Pop Tarts: Heidi Klum’s Bust-Boosting 'Secret'

She may be a mom, but Heidi Klum still knows how to glamorize her "girls."

The ubermodel was in Los Angeles on Wednesday to promote Victoria Secret’s new breast booster: Body By Victoria Full Coverage Uplift.

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And even with a few extra lumps and bumps, Klum says motherhood is worth the woes.

“People always say your body changes a lot after you have kids — and it does! But it’s worth it for me,” she said. “The children are more important than myself. But I have not forgotten about myself. I enjoy my life more than ever now that I have this big family that I always wanted.”

And obviously Victoria's Secret doesn't mind Heidi’s more maternal mold, as its bras are aimed at all ages and figures.

“[The Full Coverage Uplift] is designed to make you feel comfortable and sexy at any shape and size and fits invisibly under your clothes, making it the perfect everyday bra that flattens as it covers just to get the support you need,” a spokeswoman for the brand told FOXNews.com. “It is the first full coverage bra that also lifts.”

And according to Ravelo, Klum isn’t the one who uses this “Secret” to amplify her assets.

“Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Eva Longoria and Kate Bosworth are all big fans of the brand,” she said.

Nicole Kidman: 'I Never Want to Sing Again'

Singing isn’t something that Nicole Kidman plans to do again, she told FOXNews.com. Instead, the “Moulin Rouge” beauty is focusing on her family and country crooner husband.

“Keith [Urban] and I are both concentrating on our lives together and just getting through what’s on the horizon, as far as professionally,” she said. “So he’s on tour at the moment, and I’m in the midst of making the film ‘Australia.'"

And despite having been in Hollywood from a young age, Nicole credits her mother for keeping her out of Tinseltown trouble.

“I had a pretty strict mother; she kept tight reigns on me,” Kidman confessed.

Spears Too 'Posh' for Victoria Beckham?

Word on the street is that Victoria Beckham is a little too “Spicy” even for Britney Spears.

According to the New York Daily News' Gatecrasher, the British babe has stung the staff at the top-notch Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles by continually telling the paparazzi when she’ll be there.

“We do our best to keep things very low-key here,” a staff member told FOXNews.com. “We like to look after our high-profile guests and ensure their experience is fuss-free.”

Apparently, Spears sauntered in on Tuesday for dinner, but after discovering that the only available seat was next to Beckham, she was quick to make an exit…

Reese Witherspoon Is an Avon Lady

Reese Witherspoon wants all women to wear makeup ... so long as it’s Avon.

“I grew up in the middle of America with lots of Avon products all through the house,” Witherspoon told reporters in Los Angeles after she was named the first-ever Global Ambassador for the beauty brand.

As part of her multiyear agreement, Witherspoon will be involved in product development, appear in global advertisements and serve as the honorary chairman of the Avon Foundation, which focuses on breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief initiatives.

In an emotional moment, the “Legally Blonde” beauty even admitted that someone “very close” to her is a breast cancer survivor.

“It’s a cause that is very close to my heart,” she said. “And hearing that one in three women are involved in abusive relationships is a concern I really want to address.”

And where there is beauty, there is power, she says.

“There’s such a power in empowering women in making them feel good and building their self-esteem,” she told FOXNews.com.

But how does the single mom manage to look so lush?

“Avon’s split-second blush — it’s a lipstick, too! A two-in-one!” she said, laughing. “The company has lots of cool stuff, and they’re developing new products that I’m very excited about.”

Meanwhile, the buzz is that Reese is back in a romantic relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Reese was spotted earlier this week picking up the “Brokeback Mountain” star from his Hollywood Hills home, and together they reportedly high-tailed it to her Brentwood abode.

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Sexy Sperm?

When it comes to being impregnated, it seems Chinese women wouldn’t mind their babies bearing the genes of billionaire Bill Gates, British babe David Beckham or Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt.

But in the survey conducted by Self magazine, Hong Kong entertainer Andy Lau has beaten these golden guys out of the top spot.

The 45-year-old pop prince, producer and actor is apparently the perfect package of good looks, talent and wealth.

“Andy is very sexy for an older man,” said May Ng, a 22-year-old student from Hong Kong. “Women of all ages go crazy for him. He works hard and would make a good father.”

