Pop Tarts: Said-to-Be Spears Song Asks for 'Sweet Love Right Now!'

She might be a former princess of pop, but judging by this purported new song, it seems Britney Spears will soon become the mistress of mushy.

Blogger Perez Hilton purportedly has gotten his gossipy gloves on the lyrics of one of the songs that Spears’ supposedly wrote and is working on, in which seems she’s suffering from some sexual frustration:

"Oh, sweet love, can I get some?
So why do you desert me, baby boy?
I need your love right now!"

But it is comforting to know that while the Britster actually recognizes that every day she is “in a daze," she is turning to the Lord for a little help:

"Everyday, I sit and kneel and pray," the song confesses.

Meanwhile, FOXNews.com has learned that Britney wasn’t actually so “Crazy” that she stood up her former flame Justin Timberlake and his offer to do a duet.

According to a Spears source, the reformed rehabber plans to polish her pipes with a number of different artists, but Timberlake was never on the table.

Cate Blanchett Becomes Bob Dylan

When it comes to acting, Cate Blanchett most certainly has “The Gift” — the gift to go from golden glamour to golden boy.

The beautiful “Babel” flame forgoes feminist traits to transform into lyrical legend Bob Dylan in the upcoming biopic “He’s Not There."

Click here to see Cate's transformation

On set, Blanchett has been boasting a black leather jacket, jeans, shades and a short curly wig to remarkably resemble the “Lay, Lady, Lay” legend.

Blanchett joins a number of other stars such as fellow Aussie actor Heath Ledger to play Dylan at numerous different phases of his life.

However, FOXNews.com has learned that Miramax movie moguls are banking on Blanchett to bring home the Academy Award next year.

But the ability to convert into so many characters seems to have been written in Cate’s cards since her days as a struggling actress just out of school.

“Cate would often come in for castings and it was like looking at a blank slate,” a prominent Australian casting director told FOXNews.com. “We knew straight away that she could pretty much morph into whatever we wanted, but that blond hair and pale complexion was haunting. We almost didn’t want to touch it.”

Tom and Bridget Play Irish Name Game

While yummy mummy Bridget Moynahan and football father Tom Brady haven’t named their newborn boy, inside predictions propose that the little “Patriot” will have a little “St. Patrick’s” in him.

According to the Boston Herald, the proud parents are favoring “an Irish-sounding name” because they both have green genes, with “William” being tipped to top the touchdowns.

Well, we didn’t except Bridget to be too enthused about any Brazilian suggestions…

Speaking of which, word on the street is that supermodel Gisele Bundchen is planning to wed beau Brady sometime soon in small, stress-free private ceremony. The soon to be ex-Victoria's Secret "Angel" apparently has already started studying dress designs from Dior and Chanel.

Calls to her rep were not returned.

Star Sightings: Hilton Hot on Her Heels

We guess her shoe collection isn’t comely enough, because Paris Hilton and her size 11 feet were spotted strutting into Diavolina Shoes in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

But when the pap attack descended, the hotel heiress made a hasty escape.

Despite not wanting her picture taken, Paris was still sassy enough to scope herself out in the store mirror.

Jenna Goes From Porn Star to Pancake

Porn princess Jenna Jameson has officially retired from starring in XXX movies, and to mark the transition she’s had her famous breast implants removed.

"When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach," she told Us Weekly. "Even for women with naturally large boobs, getting a reduction is so freeing. I feel like I can stand up straighter … before, when I jogged, I had to hold my boobs. I looked like I was molesting myself!"

Jenna added that she was so "ecstatic" after the surgery that she "went home and cried."

Video: Jenna's 2004 chat with FOXNews.com

Paris Hilton: From Glamour Girl to Grammy Girl?

While "Stars Are Blind" might not have been a display of top talent, apparently Paris Hilton's singing practice is paying off.

The perennial party princess has been picked to star in the rock opera "Repo!" which starts filming in September in Canada. After beating out dozens of other hopefuls to be the horror screen star, Hilton has been busy perfecting her pitch.

"She is doing really well," a music production insider for the film told FOXNews.com. "People will be very surprised by what she can do. Paris really can sing."

According to another Paris pal, the producers are planning to polish her up to a "Grammy-winning standard."

And the Hilton heiress herself is reveling in the rhythms.

