Pop Tarts: Kim Kardashian Blasts Sex Tape Beau in Purported Voicemail

Kim Kardashian may be the star of her own reality series, but the sexy siren is still screaming over the release of her sex tape with rapper Ray J, or so it seems in a purported voicemail on YouTube.

"Why won’t you f---ing answer my calls? I just want you to know you are so disgusting and so desperate," Kardashian says in the purported voice message to her ex-flame.

"You know I’m going through some crazy s--- right now but you won’t call me back — you are making things seem so suspicious. You are a sick human being; I don’t know who you think you are or what you think you’re doing.

Click here to listen (Warning: Contains foul language.)

"I’m going to get to the bottom of this," she warns Ray J. "I have no words to describe you."

And toward the man to whom she once bared more than just her famous bottom, the popular pin-up princess clearly has had a change of heart.

"You know what, don’t call me back. I don’t want to give you any more attention. Don’t call me ever again," she added. "I will have my attorneys contact you."

And while Kardashian has taken off her clothes yet again in a much more "tasteful" way as a cover girl for the annual celebrity edition of Playboy, we do find it a little odd that her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, bunny-hopped along to see his little girl strip.

"I went and watched Kim do her shoot for the magazine cover," Jenner revealed to Pop Tarts last week. "I voted against her doing it. But we got through it and it turned out to be very tasteful. It’s a huge honor for Kim and she is a very beautiful woman. But, of course, as a father it is very strange and disturbing to see your daughter doing something like that."

Hmm … we don’t find the fact that the Hollywood-hot Kim flashed all her flesh all that frightening, but we do find her father being there to watch a little hard to swallow.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Chooses Merlot Over Motherhood

Sarah Michelle Gellar may have married her longtime lover, Freddie Prinze Jr., over five years ago, but the "Buffy" babe has admitted she prefers booze to breastfeeding — at least for now.

"You can't be selfish and have a child. Right now I want to live my life and have fun," the 30-year-old actress tells the December issue of men’s mag Maxim. "I want to go sit in my Jacuzzi and drink wine all night. When I'm home in New York, my wild side comes out," she admits. "That's when I go dancing until 5 in the morning."

And despite that her hubby thinks she’s "crazy" and the comely duo has been together for more than 10 years, Gellar insists that they still like to get naughty.

"We just had one of those double showers and a custom bathtub built for two put in. It has colored lights," she said.

Ali Larter Is 'Legally Bad' With Bullets

Her profession may be scripted as a screen star, but it seems that all of Ali Larter’s years in front of the lens have taught her how to shoot a sharp shot.

"I’m very good with guns, very good," the "Resident Evil" star recently revealed to FOX. "All I need is a quick refresher, but then I’m good to go, and my shot is pretty good."

Seems like we'd better not get on the bad side of this Hollywood "Hero." But at last week's NYC launch of DKNY Delicious Night perfume, Larter just wanted to have fun.

"I love the fragrance and this champagne is amazing," Larter told Pop Tarts. "I’m in town with a whole bunch of girlfriends and we are really going to make a night of it — drinks until dawn."

And in between sips and sprays, Pop Tarts popped the "Legally Blonde" babe boogying away as the center of attention.

"Ali is in a good place right now," our spy said. "She was clearly the life of the party and has some projects in the works that will no doubt catapult her into that next level of stardom."

Lindsay Lohan Forgets Key Undergarment, Makes Man Cry

Lindsay Lohan is officially free from rehab, and it seems she's unofficially free from wearing a bra these days, too.

The trying-not-to-be-bad girl was spotted out and about at L.A.'s You and Me restaurant last Thursday evening sporting a sexy see-through black dress and no cotton coverings for her "chilly" top half.

Well, it seems like you can take the girl out of the naughtiness, but you can't take the naughtiness out of the girl…

Click here for a pic

And who knew someone with as much dinero as Lohan would get glammed up at H&M?

Pop Tarts popped the pop tart shopping at the popular low-price clothing store on Wednesday afternoon, where she was more than happy to pose for pics and make very big boys cry.

"There was a man who was about 50 who came in and had his picture taken with Lindsay," our store spy said. "The whole situation was obviously very overwhelming for him, and he just started sobbing in front of her."

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