Pop Tarts: Natalie Portman Might Not Marry

She's breaking hearts as we speak ... Natalie Portman says she might not be interested in getting married.

"I'm not convinced about marriage,” the beautiful "Star Wars" sensation recently told InStyle magazine. “Divorce is so easy, and that fact that gay people are not allowed to marry takes much of the meaning out of it. Committing yourself to one person is sacred."

And while she may have stripped down to her socks for “Hotel Chevalier," her new role in “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium," where she acts alongside toys that come to life, is as innocent as can be.

"I think working with the animals was really fun,” she said. “I felt sort of bad for them, because I don’t think animals particularly want to be in movies, but it’s funny to see how they react in a movie environment."

Her human co-star also provided endless hours of entertainment for the heartbreaker.

"Dustin's amazing — I don’t mean to put him after the animals!” Portman exclaimed. In "Magorium," Portman plays the personal prodigy to Dustin Hoffman's 243-year-old character.

“He's really spontaneous and really creative and has so many ideas," she added.

Miley Wants a Man

Miley Cyrus may have mastered the art of tantalizing the tween market, but it turns out that Hannah Montana is growing up and ready to go for guys.

When Oprah asked her this week if she was allowed to date, the Disney dame said she was —however, super-protective parent Billy Ray Cyrus still spies even when she's just hanging out in the backyard with her boy buddies.

"He was in the kitchen looking out at us with the dog," Miley said, despite her dad's defense that he was "just kidding them."

Billy Ray recently told FOX that he was ready for Miley to embrace everything associated with being a teen and that he wanted to "be there for her when she makes mistakes."

Awww ... sounds like Mr. Cyrus just doesn't want his baby bella to experience any "Achy Breaky Hearts" of her own.

Victoria's Secret Angels Excited About Eating

They may be earning millions of dollars, but even Hollywood’s hottest aren’t above giving thanks for their lavish lives ... and they promised Pop Tarts they’ll never forget that home is where the heart is.

“I’ll just be hanging out with my family for Thanksgiving pretty much, no big plans, but I just don’t get to see them enough, so I take my opportunities when I can,” Carrie Underwood told us over the weekend.

“I have had the most amazing couple of years that I could ever hope to have and I am just thankful for all I get to do and see and be a part of this amazing whirlwind.”

And despite being blessed as skinny-mini beauties, Victoria's Secret's “Angels” want you to know that they a) will be having more than their share of turkey and b) will be giving thanks to their parents (and to God for their genes).

“I can’t wait just to be at home and just relaxing, spending time with the family. That's what Thanksgiving is all about for me, just spending time with the family since I travel so much,” Marisa Miller said. “I’ve had such a good year and my job is really amazing and I get to travel and experience life in a very unique way, so I have a lot to be thankful for.”

Head Angel Heidi Klum also wants to thank Hollywood.

"I want to say thank you so much Hollywood on behalf of all the Angels because this is a huge deal to us to have a star here in Hollywood, where all the Hollywood stars have a star, singers, actors, you name them.

“So aside from all the good food I will be eating, I will be giving thanks for this star on the Walk of Fame. This is going to be here after we're all gone, so that's pretty amazing.”

And apparently, Adrian Grenier wants to give thanks to a slightly bigger "Entourage” than usual.

“I’m thankful that we still have an Earth, so I’m thanking the Earth,” he said. “I’ll be giving green gifts and cooking eco-friendly.”

And even though Regina King’s posse isn’t quite as global as Grenier’s, we’re assuming her grocery bill was still pretty big.

“I cook every year for Thanksgiving, my sister and I cook and it’s up to 25 people now,” she said. “We started out about seven and eight years ago with eight people, and each year more and more people so now were up to 25, so it’s a big deal in my house. But every year it is thanks for good health, thanks for a wonderful family and thanks for all the blessings.”

But it is nice to know that some stars are being honest and giving thanks for their material goods.

“Oh my gosh, how could I not give thanks for the whole 'High School Musical' series that has changed my life and more importantly than that, I am grateful for my family,” said Kaycee Stroh. “Oh and one more thing — my Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior shoes I just bought. So divine, I never thought I’d be buying myself something as special as that.”

And Skid Row rocker Sebastian Bach is thanking the gods of rock.

“I am thankful this Thanksgiving for rock 'n' roll! Thank you for the awesome rock that you bestow upon us this holiday season,” he said.

Did Britney Have a Bedroom Buddy at 14?

It doesn’t seem so long ago that Justin Timberlake blurted out that he had deflowered Britney Spears, but could it be that all that 18-year-old virgin business was BS?

A former "friend" of Spears reportedly told Us Weekly that the songstress did the deed with a former boyfriend when she was 14, and that she and JT were "Bringing SexyBack" to the bedroom from the very beginning of their bond.