"It is going to be really great — it is an interesting and fun film and I’m looking forward to going to Toronto next month," she told FOXNews.com. "It is going to be pretty scary as well, but I’m just so excited!"

But that may not be the only thing the hotel heiress has to be excited about — apparently her life has been given a gloss of Grenier.

Despite avid denials from Hilton and "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier that they are dating, other insiders have splurged that the comely couple’s relationship has moved from professional to personal.

"They have been spending a lot of time together for work reasons," a source said. "But they’ve gotten to know each other really well and have realized that there might be more there. …"

Click here for pics

Racist Runway? Naomi Campbell Fed Up With Fashion

Sultry supermodel Naomi Campbell, 37, is once again letting her temper talk, and this time she’s attacking glamorous glossy magazines for "sidelining black beauties."

At just 17, the haute couture connoisseur catapulted to fame when she appeared on the cover of British Vogue, but since her last cover in 2002, no other black models have hit that mark.

"Black models are being sidelined by the major modeling agencies. It is a pity that people don't appreciate black beauty," the statuesque stunner told the press this week during a visit to Nairobi. "Even myself, I get a raw deal."

But this girl isn’t just talking the talk; the model mogul knows how to walk the walk. Campbell is so disgusted by the very few who’ve had the chance to follow in her footsteps in the fashion field that she intends to set up a modeling agency in Kenya.

"I don't want to quit modeling until I find that black models get equal prominence and recognition by the world media and information instruments," she said.

The Real Russell Crowe: An Elvis Impersonator?

We’ve seen him as a "Gladiator" and a "Cinderella Man," but FOXNews.com has learned that torrid-tempered Aussie actor Russell Crowe didn’t always want a career on the silver screen.

"He really wanted to be Elvis," Crowe’s wife, Danielle Spencer, splurged to FOXNews.com. "Elvis in a cowboy hat."

Well, he’s halfway there. The Academy-Award winner (who is so over Hollywood hype he wore jeans to Tuesday’s premiere) plays a creepy cowboy in "3.10 to Yuma."

"I wanted to be a cowboy, but you can probably pick anything and I would have gone through the fantasy of doing as a kid. Elvis, a pirate …" Crowe said.

And this time, the infamous phone-thrower had an excuse to misbehave.

"It’s good to play bad. It was fun," he added.

And with regard to the lack of ladies in their Western web, co-star Christian Bale believes testosterone on its own "made life much easier." Ouch.

Star Almost Dies on 'Halloween' Set

They might have been remaking one of the world’s most horrifying horror classics, but FOXNews.com has learned exclusively that evil almost came alive when 19-year-old starlet Scout Taylor-Compton came close to crashing to her death.

"It was one of the first days of filming and I was on the top storey of the old house we were shooting in," the red-hot redhead revealed. "I was looking around the set, stepped back and came within an inch of falling from the edge."

The freaked-out star said it took a while to calm down after her deathly encounter, but it hasn’t hindered her desire to die.

"I would go for something sinister like being strangled," she said. "Being shot is boring."

Beyonce Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

Canadians at a Beyonce concert were treated to a little more than just booty-bouncing earlier this week.

Dressed in gold, the glamour goddess was busy doing her thing when her top flew open, exposing considerably more than she likely intended.

But the bra-free Beyonce proved her true professionalism by continuing the rest of her number without missing a beat, using her left hand to keep her dress closed.

Click here to watch the video

And when it comes to mortifying mishaps, the dancing diva was probably experiencing a little "Deja Vu."

Just a few weeks ago in Orlando, Knowles slipped on stage and fell down several stairs in her stilettos.

Click here to watch

We say it’s time to hire a new wardrobe department!

Project Panettiere: Hayden Registers to Vote

Gimme a "V-O-T-E"!

Television's most famous cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere, just turned 18, and she’s celebrating her superpowers by pushing young America to pick a president.

Panettiere joins other high-profile celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore and Adrian Grenier as a spokesperson for the 2008 Declare Yourself campaign to encourage other young people to register and make an informed vote.

A Pop Tarts spy spotted the birthday babe celebrating her newfound freedom on Wednesday by mailing off her application.

"It only took her five minutes to fill out and send it off," the snitch said. "She seemed pretty excited. I guess it’s one of the exciting things about turning 18! She can finally have her say."

