Pop Tarts: Katie Holmes Wears Granny Panties

Being Mrs. Cruise must be aging Katie Holmes.

The actress clung to her hubby at Jennifer Lopez's and Marc Anthony’s Miami Super Bowl bash this weekend. She was also by his side at South Beach's hip lounge Mokai.

“Everybody was photographing them,” an onlooker told FOXNews.com. “They were so close and affectionate. They looked like an old couple all lovey-dovey on the dance floor.”

But young Holmes is also looking like an old married lady beneath her clothes.

When stepping out of her limo to attend Giorgio Armani’s Paris show last month, Katie flashed a pair of unsexy control-top stockings.

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But hopefully Tom isn't too turned off by the bloomer-style hose, as Katie is definitely keen to have more baby Cruises.

The real-life “Stepford Wife” has told Harper's Bazaar that it was love at first handshake when she met Cruise, and that she loves calling him “husband."

Is Britney Converting?

Britney Spears might be cleaning up her act.

First we spotted her shopping for underwear, now she’s been snapped wearing the Star of David around her neck.

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So is the Southern Baptist Brit converting for her new boy toy, Jewish model Isaac Cohen?

While Brit dabbled in Kabbalah (an offshoot of Judaism) back in 2003 after being introduced to the religion by former pal Madonna, she quit in May 2006, declaring: “My religion is my baby.”

According to World Entertainment News Network, Britney is so smitten with Cohen, she's very interested in adapting to his way of life.

But could Brit have converted to the other gender as well?

She was spotted on Tuesday making a toilet stop. Only she wasn’t heading into the ladies’ room. Spears appeared to be en route to the urinals.

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Report: Lindsay Lohan Wants 'McDonald's and Sex'

Wild child Lindsay Lohan is still a resident of California's Wonderland Center rehab, but it’s far from her idea of wonderful.

According to usmagazine.com, the Web site for Us Weekly magazine, the 20-year-old is still pretty hungry for some fast food and fast love, so she’s been "sexting" 23-year-old Brody Jenner, son of Olympic decathlon winner Bruce Jenner.

Jenner has been romantically linked to "Laguna Beach" stars Kristin Cavallari and Lauren "L.C." Conrad and Lohan’s former friend Nicole Richie.

But Li-Lo reportedly sent him a message last Saturday night declaring that all she wanted was "McDonald's and sex."

Jenner, the new spokesman for Scope mouthwash, wasn’t letting out any germy details.

“Sorry dude, I don’t text and tell,” he told Us Weekly.

While Li-Lo seeks love from her cell phone, her father is reaching out from a prison cell.

In a letter dated Jan. 18 and obtained by In Touch magazine, Michael Lohan (who is currently serving time in New York for a variety of crimes) wrote to his estranged daughter saying he was happy she was "gaining control of her life" and "starting anew."

At least she still has one fan, because the way things are going, the "Mean Girl" is losing her popularity fast.

According to the U.K. Sun, a number of Hollywood legends, including Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, have told their agents to automatically turn down any film that already has Lindsay attached to it.

And apparently, Lohan's annoyed the other 12-steppers at the Wonderland Center. Sources revealed to TMZ.com that the actress is getting special treatment and treats rehab "as if it were a joke."

Britney Rediscovers Panties

Guess she's back to wearing underwear.

Britney Spears (with 16-month-old son Sean Preston in tow) and two girlfriends hit Los Angeles boutique Trashy Lingerie on Friday, where she picked up a handmade Valentine-themed outfit, People magazine reports in its new issue.

"She said it was for someone special," store rep Bridget Silvestri told the magazine.

And, Silvestri adds, despite the boutique's name, Spears' purchase "was anything but trashy. It was classy and sophisticated and perfect for her."

Spears' rumored boyfriend, actor-model and K-Fed look-alike Isaac Cohen, was on her arm when she hit the town later than night, People says. He recently stayed with the singer in a Fantasy Tower suite at The Palms in Las Vegas, the magazine reported.

Cohen has waited a long time to be with his adolescent crush.

His high school girlfriend, Jennifer Sypal, told Us Weekly that he used to nickname her "Britney" because she looked very much like the singer.

“He thought she was hot,” said Sypal. “And he was very much into her music.”

Meanwhile, Spears unveiled a new dark hairdo in Hollywood on Monday, sparking great fear that her hair will soon fall out due to all the color changes and chemical damage.

“She can’t keep making such drastic changes,” 27-year-old hairdresser Danielle Weatherly told FOXNews.com. “Pretty soon her hair will get so dry it’ll snap and break off.”