Pop Tarts: Janet Jackson Says Man Behind 'Wardrobe Malfunction' a 'Creative Genius'

It seems the world will never forget the Super Bowl of 2004, when Justin Timberlake infamously ripped open Janet Jackson's top to bare a breast. But while the songstress would prefer to put that performance behind her, she still considers the designer of the wardrobe disaster a great "love" in her life.

At the star-studded opening of his very first Los Angeles store on Tuesday evening, British designer Alexander McQueen quietly confirmed that he was the creative mind behind that tight black get-up worn by Miss Janet ... but it wasn't easy to get Jackson to admit as much.

"Oh, I think ... yes, yes, it was him," she eventually stuttered, her face swept over by an embarrassed smile. "I thought maybe only half of the outfit was, but I guess he did all of it."

Yet Jackson doesn't seem to hold any hard feelings toward McQueen for not using, er, "stronger" material on the garment. She even stopped by the unopened store earlier in the day just to be dressed in his designs for the party.

"I don't blame him; he didn't rip it," she added. "Alexander is so great at what he does — he's a genius. I've loved him for a long time, ever since I saw one of his very first shows 10 years ago in London, which is where we first met."

Kirsten Dunst Dumped for Johnny Depp's Girlfriend?

It seems as though Kirsten Dunst need not worry about being deemed the "Devil in Prada" anymore — apparently she's out of the job.

Dunst was hired last year to be the brand ambassador for Miu Miu (owned by the Prada fashion house) to shoot its spring '08 collection; however, Women's Wear Daily has confirmed that Johnny Depp's gorgeous gal, Vanessa Paradis, has since been signed to take over the plush position for the rest of '08 and '09.

So while Dunst may have been dissed in the designer department, it appears she's having more luck with the lads. She and fellow screen sensation Ryan Gosling have been busted out and about together numerous times over the past month, and although they haven't gone public with their relationship, a source close to the couple told Tarts that "things are getting serious."

"She is at a point where she wants to settle down," our source said. "Ryan is good for her."

Marisa Miller: World's Most Wanted Woman

Move over, Lindsay Lohan — you're not as hot as you were last year.

The "Mean Girl" may have taken the 2007 crown for the hottest on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 list, but this year she's slipped to No. 9 — and we're told the only reason Li-Lo even made the top 10 for 2008 was because of those body-baring Marilyn Monroe snaps that appeared in New York magazine.

This year, it is all about Victoria's Secret model and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl Marisa Miller, who at the ripe ol' modeling age of 29 is only now breaking into the big-time.

"My friends think it's weird I have such a girly job now," she told Tarts. "I was always such a tomboy and I was always trying to hide my body growing up."

The newly engaged Scarlett Johansson scored the silver medal while Justin Timberlake's leading lady, Jessica Biel, is bringing some "SexyBack" into the men's mag in the No. 3 spot, beating out fellow screen siren Eva Longoria Parker who was placed fourth.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has stayed strong at No. 5 (incidentally she was Maxim mag's 2007 Woman of the Year) and jokingly told Tarts that she uses such tantalizing titles to "lord over her friends."

Rounding out the top 10 for 2008 were Elisha Cuthbert, Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilera and Ashley Tisdale. We also can't help but wonder if there are some tears being shed between the Olsen twins and the Simpson sisters. After all, Ashley Olsen came in at No. 47 while Mary-Kate Olsen didn't even make the cut and Ashlee Simpson cruised into No. 18 while Jessica Simpson scored a No. 53 spot.

Lip-Synching Strippers: Milli Vanilli's Odd Obama Connection

German-based "singers" Milli Vanilli turned music into madness when they were exposed as lip-synching frauds in 1990, but even today the dancing duo has an interesting political connection.

Pop Tarts recently caught up with one of Europe's highest-profile music producers Tony Catania, who just recently made his way to Florida from Germany to produce the upcoming album for rising alternative rock group Phoenix Block and has since found himself hooked up to a Democratic candidate.

His band's stimulating single "Future Calling" is being considered by Barack Obama's camp to come on board as an official campaign song. While a campaign insider said that their priority is to focus on conquering the primaries, they will negotiate the song for future use if this goal is achieved.

"Future Calling" is receiving thousands of daily hits on MySpace as the most downloaded track in the news and political sector.

But it turns out that the key man behind the motivational music also was a key man behind the biggest musical bust-up of the 20th century.

Catania was hired as a studio sound technician and right-hand man for producer Frank Farian to work with one of the "real" Milli Vanilli voices, studio singer John Davis. The tracks took off across Europe, prompting a call from BMG big-wig Clive Davis to bring their sounds to the States.

"Farian didn't think John was good-looking enough for the American market, so he let him go, insisting I join him at a Gentleman's Strip Club in Berlin called P1 to find new faces to front the band," Catania told Tarts, adding that Farian finally found two flesh-flashing go-go dancers who would go on to be the infamous chart-toppers Milli Vanilli.

According to Catania, the group was named after Farian's girlfriend and his favorite dance club in Barbados.

"By this stage, the album was already recorded and after three years working with Farian, I knew my involvement had to end," he said. "I guess he [Frank Farian] never really thought they would actually be all that big outside of Europe, so he didn't understand the depth of what he was getting himself into."

Both Tony and fellow sound technician Toby Gad went on to have lucrative careers in the biz. (In fact, Toby wrote and produced Fergie's hit "Big Girls Don't Cry," while Tony has 19 platinum records to his credit).

Catania also confirmed that the two front men of the band eventually blackmailed Farian, forcing him to go public with the truth.

The scandalous subject is in production to become a Universal Pictures feature film, to be written and directed by "Catch Me If You Can" creator Jeff Nathanson.

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