Pop Tarts: Kate Bosworth Went 'Bonkers' in Sin City

Hollywood "it" girl Kate Bosworth always comes across as calm and collected; however, the pin-thin blonde has confessed to going crazy while filming the gambling-inspired drama "21" in Las Vegas.

"I had to live in Vegas for six weeks — my goodness. It is a fun place when you’re going in and out, but when you have to actually live here and hear all those slot machines, it is crazy," she said. "I was going bonkers and screaming ‘I have to get out of here.'

"I partied hard when I was in my late teens and early 20s," she continued. "But I’m so over all of that — all I want to do now is sit at home in my slippers with my dog."

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But with her Hollywood home miles away, Bosworth had no choice but to rekindle some of those wild ways.

"I gambled a lot — we had blackjack boot camp. We would go all night to casinos and just bond and drink," she added with a smile. "Blackjack is my game — my uncle taught me how to play growing up. I tried to play it safe, but I found at times it was just 'all or nothing.' When you come to Vegas, you have to know you’ll win some or lose some. There were times I was just going down and down and down."

On the note of gambling, Bosworth believes an actor’s shelf-life in Hollywood also often is based on luck.

"Acting is a job I never feel safe in — being an actor is very risky. It can be here one day and gone the next," she added. "I have a love/hate relationship with it; I choose roles that I think I can’t pull off. It’s all about the challenge for me."

Speaking of challenges, it turns out that Kate’s role as a card-counting expert in the flick is far-removed from her real life.

"Math was my worst subject at school — I was terrible at it, so it's ironic I’m playing this part," she said. "English I’m OK at, but math is bad. That’s what I love about my job — I get to pretend I’m good at all these things I’m not."

Tara Reid: From 'Hooker Ball' to Sin City

Tara Reid certainly has come a long way since December — seriously, we're proud to announce she has upgraded in status as a paid party girl.

Late last year the "American Pie" princess was paid to host a faux "Hooker Ball" in the Australian outback. Last weekend Reid boosted her bank balance as the party host at MGM Grand's swanky nightspot Studio 54 on the Vegas strip.

Fresh from a Mexican vacation, a super sun-kissed Reid actually looked sensational in her sequined mini and soft curls as she encouraged the crowd to drink and get down on the dance floor.

According to organizers, the packed party house was oddly ecstatic over the blonde babe.

"We have had a lot of celebs come through here, but I have to say everyone went particularly crazy for Tara," our source said. "People were fighting to take pictures and get a glimpse of her, girls and guys. I was surprised."

Tara left the party in the early hours of the morning, but it wasn't because she intended to have an "early" (by her standards) night. We're told she then snuck off to Tabu Ultra Lounge to continue with the dancing and drinking until the very wee hours.

Apparently, Reid also placed a personal "request" to the DJ to only have house music pumping through those speakers while she was present.

Sarah Jessica Parker 'Scared' About 'Sex'

Given the phenomenon that was "Sex in the City," it comes as no surprise that the producer/star of the follow-up film, Sarah Jessica Parker, is feeling, well, somewhat stressed and "scared."

"I'm thrilled that people are curious and have enthusiasm for at least the theoretical idea of the movie, but by the same token it can make you nervous, because you want it to be good, you want it to have been worth the wait," Parker said.

"You want it to have been worth the studio's money and investment. You want it to have been worth everybody's time and talent and efforts, so it's scary but really wonderful that people are excited," she added.

But when our Mrs. Broderick isn’t choosing Jimmy Choos and chomping on chocolate cake, she’s getting "Carried" away over the upcoming elections.

"All I care [about] is that people vote. I love that we live in a democracy — people can choose Republican, Democrat — I prefer a Democrat — but I would just prefer they vote. Take advantage of this great privilege that we have.

"We don't have to kill ourselves for the right to vote. Let's vote," she said. "Electing a new president is very exciting — it's just the cherry on the sundae. It is already historic; it's fantastic. It's such an exciting election season."

One thing the 42-year-old screen siren and mama wasn’t so excited about, however, was her title as the "World’s Unsexiest Woman" as voted by readers of men’s magazine Maxim last year.

Parker recently admitted to Grazia magazine that she and hubby, Matthew Broderick, were "shocked" and "hurt" by the "brutal" claim that listed her as less sexy than Amy Winehouse, Sandra Oh and Britney Spears.

Pop Tarts would like to add that we have caught up with the stylish star numerous times this year, and on all occasions she has looked beyond beautiful — petite, porcelain skin, amazing hair, radiant smile and a warm personality.

Is it because Sarah hasn’t taken after the majority of Hollywood by investing in some surgical assistance? We can’t quite figure out what the magazine's readers were thinking.

Brandon Davis Has No Friends?

Poor ol’ Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis. It seems no matter how much money you have, you just can’t buy friends.

After recently being dissed from Nicky Hilton’s fashion show and apparently black-listed from Paris Hilton's MTV party, the oil heir can’t even get his pals to talk to him.

Pop Tarts was getting a caffeine hit last week in West Hollywood with an acquaintance of the "Fire Crotch" foul-mouth (the two hit some Malibu waves together last summer), but throughout the conversation he had to continuously hang up his cell.

"He keeps calling us now because he has no friends," the "acquaintance" said. "I do feel sorry for him, but I’m trying to stay away."

A little while later, we had to duck for cover when the Bear was spotted close by … eek.

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