingfield and Fall Out Boy — and we spotted the likes of Lauren "The Hills" Conrad, Perez Hilton and Emmy Rossum roaming around.

But back to Fall Out Boy … their performance was punk perfect … but the boys were kind of bummed all night. Was it sour grapes over no Grammy nominations this time around?

"Last year was definitely their Grammy year and the guys did so well again on the charts that I guess they were expecting something," our insider said. "It is kind of a big letdown."

Lachey/Minnillo Nups a No-Go

Rumors roamed Friday that Nick Lachey was ready to march down the aisle again, and would do so over the weekend.

A hotel source said pop singer Lachey and his MTV star girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo would marry in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas, and that some of Minnillo's pals were already there for the wedding.

But a rep for Nick denied all of it — and it never happened.

Lachey, 34, was previously married to Jessica Simpson and starred with her in the hit MTV reality show "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica."

Simpson, 27, filed for divorce in December 2005 after three years of marriage, and is now reportedly dating Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo.

Barrymore and Boyfriend Getting Super Serious?

When it comes to producing, performing and partying, there is no doubt that Drew Barrymore has been around. But is the Hollywood veteran finally ready to settle down?

The "Charlie's Angel" has been in a relationship with "Alvin & the Chipmunks" star Justin Long for some months now, and apparently, the relationship has gone well beyond "50 First Dates."

"Drew is just so happy — she's finally found somebody who appreciates her for the person she is rather than for her profile or her money," a Barrymore buddy told Pop Tarts. "She and Justin have total trust in one another, and I wouldn't be surprised is she walked down the aisle with him for the third time."

Justin reportedly took Drew home to Connecticut for Thanksgiving to meet his parents, and the pair is planning to spend time together over the festive season.

But speaking of Barrymore, it turns out that her childhood friend in the fame world has finally "phoned home" some 25 years later.

Pop Tarts was present at the recent "E.T: The Extra Terrestrial" party in Hollywood — a celebration of the two-and-a-half decades since Spielberg spawned the Martian movie.

"I'm thrilled and excited to be a part of a movie that keeps raising the consciousness of people out in the world," said Dee Wallace (who played mama Mary). "One of my fondest memories was caretaking Drew through the whole thing, because Drew was at an age where they really don't differentiate reality from fantasy.

"I would have to go before every scene, 'OK Drew, you know this is just pretend and I'm going to be pretend crying,'" Wallace continued. "She would just look at me like a very wise woman and go, 'I know.'"

Tommy Hilfiger Refuses to Sell Sex

From clothing to shoes to shades to skin care, Tommy Hilfiger has taken the world by storm for well over a decade now, using hotties like Beyonce and Enrique Iglesias to sell his stock.

And even though he is best known for making women everywhere smell like "Tommy Girl," this is one designer who is fed up with companies using sex to sell style.

"I think in many cases is has become tacky and tasteless and it goes way too far," Hilfiger told Pop Tarts last week. "Wholesome is healthy and still sexy, and I realize other people have different opinions. But controversy makes the world goes round — however, the selling of sex with fashion is something I think is trashy."

Hilfiger says he wants to propel the industry from promiscuous to patriotic.

"What I do with my brand is I create American classics with an edge or American classics with a bit of a twist or American classics with something new and different and unusual to give me that signature and that sort of unusual place in life," he said.

The native upstate New Yorker has also just released a new coffee table book with photographer George Lois entitled "Iconic America" to prove that his passion isn't just for fashion, it's for print, photos and pop culture too.

"If you think of fashion, you think of art, music, entertainment and sports — they really move the needle in society," Tommy told us. "So from Andy Warhol to Bruce Springsteen to old Hollywood or current Hollywood to the NFL, even the impact that those pop culture beings and units have had on the world is astounding."

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