Pop Tarts: Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo Hit a 'Rough Patch'

The Internet has been running rampant this week with reports that Jessica Simpson has split from Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

While reps for the Texan twosome have been busy denying the split, a source close to the Romo camp told Pop Tarts that their relationship has hit a "rough patch" but might not be totally over just yet.

After all, he apparently already had plans to get down on one knee for the songstress, and just recently she referred to him as her "future husband" in Glamour magazine.

According to our inside source, Tony was organizing an "intimate dinner for friends and family" to take place in Texas within the next few weeks in anticipation of announcing his engagement to the eldest Simpson sister.

"Every couple has their problems; we're hoping that they'll have a break and work it all out," the source said. Calls to Simpson's rep were not returned.

So while Romo’s initial matrimonial plans seem to have been put on the back-burner, Jess and Tony are apparently still "talking."

So what's the problem?

Romo, 28, reportedly still has a roommate and loves his freedom, while Jess, 27, already has been married and divorced and has made it clear she wants to be a mom soon.

"Jessica has made no secret of the fact she wants to get married, and with all the Ashlee wedding talk and Jess’ dad’s involvement, Tony was obviously feeling it," another source said. "I wouldn’t be surprised if he just couldn’t go through with the proposal and that’s what’s caused the break."

On that note, Pop Tarts has been told that rumors regarding Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's wedding are true and they are set to tie the knot just outside L.A. this weekend. At this stage we're told that Tony won't be attending.

Update: Jessica turned up at Hennessy's Jazz Night at Teddy's in L.A. on Thursday with three gal pals, donning a skimpy black dress, Pop Tarts has been told.

Simpson apparently "shook her booty all night long" with her eye on the door, perhaps hoping that her ex John Mayer (who often stops by for an impromptu performance) would show up.

According to our spy, her soon-to-be brother-in-law Wentz also stopped by and gave her a particularly lengthy hug (soothing some heartache?), and she stumbled out the door "somewhat intoxicated" in the wee hours with a friend holding her up.

Kate and Owen Are Over ... Again!

Speaking of star-studded splits, it seems Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have failed to rekindle their romantic relationship.

The A-list actors originally were an item in 2006 before calling it quits a year ago, and less than two months after the twosome were spotted together in Miami, it seems they've moved on, again.

"It was a pretty bad break up," a pal told People magazine.

Well, it certainly has been the week of romantic rumbles as Shania Twain and hubby of 14 years, Robert "Mutt" Lange, also announced their split.

Kitson to Beckham: Stop Sending Me Your S—t

And so the store saga between the Kitson boutique and Victoria Beckham continues. Despite the Robertson Boulevard hotspot repeatedly telling Posh's peeps at dVb to stop sending them merchandise because "it doesn't sell," it seems the design label is still holding on.

Kitson staff were left confused on Thursday afternoon when more than $8,000 (wholesale) worth of Posh's shades arrived on their doorstep.

"They aren't returning our messages to stop sending stock; we aren't paying for another thing," a store rep said. "They won't talk to us, so I guess we'll have to use media to tell them that we don't want it."

On the Other Hand: Everyone Does Want Damon's Dirty Diaper Bag

Two weeks ago, we reported on all the celebs auctioning off their baby goodies for Johnson's Hand-Me-Downs charity initiative. But it's now official that Matt and Lucy Damon have won the bidding war.

Their page had more than 62,000 hits, and the diaper bag they used for their daughter Isabella was picked up for a pricey $620. Goodness, we hope they scored some free (unused) wipes with that.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s stroller was a close second at $610, while Tori Spelling's assorted bag of baby gear brought in $500.77. Altogether, $3,471 was raised for several children's charities across America.

Hamptons Invaded by 'Reality' Stars

The Hamptons are considered the classiest summer escape for wealthy and well-to-do East Coast residents and A-list celebrities such as Brangelina, George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, Madonna and Julia Roberts.

But it seems that iconic image will be turned upside-down both this weekend and over Memorial Day weekend as the likes of Kim Kardashian and "The Hills" star Brody Jenner actually are being paid to jet in and "host" Hamptons festivities.

We're told sex tape starlet Kimmy K. will be busting her booty at her very own White Party next weekend. Well, considering that Diddy unofficially owns the rights to the Hamptons White Parties, we can’t help but wonder what he’ll have to say about that…

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