Vanity Fair Says Beckhams, Brangelina Are Best-Dressed

Mirror, mirror on the wall ... the Beckhams and Brangelina are the fairest of them all.

In Vanity Fair's just-released international best-dressed list, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are honored as Hollywood’s hottest, while David and Victoria Beckham took the badge for the British.

"Posh's style is more complex; Angelina's more relaxed," Amy Fine Collins, a special correspondent for Vanity Fair, told FOXNews.com.

Others touted for having top-shelf taste include rocker Lenny Kravitz, filmmaker Sofia Coppola, Hollywood heartthrobs George Clooney and Renee Zellweger and mini-moguls Ivanka Trump (daughter of Donald) and Vogue Editor-in Chief Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer.

“Bee has the advantage of having grown up immersed in high style. Ivanka grew up in the public eye, so she is very conscious of image,” Collins said. “Both of these women also have been finely educated at the best schools. You can't really have style without intelligence.”

'Fighter': Christina Aguilera Recovering

After collapsing on her concert tour Down Under, Christina Aguilera has been ordered to rest and relax.

And despite reports the pop princess is determined to make up her two canceled shows in Australia, FOXNews.com has learned that the rumored mom-to-be has been ordered to go “Back to Basics” in the comforts of her own home.

“She is winding down her tour so she will not be able to make those shows up, unfortunately,” Aguilera's spokesperson said.

According to her rep, however, the starlet is on the road to recovery.

Another snitch has splurged that Aguilera's costumes have been continuously loosened to accommodate for her bulging belly.

Grandpa Hilton Not Cutting Paris' Inheritance

Rumors that Paris Hilton may be out of pocket when her grandpa passes have been dismissed, according to her rep.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Barron Hilton, the last remaining Hilton with a large share in the hotel chain, was so humiliated by Paris' wild ways and drunk-driving charge that he cut her inheritance by $60 million. However, Barron believes he has been misrepresented.

"Barron Hilton [Paris' grandfather] was contacted and said the characterization of his feelings toward Paris or his will are inaccurate," a spokesman for the hotel heiress told FOXNews.com.

While no comment was made regarding whether his will has been changed, Hilton's spokesman said Paris' relationship with her grandfather remains strong.

The elder Hilton's opinion might not matter much to Hilton anyway, because billionaire Barron has always made it known he's giving almost all his fortune to charity, "House of Hilton" author Jerry Oppenheimer told the New York Post.

That said, he's felt "incredibly embarrassed" by her transgressions, Oppenheimer said.

"He and the broader Hilton family are just disgusted that the Hilton family name has been sullied," Oppenheimer told the Post. "It's been a total embarrassment for him."

Meanwhile, although Hilton claims to have grown and matured from her stint in the slammer, she fears for her reportedly pregnant pal Nicole Richie as she heads into four days in the dungeon after pleading guilty to DUI.

“Paris loves Nicole very much,” Hilton's spokesman said. “She is deeply sorry that her best friend has to experience this.”

And "The Simple Life" may be going off the air, but Hilton has no shortage of projects in the pipeline. Paris is set to star in "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and is “thrilled” to be working with an “extremely talented team” consisting of Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino and Darren Lynn Bousman.

Filming for the rock horror/musical is due to kick off in Canada in September, and it seems Hilton is spending her spare time solidifying her singing skills.

“Paris is determined to prove her musical talent,” divulged an insider. “Her last album didn’t really showcase what she can do, but she works hard and wants to blow people away!”

A rep for Hilton added that she is also busy working on a new album, but no release date has been set.

Claire Danes: Parents Responsible for Hollywood Behavior

While Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton continue on the path of problems and parties, “Stardust” sensation Claire Danes, 28, has managed to stay sober and successful and she believes it comes down to good parenting.

“I attribute my successes as a human being to my parents,” the starlet told FOXNews.com on the red carpet of her new fantasy film. “They were always very protective and loving and consistent in their displays of both these things. So under them I was able to make choices that were healthy.”

And even with new blond locks, the former brunette hasn’t warped into wild ways.

“I don’t know if blondes have more fun,” she said. “It depends. …”

But Danes and her fellow “Stardust” screen sirens, Sienna Miller and Michelle Pfeiffer, definitely have the power to petrify their male counterparts.

“Working with these women was very intimidating,” co-star Charlie Cox revealed. “I can pretend to my friends that it’s lucky and easy but it’s not — it’s scary. They’re very powerful women.”