But red or blue might not be the only decision the blond "Hero" has to make now that she’s "legal." FOXNews.com has learned that a number of high-profile men’s mags already are "cheering" for the glamour girl to grace the glossy pages now that she’s no little girl.

"Of course, they would want Hayden to pose," an insider said. "She’s beautiful."

But a source close to Panettiere has scrapped any stripping speculation, saying the paparazzi-popular princess has no need or want to bare herself.

"She’s smart; that’s certainly not her style," the pal said.

Happy Birthday to a Woman's Best Friend

Hayden isn’t the only one having a birthday: Let’s do a hip-hip hooray for every woman’s best friend — the bra.

The supportive and sexy undergarment has just turned 100 and no doubt become more beautifully boosting over the years.

From being named the "brassiere" by French Vogue in 1907 to joining the Internet age in 2007 with Victoria Secret’s "Wireless" collection, this little piece of lingerie still is labeled the wisest item in a woman’s wardrobe.

And it has even encouraged our sexiest starlets to share their breast-boosting secrets with the women of the world. The likes of Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson and Jessica Simpson have attached their assets to intimate apparel through their own comely collections.

Wanna Be Rich? Keira Knightley Suggests Stocks

British babe Keira Knightley is offering some free advice on how to boost your bank balance.

During an interview with the U.K.’s Radio Times, the "Bend It Like Beckham" beauty cautions kids not to aspire to a career in the limelight, instead suggesting that they earn dough by "going to work in the stock market."

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old recently sued Britain’s Daily Mail for insinuating she was anorexic, a comment she claims caused significant stress.

"You couldn’t say anything more horrendous," she said.

In fact, when it comes to Keira’s daily diet, an insider who has worked with the star says her appetite is always hearty.

"Keira loves her food; she’s never had issues with weight or dieting," the source said. "She’s always eating so her metabolism is super fast. She looks great."

And the actress herself isn’t one for modesty.

"Somebody goes, 'Gosh, you're pretty.' Thanks. I've got good genes!" Knightley said.

Jaime Pressly's Yummy Mummy Body Secret

She may have just turned from reel-life hottie to a real-life mommy, but "My Name Is Earl" star Jaime Pressly shows no signs of baby-body blues. So how did the screen siren snap back to sexy so speedily?

"I went on the cabbage soup diet which is a detox diet, and it is definitely all about high protein and low carbs,” she told FOXNews.com on the red carpet of Saturday’s 2nd Annual Hot in Hollywood concert to benefit AIDS organizations.

”And I started working out at the gym with my trainer 10 days after the birth — five days a week for two hours every day," she added.

But past playmate Pressly still knows how to be naughty.

“Today I went to McDonald's and ate two cheeseburgers,” she added. “You have to treat yourself every now and then.”

Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline's former girlfriend and mother of his first two kids, also swirled into the star-studded theater with nothing but kind words for the Fed-Ex.

“Kevin is a great dad,” Jackson said of Britney Spears' ex-husband.

Trump TV: Spears to Be 'Apprentice'?

While Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are no “Apprentices” when it comes to being popular with the paparazzi, the perennial party girls are hot favorites on Donald Trump’s casting couch for the celebrity version of his hit reality show.

Trump confirmed to FOX News that he’s currently in talks with Spears' people, and he told the New York Post's Page Six gossip column that Hilton has also expressed interest in starring in the not-so “Simple” reality show.

Video: Trump Tells FOX He's Talking to Britney's People

As for Li-Lo, Trump said he plans to buzz the recovering rehabber this week too see if she wants to take part.

Lindsay Lohan: Singing in the Slammer?

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, it seems the downhill diva is still hot property from TV to CD.

While her future residence will be decided when she hits up two Hollywood courtrooms for DUI and cocaine possession this Friday, the possibly pending prisoner is supposedly still set on releasing a third album.

According to the New York Daily News, Lohan has made the big wigs at Universal Music aware of her desire to return to the singing studio. And it seems the “Mean Girls” melodist comes cheap.

"A record by Lindsay Lohan costs almost nothing to make," an executive with the company told the paper. "She doesn't need a big band. You just give her some songs and session musicians. And, God knows, she already has name recognition."

But even without parties, boys, lights and cameras, Li-Lo is still managing to get her heart rate up. The star was snapped jogging through the hills of her rehab residence in Utah with some cool canine companions wearing a trucker hat that says "Faith."

