Pop Tarts: Cindy Crawford Eats Cupcakes, Looks Skinnier Than Ever

Cindy Crawford will forever be remembered as the supermodel who made curves cool, but it seems the retired runway mom is going for a skinnier style.

Looking very lean, the 42-year-old popped into The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills last week to have lunch and preview and purchase from her close friend Melissa Odabash's new swimwear collection.

But despite that she was picking up itty bitty bikinis, Crawford noshed on lots of Sprinkles cupcakes and sipped on champagne all afternoon. So is this the secret for being super-slim?

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"Oh, no — I bought lots of the beach cover-ups, too," Crawford said with a laugh.

So will it be Cindy or Posh who looks sexier on the sand? According to our insider, Victoria Beckham beat Crawford to the punch and already bought the collection without as much as a preview. Let's hope they don't vacation in the same waves ...

Heidi Klum Wants 'Very Sexy' Men's Underwear

Supermodel Heidi Klum always appears sweet and serene, but it turns out the lingerie lass actually prefers some things in life to be a little roughed up.

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"I’m really not into makeup for guys. I like them to be a little more rough and real," Klum told Tarts last week while promoting the special package she put together for the Academy Awards Best Actress nominees. "I think makeup, glitter and all that jazz should just be for us girls — let’s leave the men be the men and women be the women."

But that isn’t the only opinion the German-born blonde shared regarding her male preferences.

"Victoria’s Secret should do men’s underwear — my husband [Seal] would love that," Heidi said. "Bloomers are just not cool — boxers are all right, but there are so many sexier things we could do for guys."

Speaking of sexiness, what exactly does one of the world’s highest-paid models do to look and feel "Very Sexy"?

"I always wear something hot underneath. Especially if I’m in a big gown, I will always wear something really tiny underneath," she said.

Klum did, however, take off that ravishing red Galliano gown immediately after Sunday’s Academy Awards and put it up for auction through a Diet Coke contest on mycokerewards.com to raise money for women’s heart health.

Her big charity move came with a big hairdo.

"I am hiding snacks in my hair," Heidi said on the red carpet in reference to the giant bun of blondeness bursting from her head.

Academy Awards: Who Won the Worst Hair Award?

While Oscar, himself, doesn’t have too much hair to style, Hollywood’s hottest stepped out on Sunday with a mixture of tresses that were hot and tresses that were not.

According to celebrity stylist and owner of the new trendy Oliver Ifergan Atelier in West Hollywood, Cameron Diaz’s loose locks were a winner.

"It was amazing the way her hair frames her face," Oliver told Tarts. "The style makes her look young and hip."

He also gave the thumbs-up to Jennifer Garner, the "elegant" Best Actress Marion Cotillard and the "amazing layers" adopted by Javier Bardem.

Speaking of Bardem, his rumored girlfriend, Penelope Cruz, made the "worst hair" hit list for being "too overdone." On the other end of the spectrum, Oliver said that pre-yummy mommy Jessica Alba "didn’t stand out enough." But what about the worst-tressed male?

"John Travolta," he answered. "He looked like he was sporting a toupee." Ouch.

Tara Reid's Rehab: A New Man

While stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes and (reportedly) Kirsten Dunst romp into rehabilitation facilities when the going gets tough, it seems Tara Reid has reformed with the help of a romantic relationship.

Pop Tarts spotted a (surprisingly) well-dressed, well-mannered Ms. Reid out and about in Hollywood on Thursday scoring some swag at the swanky Silverspoon Oscars Suite at The Kress.

Topping off years of hard partying, Reid’s public image took another big blow late last year when she took a trip Down Under to host a (pretend) "hooker" ball and was slammed by the media for her dangerously bony body and bottle-blonde hair, drawing comparisons to porn princess Jenna Jameson.

We are happy to announce, however, that the healthy-looking "American Pie" princess kissed and cuddled with her apparent new lover, with an insider telling Pop Tarts that Tara's mystery man is responsible for her recovery.

"Tara was heading down a bit of a bad track, but she's totally smitten with this new guy," said a pal. "He has given her a new lease on life and she's back to good again."

Strangely, Reid even got embarrassed when she approached the "Just in Case" booth that was gifting "makeup" compacts fit for condoms. Instead of commenting, Reid reportedly ran away and suddenly "pretended" she had another appointment.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian's sis Khloe was pretty pumped about the unique present for her purse.

"This is needed whenever you're at a champagne party," she excitedly told the vendor.

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