Pop Tarts spotted Hollywood "Honey" Jessica Alba out and about shopping on Robertson Boulevard on Tuesday, and she looked every inch the preggo princess.

Sporting a tiny tummy and bonus curves, the starlet strutted about with a spring in her step, and it seems this glamour girl isn't suffering from any morning (or afternoon) sickness. Usually a paparazzi-protester, Jess flashed a smile at the flashes and waved to fans on the street. Aww.

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An insider tells Pop Tarts that the normally body-conscious screen siren is "loving" all the changes the baby is bearing on her body and can't wait for a mini-me.

"Jessica has always been very maternal," said the source. "She loves kids and she's the type of person to want a dozen little ones!"

Speaking of babes with buns in the oven, Matthew McConaughey announced via his Web site that his model-girlfriend, Camila Alves, is pregnant with their first lil' surfer dude (or dame).

Charlize Theron Credits Cigarettes for New Role?

She may have won an Academy Award for playing a murderer in the movie "Monster," but Charlize Theron's role as a smoker is the one that got her her latest gig.

According to the U.K.'s The Independent, the starlet not only confessed to lighting up on the odd occasion but even said that it was this "filthy" habit that led to her landing the lead role in "In the Valley of Elah."

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While doing press for this new flick (which also stars Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones), Theron said that she and (director) Paul Haggis often hung out and had a huff and puff together outside various awards ceremonies when she was promoting "North Country" and he was doing his thing as director of "Crash."

It was at this time that Haggis vowed to write a film just for her.

"It's the one and only good thing that will ever come from smoking," Theron said.

The 32-year-old plays Detective Emily Sanders in Haggis' latest crime drama and works with distraught parents (Sarandon and Jones) to solve their son's mysterious disappearance after he returns home from duties in Iraq.

Paula Abdul Just Doesn't Make No Sense

It is no secret that Paula Abdul says, well, some nonsensical things from time to time. So when we sat down to discuss the seventh season of "American Idol," we realized that nothing has changed.

On her attachment to the contestants:

"If I'm gushing it's because I've never in my life witnessed anything like our seventh season — it's by far as if there were a culmination of all the bests of every season.

"We are going to have the toughest time narrowing it down because at 50, or where we are approximately right now, I can't even imagine letting go of any of these kids. There is some genius servants in this group and if there ever were a time or a chance to have 12 finalists who could all be contenders, this season will prove that they've got it to get a record deal."

On not getting along with Simon Cowell:

"When people ask me whether or not we are getting along this year, I always kinda start stumbling. It depends on the weather or what day it is or whatever other criteria Mr. Cowell decides: I don't know whether I should walk on the same side of the street or be across the street. I don't know, it just — pop — wherever the wind's blowing we either get along like we are thick as [thieves] ... or I've been known to have during Hollywood week to change my seat and made Randy sit in the middle so, yeah."

On getting along with Simon:

"We kiss and make up eventually and then all the kids would be clapping and going 'Ooh' and I'm going 'ka, ka, ugh, ka,' but whatever, it is what it is; you can't duplicate the kind of chemistry whether it's good or bad between Simon and I. It is what it is, aliveness."

Pop Tarts also caught up with the executive producers from the planet's hottest reality show — just to clear up the whispers that Cowell soon plans to abandon "Idol."

"I don't see Simon leaving," producer Nigel Lythgoe said. "Simon's got a contract until 2010 or something ridiculous. So, no, that's just rumors."

But even if you didn't make the cut this time, you can get some personalized practice for the eighth season with the "American Idol Interactive Singing Competition," which comes with a mic and CD.

And get the tissues ready, 'cause Simon tends to say a lot of: "It's all safe and old and boring. It was for me, without question, your worst performance so far."


Latifah and Missy Martini the Town

She might be a Queen, but Latifah isn't above Hollywood's hottest hole-in-the-wall. Pop Tarts popped the "Mad Money" sensation at Lola's martini bar on Monday night hangin' with hip-hopper Missy Elliott. Enjoying a girls’ night out, the starlets and some more gal pals stopped by for a late-night feast and were all smiles and shrieks.

However, the martinis must have made them a little subdued, because they then made their way to Tinseltown's new hotspot Villa and did their best to hide from the pesky paps outside.

And they certainly don't associate Latifah with royalty for no reason — apparently she could hold the key as to whether the Grammys go ahead as planned.

Industry insiders reportedly are questioning whether this year's Grammys will actually go ahead as anticipated given the writers strike.

"We don't know what will happen," our source said. "The likes of Queen Latifah and Justin Timberlake are both members of SAG, among many other performers, and at this stage no waivers have been granted. If these guys can't attend, the Grammys are in jeopardy."

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