Paris Hilton no doubt has borne the brunt of many brutal jokes in the past. Yes, she is (very) blonde, she gets paid (a lot) to party and last year she was a brief resident at the Los Angeles County Jail.

Let's not forget, however, that this hotel heiress has built an empire out of her brand name: She's starred in a few films (and served as a producer) as well as having released an album. Now she's set to star in another reality television show for MTV, "Paris BFF."

That said, Hilton wants the world to realize it's been with "hard work" that she has become the superstar she is today.

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"I'm comfortable being a role model," Hilton recently told Tarts. "I feel that I work hard, I have built a very successful business and I follow my dreams."

And it seems this gal hasn't had any help from daddy in doing so.

"I haven't given too much advice," Rick Hilton said at the premiere of his eldest daughter's film, "The Hottie and the Nottie." "My girls are over 21 so they're on their own."

According to an insider who has been working very closely with the "Simple Life" starlet, they have never experienced a single diva-esque moment with the 27-year-old heiress.

"We've worked with so many stars, and Paris is by far one of the sweetest and most respectful," our source said. "She is always considerate, and even with all the jail drama and stress last year, she was never once rude. She has been raised with manners and it shows."

Hmmm, so is it safe for mamas to take their tweens out of hiding when Miss Hilton is around?

Come Hither: How Much Would You Pay for Madonna’s Pounds?

For such an itty-bitty beauty, Madonna certainly has left her mark on the music and philanthropic industries — globally.

The "Material Girl" graces the cover of Vanity Fair this month for the whooping 10th time. This "Green Issue" features the iconic pop princess in skintight black hot pants and boots as she stares down the lens with a "don’t mess with me" expression.

So while it seems the entertainer/author/dancer/producer/director has the whole world in her hands, she is ready to give it all away in support of poverty-stricken Malawi, the African country from which she (controversially) adopted her son David Banda Mwale in 2006.

The adoption was officially approved late last week after a government rep from Malawi paid a visit to the Queen of Pop and her hubby, Guy Ritchie, and found them to be "decent" parents to little David. Phew.

Madonna is using eBay to give away the 200-pound autographed globe (made out of marble dust, plaster and a recyclable polystyrene core) that she holds in the cover shot, with all proceeds going to her Raising Malawi organization.

But as well as owning a bit of Madonna’s "material," the winner and a guest will be flown to an intimate Madonna performance in New York City at the end of April, complete with dinner at Gemma and two nights at the Bowery Hotel.

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Hmmm, how much would you pay for a piece of the pop princess?

Ryan Seacrest Picking Up Where Benji Left Off?

Benji Madden certainly isn’t losing any sleep over his break-up with former fiancée Sophie Monk, having fallen head-over-heels for Paris Hilton; however, it seems Monk, too, has moved on, this time with the "King of Media" — aka Ryan Seacrest.

According to a Sydney Confidential spy, the Australian-born blonde was dazzled and dined by the "American Idol" presenter over the weekend at trendy Italian eatery Argo in West Hollywood before boogying over to new bar Foxtail.

The genetically blessed duo played coy when busted by the paps leaving the club — although that didn’t stop them from flying away in the same car.

Speaking of Monk, however, it seems as though reports that Benji was the one to ditch Sophie are somewhat inaccurate.

"Sophie was the one to end it," a source very close to the pair told Tarts. "It all got too much; Benji became very controlling."

Sex and the City: A Sequel?

The first film based on the hit HBO series "Sex and the City" is yet to be released; however, it seems whispers of a sequel may have some sort of validity. After all, starlet Sarah Jessica Parker certainly didn’t deny the possibility when we caught up with her.

"I don’t think it is for us to say just yet," Parker said. "We’re really just waiting to see how it gets puts together and how people respond before a decision like that is made."

She added that "getting this ‘other movie’ out there is consuming a lot of time."

So while the cast and crew are remaining as tight-lipped as possible about the highly anticipated flick, Jason "Smith" Lewis thinks we really will get "Carried" away with the feature.

"I am totally satisfied with it all so far," he said. "There is a lot of expectation, and I really feel that the film is very honest with relationships and how they’ve developed over time."

Speaking of relationships, Lewis had a few important things he wanted to clear up.

"Apparently, I am dating Teri Hatcher, and I just finished up with Jennifer Aniston," he said. "The only problem with that was I finally met her five months after we’d been together."