And one woman who isn’t afraid to harness her heinousness is Pfeiffer, the film’s villain.

“It’s fun to be wicked,” she declared.

But acting aside, it seems motherhood has mellowed the movie mogul.

“Being a mom has made me better in every way,” she said. “It really gave me the balance that was missing before. It’s just great.”

Alba May Not Be Cash-less Yet

Recent reports that Jessica Alba has split from her longtime lover Cash Warren may not be true.

According to the New York Daily News, the Hollywood “Honey” is “Desperate” to follow pal Eva Longoria’s migration into matrimony.

"Seeing Eva get married made Jessica wistful," the friend said. "That was the reason Jessica seemed to be in a terrible mood in Paris."

And while word has it that the comely couple are still an item, a rep for Alba declined to comment.

Beckhams Trying for a Baby Girl?

Being stuck on a Los Angeles freeway during an accident can sometimes have its positive points. …

Some FOX/SKY Sports reporters had the pleasure of sitting in gridlock Friday morning when they pulled up beside a black Escalade with the window down — driven by David Beckham.

The soccer star was all smiles on his way home from training and more than happy to have a chat to pass the time. David also showed off his freshly shaven head — no more blond boy!

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“He’s a very down-to-earth guy,” said the spotter. “He has no airs and graces — just a family man trying to have the most ordinary life possible.”

And speaking of family, FOXNews.com has learned that the Becks are bidding for another baby.

“They’re desperate for a girl,” splurged an insider. “They want to have a really big family.”

Meanwhile, wife Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham is turning Ugly. Literally.

Marco Pennette, executive producer of the ABC hit “Ugly Betty,” has confirmed that the British beauty will be making a cameo on the show, telling Us Magazine that a wedding is being weaved into her storyline.

It's interesting that Vic has decided to roll into reel time, as it was only recently that she told U.K.’s Sun newspaper that she isn’t a good actress and had no intention of launching a career in front of the camera.

Activists Barking Mad at Britney

Britney Spears recently purchased a terrier for $3,000 from a Bel Air pet store, sparking anger from animal-rights activists.

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According to a spokesperson from the Humane Society, the pop princess was setting a poor public example by making such a hasty decision.

"Most dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills — factory-like facilities, churning out purebred and 'designer' puppies in large numbers,” the rep said. “Puppy mills look only to make a profit [and] commonly disregard the dog's physical and emotional health."

Paris Hilton also decided to stop by the Bel Air hotspot last week and strut out with yet another Yorkie.

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People magazine also recently reported that “Limp Bizkit” frontman Fred Durst donned a dog from the same store.

Even Jessica Biel and Sienna Miller have bonded over baby barkers. According to Britain’s Daily Express, the blond bombshells found friendship when “Jessica started telling Sienna about the animal charities she is involved with and asking whether Sienna wanted to get in touch with them."

Posh & Becks Swindle Party Place From Newlyweds

It seems David and Victoria Beckham know what they want, what they really really want — and they are willing to pay for it, even if it means buying out someone else's wedding.

Just before leaving London for L.A., the British babes decided they wanted to party, but their “Posh” place of choice in London had already been booked months ago for a wedding reception.

So the Becks decided to spice up the situation. According to an insider, a rep for the pair persistently phoned the pre-wedding couple to bully them out of the booking.

“The Beckhams' rep continued to offer extra incentives to persuade them to give up the venue,” the source told FOXNews.com. “But the wedding couple really wanted to hold their reception there and weren’t prepared to back down.”

However, the couple caved when the Beckhams offered a brand new Mini Cooper as well as an offer to pay for their entire wedding and mortgage.

As for Vic’s dud documentary, apparently she has been misrepresented.

“Victoria is actually very smart and witty,” said another insider close to the Beckhams. “She is full of personality and charisma that the show doesn’t portray.”

David, however, dives beneath the limelight.

“He’s really, really shy but the move to L.A will bring him out of his shell,” said the source. “He eventually wants to move into acting so he’ll have to overcome his timidness.”

And perhaps the soccer star is a little overprotective when it comes to his sons.

“He’s crazy about protecting them from paparazzi,” the source added. “They aren’t allowed to even hang out with other kids, which puts a strain on the family.”

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