Pop Tarts: Courteney Cox Mocks Britney's Panty-Free Partying

When you think of trash, talk and tabloids, the name Courteney Cox generally doesn't spring to mind. But the former "Friend" is using her role as a writer and executive producer for the second season of the FX series "Dirt" to parody Britney Spears.

Starlet Ashley Johnson has been brought in to take on Britney's bizarre behavior in what we can only expect to be a few drama-filled episodes.

"We take celebrities that are written about the most — hopefully, people will watch and say 'are they talking about ... yeah, I think they are.' Hopefully, it will be one of those guessing games and people have a sense of humor about themselves," Cox, who also is the star of the show, told Pop Tarts at last week’s Hollywood premiere of "Dirt."

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But if the celebs don’t find the joke so funny, it is her hubby/fellow executive producer, David Arquette, who will handle the heat.

"If somebody called me and was really mad at me, I'd assure them that it was never my intention to hurt anybody," Cox said. "But I’ll just give the phone over to David."

So what can we expect from the pop-princess parody?

"The second season overall is certainly dirtier," Johnson said at the premiere. "Is there a head-shave scene? Well, maybe. ..."

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But one thing is for sure: Flesh definitely will be flashed.

"There is a shot where the Britney character is wearing a thong with a see-through-type skirt," co-star Ryan Eggold revealed.

But even though Cox slips into her role as the gossipy rag-mag diva Lucy Spiller flawlessly, she still is hurt by the words said and spread across the world about her from time to time.

"I do look at the weeklies but I stay away from blogs," Cox told Tarts. "That stuff can be pretty mean. I choose not to look at them and find other ways to do my research."

But unlike most Hollywood hotties who claim to "hate" prying paps, Cox accepts that is part of being a star.

"I don't mind having my photo taken at a restaurant," she said. "I don't love it, especially when you're not prepared and you look probably the worst you could ever look. It's not my favorite, but at least it's kind of fair game."

La-La Land 'Weight Loss' Trick Revealed

Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham share a few commonalities: fame, fortune, a flair for fashion and now the apparent ability to pop the pounds without leaving bed.

Klum confirmed to Pop Tarts that she has tried Ionithermie body shape, which claims to drain the body of toxins and excess fluids with a cocktail of thermal clays and all-natural biologically active ingredients applied to "problem" areas following a pressure-point massage and dry-body brushing.

Pads that emit rhythmic electrical pulses are then placed on the body, working the areas through the gentle action of a combination of faradic and galvanic stimuli. The treatment claims this has the same effect on the muscles as three hours of working out in the gym, but all you need to do is lie still for less than an hour.

"It isn't really advertised, so it's basically only known in that small circle of celebrities," said Rick Tiland of Dragonfly Spa. "They prefer to keep it that way."

According to Tiland, Beckham also tested the $200-a-session treatment at Exhale Spa in Santa Monica.

Records shown to Tarts from Ionithermie say Posh shrunk an accumulative 4.6 inches from her barely there butt and belly in one go while Heidi walked away 4.2 inches smaller immediately afterward. (Beckham's reps did not respond to confirm.)

"A lot of the loss would most likely just be water weight," said New York-based board-certified cosmetic surgeon Stephen Greenberg. "However, many stars do things like this to slim up just before a red carpet."

Kristin Cavallari: A Deep-Tissue Diva?

Former "Laguna Beach" star Kristin Cavallari may have upgraded from sands to spas, but it seems she isn't making too many friends along the way.

The 21-year-old blonde boogied into the ultra-luxe Ona Spa in Los Angeles on Friday (which also beautifies the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl and Tyra Banks). But according to insiders, Kristin behaved "like a brat" behind closed doors.

Tarts has been told that Miss Cav underwent a deep-tissue massage and customized spray tan, insisting that she had to look "totally hot" for her "hot date" that night.

(Hmmm ... so was it with her most recent sighting, "Entourage" sensation Kevin Connolly?)

"I was surprised at her snootiness," an eyewitness said. "I always thought she seemed so sweet."

We're pretty certain, however, that any unfavorable thoughts were forgotten when Kristin left a generous 35 percent tip.

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