Pop Tarts: Jessica Alba Opens Up About Heath Ledger’s 'Sweet' Side

Although they never starred alongside each other on screen, Jessica Alba and Heath Ledger shared a number of commonalities — they were both in their 20s with a wealth of good work already under their belts and so much more left to offer both personally and professionally.

So it comes as no surprise that “The Eye” starlet is still shocked by his “awful” premature passing.

“It’s absolutely horrible just thinking about his family, what they must be going through, and his baby and Michelle. It is really huge tragedy, shocking and awful,” Alba told Pop Tarts.

“He was not only an amazing talent but he was a really sweet person, and every time I met him he was such a gentleman. So I just feel so sorry for everyone in his life that’s close to him," she added.

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Speaking of closeness, the pre yummy-mommy has another person in well, very close proximity — and it is motivating the prim and proper 26-year-old to become even better behaved.

“Just being pregnant in itself has put my mind in a different place; everything has changed as far as my perspective goes," she said. "I think it’s going to change even more. Things — priorities — are just going to change a bit.

"I think knowing that there is somebody in this world that needs me, relies on me and is dependant upon me reinforces that I need to be strong for someone else and I need to be good for someone else and it's just not for me anymore," she added.

Eddie Doing Just Fine

After splitting from his "wife" (they never legally married) after just a few weeks of what we are assuming was not wedded bliss, Eddie Murphy seems to have bounced back just fine.

The “Dreamgirls” star was seen schmoozing and strutting with a bevy of beautiful women at the opening of The Bank nightclub in Sin City on Saturday evening … but there was one lady that caught more than just his eye.

“Eddie was very taken with a stunning brunette whom he stayed close with all night,” an eyewitness told Pop Tarts. “She couldn’t take her eyes of him either.”

But the night was young for Murphy. He was later spotted down The Strip with at hotspot Prive (with an entourage of 30-plus that included “Entourage” stars Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon) apparently eyeing the curvy Kim Kardashian as she passed him on exit with boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Not Sad at SAG Awards: Writers Strike Coming to a Close?

Finally! It looks as though the entertainment industry may soon have to put a stop to lazy days of parties and pampering and actually saunter back to the set for work.

At the SAG Awards on Sunday night, everyone seemed super-confident that a resolution would soon be reached.

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Amanda Bynes: “I am not too worried. I don’t know if there will be an Oscars — I certainly hope so but I just want it all to be sorted out. But everything happens for a reason.”

Ellen Page: “I think everything will be resolved soon, but more importantly people who have lost their job need to be back at work. I have no control so we’ll see what happens.”

Eva Longoria: “I am so excited at the possibility of going back to work really soon. It’s great here seeing everyone; all that is good will prevail.”

Christina Applegate: “There is an extra spotlight on SAGs this year; it is like the Super Bowl here. In terms of the strike ending, it is all up in the air — I can’t see how we can go without an Oscars though.”

Marcia Cross: “I’m excited; everyone has just been itching to get out. I’m pretty optimistic it will all be sorted very soon, but maybe I’m just a bit Pollyanna.”

Viggo Mortensen: “Sooner or later those holding up the show and putting the writers in a bad light will have to do the right thing and pay everyone according to the new technologies. They should do it sooner rather than later because we all want to go to the party, the Oscars. I’m a positive person — it will happen.”

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