Pop Tarts: How Much Are Rihanna's Legs and J-Lo’s Bottom Really Worth?

When you are a Hollywood hottie, you have to protect your property — and we’re not talking about your Beverly Hills house. So which stars reportedly have parts of their body bankrolled?

• Last year, Venus Breeze not only named hip-hop heartbreaker Rihanna as 2007’s Celebrity Legs of a Goddess, but they also insured her long legs for a lush $1 million.

• She may be an “Ugly Betty” in reel life, but in real life, America Ferrera’s smile was worth a wondrous $10 million. Although the policy expired on Jan. 1, her teeth and gums were covered for “any reasonable and necessary dental treatment, costs or expenses” should accidental injury have occurred.

• When you say the name David Beckham, most women (and men) simply think “best body." So it would make sense that the football sensation reportedly insured his fine physique for $200 million.

Jennifer Lopez is known worldwide for that booty, so a reported $1 billion seems like a fitting price to pay to protect her posterior.

Dolly Parton may have just past the “Pop Tart” time frame, but back in her '70s heyday, Dolly apparently banked her breasts for a busty $600,000.

Britney Still Plans Play-Date With Heidi Klum?

Britney Spears still wants her kids to hang out with Heidi Klum's little ones, Pop Tarts has been told.

"Britney is still focused on having a play-date," an insider from the Klum camp said. "It's been something she has wanted to do for a while now and she's still determined."

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Just one small problem: Britney isn't exactly allowed to see her sons. On Tuesday, the lawyers for the loony lyricist got together to try and work out visitation rights, but no conclusion was reached.

But while we are on the topic of sexy supermodels, it turns out Heidi's fellow "Angel" Aussie Miranda Kerr has a love in Bloom — Orlando Bloom, that is.

The comely duo has been "on and off" since April last year (even though Tarts caught them cuddling at the VS Fashion Show after-party in November), and both have remained tight-lipped about the love affair.

In the last week alone, however, Kerr and Bloom have been busted canoodling in London and New York — with a Kerr insider assuring us that they are "head over heels." Awww.

Stephen Colletti Is Strange?

Perhaps it's that his 15 minutes of fame is (almost) over, or perhaps it is just that he was boozin' a little too much for his birthday, but "Laguna Beach" alum Stephen Colletti is coming across as somewhat strange.

The former flame of Hayden Panettiere and Lauren Conrad celebrated his 22nd birthday on Friday night in Sin City at The Mirage's JET Nightclub. But after a few too many Red Bulls and vodkas, he apparently had the ladies in a line.

"There was a heap of gorgeous girls wanting to chat with Stephen after he announced that he was single and looking," a partygoer told Tarts. "So he did this dirty little dance with each girl, one by one, as they patiently waited for their turn. It was very weird."

Nelly Knows Women's Bottoms Well

Nelly is taking a break from hip-hoppin' across Hollywood and is doing what so many celebs do: focusing on his 5-year-old clothing empire. Except this brand is just for the ladies.

The star debuted his fall '08 designs for his Apple Bottoms line at the Magic Convention last week, and when we asked why he was running a women's label, he responded:

"A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman!" Finally!

Nelly also made sure to take a "hands on" approach in testing out what ladies like by partying at new nightspot The Bank at the Bellagio with Ja Rule ... and a bevy of beauties.

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