Hollywood, we have a problem: Britney Spears was seen strutting Friday at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in the lacy white mini-dress she wore during the post-party of her wedding to Kevin Federline in 2004.

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According to People magazine, the songstress and her new (reportedly already married) paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib caused chaos in the classy Keyes Mercedes-Benz car shop in the San Fernando Valley as Brit stood silent while Adnan did the talking.

"They came in to get an estimate for a new car for him," a sales associate told People. "She didn't talk at all, and it didn't seem like she was getting the car for him."

Speaking of Brit's new boy, we wonder what his agenda really is ... rumors are running rampant that the British pap is shopping around steamy snaps of the singer and wants to get some Britney bang for his buck.

According to an insider (who has known Adnan for many years), he is a "harmless" guy but very "aggressive" and "knows what exactly what he wants." (Britney's money, perhaps?)

And with Brit wearing her whites and car-shopping with her flavor of the month, there are no guarantees that she won't have another "Jason Alexander" moment and marry without thinking it through.

"I'm scared for Britney," a former friend of the pop princess told Pop Tarts. "Anything is possible — I worry about her frame of mind and seeing how good she is at going against what everyone wants her do, something like a shotgun wedding wouldn't be a surprise. It could be a saving grace that Ghalib is already married."

And it is no secret that everywhere Spears goes, strangeness follows, but it looks like as of now she's on her own. Apparently, the Los Angeles Police Department has turned its back on the Britster and won't turn up to help control the craziness at the courthouse on Monday, TMZ reports. (Spears is due in court Monday for a 12:30 p.m. EST hearing in her efforts to regain rights to visit her kids.)

Apparently, the songstress will be forced not only to show her face, but also to speak about what weird things went on in her house on the Thursday before last when the cops were called in and she was carted off to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Stars Still Flock for Freebies From 'Golden Globes'

So the Golden Globes press conference this year wasn't exactly glitz and glamour — but Hollywood hotties still stepped out for thousands of dollars worth of free swag.

Well, remember that due to the Writer's Strike, these poor peeps are unemployed — so of course they need some material to motivate them, right?

And although the majority of A-listers sent their assistants to collect their free holidays to Fiji and diamond-encrusted shower caps, Pop Tarts did pry a few stars swindling some swag. Here is a slice of what was seen and heard:

• Despite just last week being booted from her record label, former "American Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee was making the most of the freebies while her fame remains.

McPhee stocked up on lots (and lots) of goodies for her upcoming wedding at Voda Spa's Silver Spoon Suite.

Apparently the oh-so-lucky bridesmaids will be given organic peanut butter as their thank you gift while she scored herself a JJ's white howlite and diamond bracelet to match her big-day dress.

Pop Tarts did notice that McPhee was actually missing her engagement ring…

• And even though new mama Samantha Harris has gotten her pre-baby bod back, she did an awful lot of sweet-suite sampling.

Pop Tarts popped the E! starlet slurping down Spread's chocolate pretzel spread at Silver Spoon. Harris then made her way over at Kari Feinstein's Winter Style Lounge at Social Hollywood and helped herself (and incidentally her top) to the chocolate wheel. Whoops!

Alli Simms signed Feinstein's guestbook as a "singer," however she is probably better known as Britney's "cousin."

Simms was still treated as a superstar nonetheless, scoring a swanky new dress from Be Seduced and telling Pop Tarts that she is in talks for some "upcoming projects" she couldn't elaborate on but is "excited to be taking a new direction." Let's hope it involves getting help for the Britster!

• And even though "The Hills" hottie Lauren Conrad has managed to climb the steps of stardom just for being herself, L.C hasn't yet learned to at least "act" excited.

The good guys at Reebok gave her a hot new treadmill — however, the reality star seemed less than impressed and barely mumbled thanks. Could Adam Brody blues be getting Loz down?

• He's a man, but Jesse Metcalf still stopped by the Katharine clothing booth and was asked if he wanted to "pick out a dress for his girlfriend."

Bad move — the down "Desperate Housewife" heartbreaker said it would take "a lot more than a dress to win her back." Looks like things are off with on-again/off-again "Girls Aloud" singer Nadine Coyle. We just can't keep up!

• Pop Tarts overheard whispers of Amanda Bynes being a "brat" at the "World Experience" DPA gifting Lounge at The Peninsula Hotel. The "Hairspray" hottie came in with a significant posse (including her puppy) and filled her freebie bag with French-labeled beauty products and perfume, but when she went to take a stunning silk top from the rack, she was turned away.

"I'm busy talking to other people right now," the vendor said. "Nobody has introduced me to you yet."

• We wonder if there has been a kitchen crisis up in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion, because middle girlfriend Bridget Marquardt was looking super svelte as she was given star treatment at the suite.

The "Girls Next Door" dame told Pop Tarts that she would never get tired of being given fine freebies and proudly showed off her brand new $35,000-plus couture gown shipped all the way in from Lebanon.

Hmm — let's hope that two more were also sent home for Holly and Kendra. We know Hef wouldn't like to think any of his "Girls Next Door" were deprived now, would he?!

• And while David Carradine is probably happy to "Kill Bill," he is very careful when it comes to the possibility of killing his career. He (and his energetic son) came to the luxe lounge just before closing to be bowed down too with a diamond-cuff tux and Pucci shades. But does getting freebies ever become boring?

"I can't answer that," he told Pop Tarts. "I don't know that I can win either way."

• Is there tension between Demi Moore's men Ashton Kutcher and former hubby Bruce Willis?

Pop Tarts overheard word that the two A-listers were accidentally scheduled to turn up to DHA's Suite at the same time. And although these guys claim to get along well, there was a little worry among organizers that it could pose potential problems.

• He might be a "Hero" in reel life, but in real life, Masi Oka learned that he is still a human who has to wait his turn.

After being granted anything and everything from ultra-luxe 3LAB Face Cream to Revitalash to grow his eyelashes faster, the small screen star was made to wait much longer than anyone else for the valet to bring back his vehicle from the GBK Suite.

And although Oka has a cool and calm nature, the "Hero" was starting to heat up when even Pop Tarts got their car earlier.

• Meanwhile, all jaws dropped to the floor when actress/writer Joan Collins suddenly strutted in to The Secret Room suite in Brentwood.

The British-born starlet was totally decked out by the designer vendors, however, word on the street was that she was spying on the competition up against her own fashion line (which bears her name).

2008 Golden Globes: Media Interviewing Themselves

It's no secret that this year's Golden Globes wasn't exactly the star-studded event that it has been in the past, but with no celebs on the scene, the millions of media outlets down at the Beverly Hilton just decided to interview each other.

The not-so classy conference was scheduled to run for an hour, however the winners were read in just 30 minutes.

The hosts from various American entertainment programs including E! and "Extra" became the in-demand peeps of the press conference, and when "Entertainment Tonight" veteran Mary Hart made her way into the ballroom, the snappers perked up like it was Britney.

So the primetime presenters became the Golden Globe announcers, but when it came time for E! beauty Giuliana Rancic to take the mic, she started by speaking out about her support for the WGA. Tension filled the air and the officials from the Hollywood Foreign Press started squirming — probably not Giul's wisest career move.

And although there were no official WGA picketers, Pop Tarts did pop a pack of impersonators dressed like Julia Roberts from "Pretty Woman" out on the corner trying to attract some attention early in the afternoon.

But one thing Pop Tarts wants to know is if the winners secretly slummed over to pick up their accolades after the event. Despite rumors that the room would be packed with high-powered publicists to pick up the globes of gold, very few turned up to Hollywood's second biggest "night of nights."

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