Click here for a pic

While Linds may have hot harmonies, it was her hot bod that harassed her father Michael as he served a stint in the slammer earlier this year.

In an interview with the New York Observer, her estranged father 'fessed up to the pain of having pics of his near-naked daughter posted on the bulletin accompanied by crude comments.

Degree Deferral: Mary-Kate Olsen Scared of College Classmates

When Mary-Kate Olsen banned the books at NYU in 2005, she claimed it was all in the name of her love of acting and then-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. But it seems the truth is that the Tinseltown tiny was terrified of her classroom companions who spied and snitched stories about her to the paps and press.

“Learning is not fun if you’re not safe,” MK told New York magazine.

But the “Weeds” starlet still has plans to get that piece of paper, as she is still enrolled but has deferred her studies.

“There is no confirmation of when Miss Olsen will return to pursue her education,” said a spokesperson for the University. “But we certainly look forward to having her back on campus.”

Best Booties

If you're judging people by their other half, In Touch magazine has crowned Jennifer Lopez top of the bottoms.

The lush Latina got best-booty accolades, with runners-up Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks and Halle Berry trailing behind.

Britney Spears Ditched by Divorce Lawyer?

It seems the Britster has hit another brick wall in the battle to keep full custody of her kids.

According to TMZ.com, longtime lawyer Laura Wasser wants out of her legal liaison with Britney Spears and is preparing to part ways.

Wasser sealed the deal on Spears’ divorce last month, and has apparently put her unhappy client in touch with other pros to help her through the hardships of a custody fight.

However, X17 Online is reporting that it was actually Spears who severed ties with Laura. If only the singer had a rep!

And just when the troubled starlet could have really done with a little magic in her life, Brit’s rumored new love interest, magician Criss Angel, has denied their affair with a little verbal waving of the wand.

"We're not together,” he firmly told People magazine. “Her manager is my manager, and I'm helping with one of her shows. I'm helping with her appearance on MTV."

Joel Madden Being a 'Good' Charlotte for Fiancée Nicole Richie?

In order to please his preggers Nicole Richie, her fiancé Joel Madden apparently isn't permitted to pose with other women.

The rocking romantic duo spent the past week in New York City, and according to a spy at the New York Post's Page Six column, Madden refused to get snapped with the any members of the female sex at a promotional party appearance.

Richie — who has a DUI-related jail sentence pending in addition to her pregnancy — doesn’t want any rumors running rampant of Joel doing the dirty.

We can understand that Richie has enough stress to contend with.

Not only has the “Simple Life” star had her reality TV career canned, but she’s expecting a little one — which some star-gazers have dished is a baby boy — in just four months and has until Sept. 28 to strut into the slammer to fulfill a four-day sentence for DUI.

But word on the street is that wedding bells could ring amid all the madness.

The daddy-to-be apparently told the crowd in attendance at his Hot 99.5 show last week that he had just given Lionel Richie's daughter the rock to be his wife. It seems she may become Mrs. Madden — or will he be the next Mr. Richie? — very soon. …

A source close to the Tinseltown tiny has told FOXNews.com that Richie really wants to walk down the aisle before her belly busts out.

“Nicole has a lot of traditional values,” the insider added. “I think she would really love to be married before she gives birth.”

Auto Angelina: Jolie Can Jump-Start

Is Angelina Jolie deliberately trying to overheat the hood of a brand new Viper?

The sexy screen siren was snapped on the Chicago set of her new movie “Wanted” crawling all over the red-hot sports car with two weapons in hand.

Click for a pic.

Let’s hope the vehicle has a good climate-control system.

In and Out of Rehab, Amy Winehouse Pulls a Winona?

Word on the street is that sad singer Amy Winehouse has gone in, out and back into the helphouse for reported alcohol and drug addiction.

The hubby of the punk performer confirmed to the BBC that the two are heading back to a rehabilitation facility in Essex, England.

However, before checking in, Winehouse was apparently caught on camera giving herself a little five-finger discount on New Musical Express magazine.

Amy and a friend stopped to select some supplies at a drugstore last week, but upon leaving Winehouse seems to have tucked the mag in her bag ... without paying for it, claims celebrity gossip site TheSuperficial.com.

Click for pics.

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