But someone else who really will have no choice but to tattle on the trainwreck is a paparazzo who videotaped her running a red light on Mulholland Drive last week.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that snapper Shane Partridge will have to strut back into court on Jan. 23 to give evidence on Spears and her skill for speed.

Hey, maybe Brit didn't see the red light — judging by her fashion sense, perhaps she could be color blind?

And even though she has been behaving bizarrely for a while, this gal still is smart enough to know what it may take to get her baby boys back in her arms.

Sources have told TMZ that the "Toxic" talent has hired a personal investigator to pry on the Fed Ex and maybe catch him with pot or booze and turn this trial around, y’all.

She also reportedly has employed a security posse to protect her sons amid all this mayhem.

Celine Dion Getting Down With Ne-Yo and Chris Brown?

After many years in Sin City, Celine Dion's "Heart Will Go On" a world tour for an entire year after she sings her swan song at Caesar’s Palace on Dec. 15.

And Pop Tarts has been told that the French-Canadian has called an emergency collaboration with R&B star Ne-Yo to charge up her crooning career.

"Celine has asked me to come on board and help her 'get-up-to-date' 'cause she’s had to basically do the same thing for the last five years," Ne-Yo told Pop Tarts.

"The music industry keeps changing, and Celine knows she needs to get more down with it to keep up her singing success. We’ve been working on a few different projects together — gotta say it’s not a collaboration I ever expected to be doing, but it's fun."

And watch out, hubby, Rene, because Celine was awfully aroused at the American Music Awards as she watched Chris Brown bust out from the press room monitor. Dion continued to grind and groan as she observed the spectacular showdown, strangely screaming out to the hip-hopping hottie.

Click to Watch Celine Get Down to Brown

"My goodness, my goodness. He should be on 'Dancing with the Stars,'" Celine gasped after several seconds of silence after the song. "I tell you he would win; he is the most brilliant dancer. I wonder if he comes up with his own choreography? I need him."

But along with a new image, it seems Dion has attracted a "disturbing" new demographic.

"I’ve been noticing a big age difference in terms of audience since I started my show five years ago," she said. "Parents are bringing children that are younger and younger — even babies. And I’m not comfortable with that, by the way; it is quite disturbing if it continues."

But Dion's quite happy to spend time with her own family.

"I might give myself a day off to bring in New Year's Eve," she added. "Unless Rene has something more romantic in mind … Anything planned for me, babe?"

Hasselhoff’s Ex-Wife Turns Hip-Hop; Heidi Swaps Spencer for Sketching; Kardashian Goes Creature-Crazy

Pamela Bach may be making headlines over her custody crisis with ex-hubby, David Hasselhoff, but this wild woman was headlining on Sunday night with Hollywood’s hottest hip-hoppers.

At the big bash at Les Deux following the American Music Awards to celebrate rapper Fabolous’ birthday, Ms. Bach got down and dirty all night with a bunch of R&B boys, including Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy.

But it was rapper The Game who got Pammy grinding as the two touched and twirled until 2 a.m. .… before disappearing into the darkness.

Strangely enough, would-be party host Travis Barker didn’t turn up to his own affair, which coincided with reports that the drummer was found dead in his garage late last week.

And although he’s lying low, his wife, Shanna Moakler, posted a blog on Tuesday insisting that her beau is still "barking."

And Pop Tarts is proud to announce that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt actually stepped out of "The Hills" on Friday and hightailed it to the Santa Monica Promenade for the opening of clothing retailer Anchor Blue’s "La La Land." But it turns out that even when she’s boozin’, it's all business for the beachy blonde.

"It has just been announced that I’ll be doing a line for them," Heidi told Pop Tarts. "I want it to be really cute and I want to do everything. I want lots of dresses and for it to be fun for girls."

So with Miss Montag looking all mod-ish, it seems the sketchbook isn’t the only thing Pratt will have to compete with…

"I’m just beyond thrilled and just so excited to be working with Heidi," Anchor Blue CEO Tom Sands told Pop Tarts. "I’ll sharpen her pencils while she is designing; having her on board is just the greatest thing ever."

And "White Starr" bad boy Cisco Adler even pranced into the party without former flames Mischa or Paris. Instead, this time he brought another not-so-bashful blonde who turned out to be "Top Model" Lisa D'Amato. The super-confident gal was caught shakin’ her booty in a bizarre impromptu dance as Adler did a performance...

Click to Watch

Meanwhile, Pop Tarts popped reality sensation Khloe Kardashian roaming around for freebies at the GBK Productions pre-AMAs gifting suite on Saturday, and there was one main thing that brought out her "bitchy" side.

Kardashian squealed over the plush pink "Komfort Pet Carriers," which are blinged-out, temperature-controlled carts for high-class canines and cats.

Khloe insisted she would give hers to her sis in the next episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

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