Pop Tarts: Naughty or Nice: What Do Stars Want in Their Stockings?

You may think they have it all — fame, fortune and the finest of fine things. But even celebrities have holiday wish lists, and Pop Tarts has been busy running their requests to ol' St. Nick in the North Pole.

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EVA MENDES: I think I'm going to ask for a bedpan.

PARIS HILTON: Just to be with my family … and maybe meet a special boy.

VANESSA WILLIAMS: Just a nice vacation with my family is what I want.

NICOLE KIDMAN: I love it when people do donations; I wish everybody could donate to those in need.

ASHANTI: The new drop Bentley in pink with a hard-top ... OK, realistically there is a hot pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, they look like tie-dye kinda.

JOSH GROBAN: I'm not materialistic! I'm just so happy that I'll have some time to be together with my family … but I wouldn't mind getting "Guitar Hero III."

NATALIE PORTMAN: I want an electric mixer.

FERGIE: With family, I just want to be with my family.

But of course, there are many Tinseltown talents who have so many goodies already that they simply cannot decide…

RON LIVINGSTON: What will I be asking for for Christmas? Gosh, you know I have no idea…

JOHN LEGUIZAMO: I'm gonna ask for uh...

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN: Oh, God ... I am like the worst person to ask a question like that to.

And if it isn't enough that Hollywood hotties have us all to thank for their comfortable careers, there are still some stars seeking swag from their fans…

JASON BATEMAN: Oh my God ... I'm registered at Tiffany. You can just go there and type in my name … so sweet of you, you are the coolest.

MARK WAHLBERG: Well, if anyone out there wants to buy me something really expensive, I'd be more then happy to take it. Thank you!

Does Lindsay Lohan Have a Lady Love?

Rumors are flying that reformed rehabber Lindsay Lohan has a new love in her life … but it's a lady.

The "Bobby" beauty accompanied Courtenay Semel (the 28-year-old daughter of Yahoo! boss Terry Semel) to a recent rendezvous at the L.A. home of lesbian socialite Jeanette Longoria , according to the New York Post's Page Six gossip column.

According to a Page Six source, Semel has been sleeping in Lohan's Hollywood home for a month now, and the pair "held hands" all night. That said, Linds seemed "socially awkward" about people from her past seeing her in this new light.

A representative for Lohan reportedly denied any lesbian rumors, stating that "The two are good friends, nothing more."

Still, this "Mean Girl" seems to like keeping a guy close by. Pop Tarts has been told that Linds just loves spending time with her big bodyguard "Jaz," and that even when he isn't being paid to protect her, she likes having him around.

"He's been very supportive of her since she has returned from rehab," said our source. "She feels safe and relaxed. He's a good, funny guy."

Meanwhile, Lindsay's attention-loving father Michael Lohan played the role of Joseph in a one-off nativity production in New York last Tuesday.

The post-pokey man recently became a born-again Christian after spending 25 months behind bars for drunk-driving and assault.

Cameron Cracks: Scary Role Drains Diaz

We haven't caught Cameron Diaz hopping about in Hollywood for a while now — and that is because the sexy starlet has been put in "The Box" near Boston to explore her inner assassin.

"This is the first time Cameron has done anything like this," writer/director Richard Kelly recently told Pop Tarts. "It's going to be very interesting to see how she handles all the tension, which is totally different from the Cameron we are used to seeing."

Diaz is making her debut into the sci-fi thriller world in "The Box," where she plays the suburban wife of James Marsden . In it, the blue-eyed beauty discovers a wooden box through which she unknowingly causes other people to die.

And although the film intends to stay PG, Pop Tarts has been told that the frightening flick may push the envelope of an R rating, as the deaths are disgusting and devastating enough to earn the adults-only tag.

According to another on-set spy, Diaz has dipped into the role so dramatically that she is struggling to snap back to her normal self off the set.

"Naturally, Cameron is putting in a 110 percent, but the role is particularly draining and she has come straight from filming 'What Stays in Vegas' to film this," said the source. "She is looking forward to a bit of a break over Christmas before resuming in January. But Cameron is very, very popular among all the cast and crew and often goes and chats with the extras, which is very rare these days. She is a phenomenal actress and a role like this will really let her show her range."

'Big' Tease: 'Sex and the City' Movie Sneak Peek

Well it's (almost) a wrap! Sarah Jessica Parker and her posse have nearly finished filming the highly anticipated "Sex and the City" movie. But director Michael Patrick King is apparently so confident that we will get "Carried" away with the Big Apple babes all over again that a sequel is already on the agenda.

An insider told Britain's Daily Mail that producers are already preparing for number two despite the fact the first flick won't slam the screens until May.

Forget all the spoilers, sightings, and snaps of Carrie in a wedding dress that have surfaced, Pop Tarts has heard word that the Manolo-mad Manhattan writer may not actually tie the knot … with Big.

"There are several different ways this could all go down, and a lot of what was filmed will probably end up on the cutting room floor," said our source. "At first I was disappointed when I read the script, but a lot of changes have been made since, and this movie isn't going to be what people expect."

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Just last week, the fab foursome (and Cynthia Nixon's real-life lover, Christine Marinoni ) boogied from the Big Apple to the beaches of Malibu, where rumors are buzzing they filmed the final scene.

Also, Pop Tarts has confirmed that Kim Cattrall will donate the four fur coats she wore in the film to PETA. Is a certain someone looking for another excuse to "go naked rather than wear fur?"

An insider tells us that in the upcoming flick, power publicist Samantha Jones gets caught in an embarrassing public fight in which her plush white fur coat is ruined with red paint.

In real life, Kimmy has lots of love for all creatures and isn't shy about showing it.

"Cattrall felt strongly about not appearing to endorse real fur, and has made arrangements to send the four furs used in the multiple takes of the scene to PETA," a spokesperson from the animal-loving organization told us. "And we plan to give the coats away to the homeless once production wraps on the film."

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