Selena Gomez recently was thrust into the spotlight after a YouTube video emerged showing fellow "Disney" dame Miley Cyrus mocking her.

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But Selena assured us she has no hard feelings over the Internet incident and stepped out for the Teen Choice Awards in full support of the "Hannah Montana" host.

"It is nerve-racking, but I’m not here to be anyone else but myself," Gomez told Tarts when asked how she felt about being touted the next big tween sensation and the next Miley. "It’s a compliment, but I don’t want to replace anybody. I’m just here to be me."

The "Wizards of Waverly Place" beauty has yet to have any dirty laundry exposed, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t messed up. Unlike Miley, however, Gomez has made a point of vowing to keep any naughtiness on the low-down.

"I am 16, so I will make mistakes," she said. "But I hope to keep these mistakes to myself and avoid keeping that in contact with my fans. I’m trying to be the best role model I can be. My mum is the reason for that; I look up to her and she keeps me grounded."

And even though she is too young to cast her vote in the upcoming presidential election, Gomez already is taking a very active stand, politically.

"I am a big sponsor of Urvotes.com, which educates teens about what’s going on with the world regarding everything from the economy to global warming," she said. "It’s important because we are the next generation and it is a big responsibility to choose someone to run our country and make decisions for us."

But one of the most important things on Selena’s mind at Sunday night's taping was (we hope) meeting "Gossip Girl" Ed Westwick. Hmmm, that could be a potential Hollywood headache if Miss Gomez, who is rumored to be dating Nick Jonas, really does have a thing for bad boys. …

Words of Wisdom From Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad took home the 2008 Teen Choice Award for Female Reality/Variety Star, so we couldn’t help but question what so many youngsters actually get out of, like, watching "The Hills."

"They respond to things that they relate to," LC said. "The one thing with our show is that we’re girls going through the same things that every other girl goes through so it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. We all go through the same things."

Hmmm, so, like, what makes Lauren an ideal teen role model?

"Temptation [to misbehave] is there no matter who you are," she added. "Nobody is perfect and everyone is going to mess up from time to time. Somehow I manage to keep it together."

That wasn’t quite the case last Wednesday night when the 22-year-old got somewhat sloshed at Hollywood hotspot Crown Bar. We don’t see her drink too much too often, but when she does it, it is quite a spectacle of slurs and giggles. But to her credit, Conrad did stumble into a waiting car and made no attempt to drive herself home. (Paris, Nicole, Mischa, Shia, are you reading?)

Speaking of homes, Tarts has heard that the teen queen might be moving out of her now-famous Hollywood home into something gated and a little more private.

"People drive past, 24/7, honking their horns and screaming stuff out; it is total insanity," our source said. "Lauren has had enough."

Verne Troyer Wants $20M From Sex-Tape Co-Star

Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer is suing his former girlfriend (and sex-tape starlet) Ranae Shrider after claiming she bashed him up and terrorized him, and the damages he's claiming surpass the $20 million mark. The "Love Guru" star also is seeking cash from a lawyer who apparently attempted to set up a deal to sell the infamous homemade video.

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Mind you, Pop Tarts had the, err, pleasure of dining with the then-happy couple earlier this year. Apparently they met at Hugh Hefner's New Year's Eve party last year and she’s an aspiring actress who (at the time) was busy paying the bills with a job at the Cheesecake Factory. She’s also — smart.

"Verne, who’s your publicist?" we asked.

"Verne is a celebrity," she interrupted. "Celebrities don’t need publicists."

Charlie Sheen Is Seeing Green

When it comes to television, "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen is swimming in green, having just topped TV Guide’s annual Stars Salary Survey. He reportedly receives $825,000 an episode (including his stake in the series) while "Law & Order" starlet Mariska Hargitay hit the hot spot for the females with earnings of $400,000 an episode.

Oprah Winfrey managed to snag a sweet $385 million during 2007, and Simon Cowell boosted his bank balance with $50 million thanks to "American Idol," while David Letterman sits on $32 million and struggling CBS anchor Katie Couric earns a cool $15 million.

Thinking about switching careers yet?

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