Pop Tarts: Renee Zellweger Says 'Pass' to 'Booby Shots'

With a resume that boasts three Academy Award nominations (and one win), one would think Renee Zellweger could pretty much choose whatever roles she desires.

She says this is not the case — but she can pick which roles she doesn't want.

"I wouldn’t say I can choose absolutely any movie role I wanted — so many variables play into it," Zellweger said. "But you can always choose what you don’t want to do — like if I see a script that says ‘close up on booby first shot,’ I’ll probably say pass to that."

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Zellweger stars as a sexy, spitfire journalist in the romantic comedy "Leatherheads," set in the 1920s world of football. But watching George Clooney and his ball-throwing buddies was hardly work for the apparently single starlet.

"Every day was a great day — I loved it. Seeing a bunch of big guys in football uniforms, throwing the pigskin like little boys — it was fantastic," she gushed. "I’m a huge football fan; I’m a girl from Texas, Cowboys! But I’m not die-hard about anything except being at work on time. I can check scores by asking the guys on set; I’m never bored, that’s my motto. If you’ve got to give up the real deal to watch these guys, that’s not bad."

Like Zellweger, her co-star Clooney appreciates every second he gets to spend on the set, because even his status as a Hollywood veteran doesn’t mean job security.

"There's no telling what makes a movie succeed or not. 'Out of Sight' is one of the best ones I've ever done and it flopped, so you can never tell. All I want to do is sit in the back of the theater and hear people appreciate the film, and when they do, it’s a huge relief," he said.

"In terms of filmmaking, I think you get about maybe a 10-year period where you get to 'play with all the toys.' If you get lucky, you can go in and say, 'I'm going to make this' and they have to make it because they're afraid you might go somewhere else and make it right."

But like most of Hollywood, even Clooney has an expiration date.

"That power doesn't last very long, so while you have that, you want to do the things that you're most proud of so when somebody later on says, 'What did you do when you had all the toys?' you can say that you did these films that maybe lasted longer than an opening weekend," he said.

Carmen Electra Whips Out Those Bedroom Moves

Carmen Electra, famous for her racy workout DVDs with a "Striptease" flavor, had the hottest of Hollywood smiling on Wednesday night as she partied at celeb-studded hotspot Villa.

Although hidden in a booth at the back, the former "Baywatch" babe was busted briefly practicing some of those sexy moves she designed for the bedroom only.

We’re starting to think perhaps she and her new rocker beau, Rob Patterson, have been watching her sell-out "Fit to Strip: In the Bedroom" series too many times. While he (literally) lay down on the lounge, the sweet and petite Carmen danced for his eyes only, making us question if we were at a party or somewhere a little more private…

"Carmen and Rob are totally smitten with each other and make a beautiful pair," an insider told Tarts. "They aren’t afraid to show their affection." Awww.

Rachel McAdams May Never Marry

Rachel McAdams certainly has come a long way since her days as a "Mean Girl," as she now stars in the twisted black comedy "Married Life" alongside Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan. But it seems the on-screen siren may never make a matrimonial commitment when the cameras aren’t rolling.

"The institution of marriage is a hot topic of conversation — marriage isn’t what it used to be," McAdams told Pop Tarts. "I always question how well do you really know a person? My parents set a great example for me as a marriage that does work, so I have some positive views on it. But at the same time, it’s an incredibly hard commitment to be with one person for the rest of your life."

So even though her long-term relationship with her co-star from "The Notebook" Ryan Gosling ended last year, McAdams still is open to the idea that another "Mr. Right" exists.

"It would be easier if we could just forgive and forget instead of torturing ourselves when things don’t work out," McAdams added, her eyes wandering. "But it all depends on the individual. Some people believe they have just one soul mate, but I do think most of us can fall in love with many."

What Do Russell Crowe and Paris Hilton Have in Common?

It isn't too often that the names "Russell Crowe" and "Paris Hilton" are strung together in the same sentence, let alone at the same venue. But that may very well happen when Koby Abberton and his Australian surf gang The Bra Boys premiere their highly anticipated, self-titled documentary in Hollywood on April 7, narrated by the "Beautiful Mind" star himself.

Big-wave pro-surfer-turned-rising Hollywood "it" boy Abberton, who stars in the film, already has friends from all walks of celebrity life (Pop Tarts got a sneak peek at the very impressive invite list).

But what does Paris have to do with a humble, laid-back boy from suburban Sydney whose documentary deals with childhood troubles, heroin-addicted parents, law-breaking and the struggle to succeed?

Bikinis and beer, of course.

Hilton took a shine to Abberton last year when they were guest judges at a bikini competition to promote a new beer Down Under. She even recruited the surfing stud to teach her how to surf outside her Malibu rental last summer.

Back to Crowe ... according to insiders, the Academy Award-winner not only is making his debut as a director when the documentary is turned into a feature film later this year, he also is set to star in a supporting role as the film’s villain.

"Russell is looking forward to having Koby teach him to surf," an insider said. "Another challenge."

Crowe and powerhouse producer Brian Grazer are prepping to turn the film into a feature (we're even hearing whispers that Mark Wahlberg is in talks to take the lead and play Abberton).

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