Unlike Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Hollywood hottie Carmen Electra actually wants the world to see what kind of performance she puts on in private — and precisely how she keeps excess pounds away.

"I just wanted to share my tips and secrets on how to be sexy and show off some sexy moves you can do with your partner," the former "Baywatch" babe told Pop Tarts while talking about her new "In the Bedroom" workout DVD.

"It's a dance you do on your bed — it's definitely a sexy routine, but at the same time it burns the fat while you learn to lap dance. And playing around with sexiness is another important part, too."

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But for those of you slumming single, fear not.

"You can totally do the workout alone," she said. "Strip down without feeling self-conscious."

And for anyone concerned that Electra's experience running up and down the beach in slow-motion doesn't qualify her as a "personal" trainer, the diva has enlisted an expert.

"I had a fitness professional come in to cover the toning and tightening," she added. "I feel like my body is in great shape and I wanted to help others. I am genuine and this is the real deal."

Paps Are Sick of Spears?

Say it isn't so! Pop Tarts popped packs of paparazzi prying around trendy Robertson Boulevard on Tuesday and, surprisingly, Britney Spears was nowhere to be seen.

"We're moving on now — we're tired of chasing her around," the snappers told Tarts.

However, could this be a case of the green-eyed monster now that she has hooked up with photog Adnan Ghalib?

"We can't make much money from Britney anymore — she has had her day," one explained. "No matter what we have, Adnan will always have something better."

But even though this slew of snappers are sick of Spears, she certainly hasn't been totally unleashed from the limelight. The former chart-topping songstress caused chaos at the grocery store on Monday when she and Ghalib stopped by to "Gimme More" hot chocolate. Yet now that the LAPD have given up on the "Crazy" crooner, she relied on the store peeps to protect her exit.

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But who could possibly forget last weekend when Brit bummed (in her wedding party dress) with her beau at the classy Keyes Mercedes in the Valley? Well, a staffer at the dealership has told Tarts that the pop princess wasn't there to buy (or help buy) Ghalib a car of his own … she was actually there to get a spare key!

Christina Milian Crashes


The sweet songstress may share the same name and age as another super-talented singer who has just given birth, but the only baby Miss Milian is planning involves music and material — once she can get back to hip-hoppin' rather than hip-hobblin'.

Pop Tarts caught up with the "AM to PM" performer at the ever-popular Nobu in Beverly Hills on Sunday, but we were surprised when she cobbled in on crutches. Milian said she had a slip down the stairs and sprained her ankle — proving that even those who are super coordinated can experience clumsiness.

But as soon as the already svelte starlet is back on her feet, her focus will be on running and recording.

"I'm back in the studio laying tracks and just loving it," she said. "But I've always wanted to design my own swimwear line. Something that's simple yet sexy — so I plan to get really chiseled to shoot that."

But unlike so many Hollywooders these days, Milian intends to fill her fridge with clean foods, avoid late-night snacking and simply sprint, sit up and squat.

So judging by the recent snaps of Chris cavorting in Miami, we think she'll make the move from music to model/designer quite well…

(PS: Before the days of the Britster, Kevin Federline was actually the back-up dancing boy for Milian. And based on how smart and sweet this starlet still is, we don't think his "moves" would have worked on Milian.)

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