Pop Tarts: Could Madonna Help Britney?

It is no secret that sad Britney Spears has a long history with Madonna.

The songstresses teamed up to make music (and make out) for Brit's 2003 album "In the Zone," and at the time were even spotted donning T-shirts with each other's name scrawled across their chests.

But could Madge be the only one able to pull Brit out of her slump?

"It has been a long time since the two of them really had any solid contact," an insider told Pop Tarts. "Britney might not listen to most people, but she has a special kind of bond with Madonna. She is the only person at this point I can think of that really might be able to pull her out of this mess. Britney would love to hear from her."

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However, it seems the Material Girl is a little too busy to deal with Brit's bizarre behavior. Madonna has recently added "film director" to her already regal resume, with her first feature "Filth and Wisdom" debuting last week at the Berlin Film Festival.

And she told Reuters TV that the only directorial advice hubby Guy Ritchie gave her was simply to "exude confidence" — something we're pretty sure Madonna isn't lacking.

The movie features numerous aspects of the 49-year-old queen of reinvention's life.

But back to our Britster, it seems her problems are prevailing. On the one-year anniversary of her infamous head shave, Spears still has no control over her assets and dollars.

However, we are pleased to say that the Britster was seen dining (finally) with some decent company. Spears and her daddy spent Saturday night eating steak at new restaurant Citrus at Social.

Birthday Babe: Paris Given $120,000 Worth of Free Booze

Paris Hilton has been honoring her title as the world's No. 1 party princess by boogying until all hours all week in Sin City, but even she was surprised by a very "spirited" Valentine/birthday gift given to her by a total stranger on Thursday night at her home-away-from-home LAX.

A clubgoer spotted the former prisoner getting down and dirty, and knowing that she was just shy of the big 2-7 proceeded to purchase four gold-plated three-liter bottles of 1995 Dom Perignon at $40,000 per bottle. Paris and her new "friends" then lit some sparklers and celebrated the "sweet" day in style.

Meanwhile, we are starting to wonder if the younger Hilton is following in her big sister's footsteps just a little too much. Tarts spotted Nicky and her beau Dave Katzenberg among the festivities, but it was Paris who was twisting on the tabletops and indulging in cocktails and shots of Patron all night.

Pop Tarts also spotted Snoop and Wilder Valderrama in the crowd, not to mention Brody Jenner, Lil' Jon, Jeremy Jackson and the band Crazy Town.

Our girl was at it again at LAX on Friday, playing cupid as the host of the "One Day Late" post-Valetine's Day soiree. Interestingly, she was joined by Good Charlotte boys Joel and Benji Madden, but minus new mom and "best" friend Nicole Richie.

Saturday night, Paris became a "Pussycat Doll" by stripping down with the girl group on stage. Hilton later returned dressed as a champagne glass coated with Swarovski crystals. Classy ...

Shocker! Lindsay Lohan Loves Attention

Surprise, surprise! Pop Tarts was dining at hotspot The Ivy over the weekend when Lindsay Lohan showed up with some friends ... and a ton of paparazzi.

Our Linds sat outside with her salad "pretending" to be bothered by the excess attention. Hmmm, for those unfamiliar with the fancy alfresco restaurant, it is situated in the heart of West Hollywood's trendy Robertson Boulevard, surrounded by high-end boutiques and consistently littered with pap-snappers. Not exactly the place to go if you want to "Li-Lo."

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