"That '70s Show" hottie Mila Kunis has quite a sinister side.

After passing the SWAT test in preparation for her upcoming flick “Max Payne," the real-life girlfriend of Macaulay Culkin used her gun skills against co-star Mark Wahlberg.

“I can shoot pretty well,” Kunis told Pop Tarts at last week’s Comic-Con convention San Diego. “I got to beat Mark up with my little gun, which was fun — he cried a little bit. I’m sure I saw a few tears.”

Wahlberg didn’t issue a denial, jokingly telling us later that Kunis “isn’t as nice as you would think; she likes to beat up on people.”

But it seems Wahlberg may have taken a bit of a dig at the likes of Brangelina, Jessica Alba and Matthew McConaughey, who all earned big bucks for shopping around snaps of their newborns (Brangie sells the pics for charity).

“There will be no selling of our baby pictures, no hoopla, nothing like that,” he commented after saying how excited he was about becoming a father for the third time in September.

But as for marriage, he and his long-time girlfriend Rhea have no plans set in stone.

“Every year we say we will, but it hasn’t happened yet,” Wahlberg said, adding that when it does it won’t be a big public deal, but they won’t pull a Mariah or Beyonce and wed in secrecy.

Is John Mayer Morphing Into Brad Pitt?

Back when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were husband and wife, the actor went for the clean-cut look and sported a shaved head. Now it seems Aniston’s latest squeeze John Mayer is also attempting to please the former “Friends” star with a similar ‘do.

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Mayer showed off his new locks-free look at his concert in California this past weekend, starting what is sure to be a resurgence of the Army buzz cut.

Stress Eating Away Madonna's Body?

The almost 50-year-old Madonna resembles more of a tiny tween at the moment, following the release of shocking new pics that show the Queen of Pop looking worse for wear as she left a Kabbalah Center in New York over the weekend.

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The makeup-free Material Girl had noticeably sunken cheekbones, prominent hair re-growth and veins popping out of her skinny arms.

Lest you think that all those A-Rod affair rumors are getting to Madonna, her hubby Guy Ritchie told the press at last week’s Comic-Con that his marriage to the songstress is “fine,” and according to Hollyscoop.com, the couple even intends to renew their vows.

Ne-Yo 'Surprised' by Lindsay Lohan; Common and Serena Play Coy

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t exactly have the best rep in the entertainment industry when it comes to work ethic, but she managed to impress one of our hardest-working musicians (aka Ne-Yo) when she recorded a song entitled “Bossy” with him earlier this year.

“She did a fantastic job. She actually did a much better job than I thought she was going to do to be honest — I was skeptical at first. But she was on time, motivated and focused,” Ne-Yo told Pop Tarts at the 40th anniversary of the Big Mac bash at the Project Beach House on Sunday.

He also confirmed murmurs that he’s collaborating with Michael Jackson and doing some writing for Jacko’s comeback album. Although he couldn’t say too much, Ne-Yo assured us that the King of Pop “still has it."

Rapper/actor Common also arrived with Serena Williams (he was first spotted with during her week at Wimbledon), but both played coy about being a couple. The tennis sensation wouldn’t answer questions about the two of them at all, whereas Common assured us that hip-hop is his girlfriend. Right.

But one person he was more willing to talk about was his “Wanted” co-star Angelina Jolie.

“Angelina is an incredible person — we would always talk about real things. In this business you meet a lot of people who aren’t really authentic, but she’s not like that,” Common said. “There was no small talk — she actually helped me get more lines in the film, so I loved that.”

More Dirty Diapers for the Damons

Matt Damon is expecting another little girl.

In March, Damon announced that his wife, Luciana, was pregnant, and now he’s come forward to announce that they’re expecting a baby girl to accompany their 2-year-old, Isabella, and his 9-year-old stepdaughter, Alexia.

Damon told USA Today that Lucy is “due soon” and that they intend to wait until after the birth before settling on a name.

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