Pop Tarts: Bridget Moynahan Doesn't Want Tom Brady on Sidelines

Despite being proud parents of a new little "Patriot," the rumor has been that mama Bridget Moynahan is making sure her ex Tom Brady still remains a sidelined father — beginning in the hospital when she was giving birth.

But FOXNews.com has learned that Bridget didn't issue a baby ban after all and was "very pleased" that Brady was there during the delivery.

The burly quarterback flew to L.A. last week for the birth of his son, John Edward Moynahan. A Gatecrasher spy reported that Tom wasn’t allowed in until after the baby was born, and even then, only for a limited amount of time because his former flame refused to even be in the same room.

Tom and Bridget broke off their long-term love affair late last year after the football star fell for supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

And it seems Tom and Gisele are getting closer to spousal status. Bundchen recently canceled the Sydney segment of her September visit Down Under to promote her new shoe collection, with a source splurging that the change of schedule is due to some significant plans with her beau.

"Gisele has cut short her trip so she can get back to Tom sooner," the insider told FOXNews.com. "They’ve moved a long way in their relationships and have some important plans for their future together."

The Great Disappearing Brit?

Britney Spears might use her magician friend, Criss Angel, to help her vanish into thin air.

Spears will disappear and then reappear "several times" during her upcoming, much-buzzed-about performance at the MTV "Video Music Awards" Sept. 9, The New York Daily News reported.

Her dancers will be rigged up in harnesses for "simulated flight," according to the paper.

Sanjaya of 'Idol' to Lose His Famous Locks?

Forget Britney and Mena Suvari — the latest Hollywood hottie contemplating a crusade with the clippers is former "American Idol" finalist Sanjaya Malakar.

"It’s something I’ve been thinking about. Change is good," he told FOXNews.com. "We’ll see …who needs hair, anyway, right?"

And with a forthcoming album, Malakar admitted his readiness for a new 'do. So with all this hair-free hype happening in Hollywood, perhaps it's time to buy stock in the wig market.

Meanwhile fellow friend and "Idol" winner Jordin Sparks says she won’t touch shears but has a thing for tears.

"When I heard my single on the radio for the first time I cried," she splurged. "I was so overwhelmed. I still get all teary when I hear it. But I‘m just in my element at the moment; I’m so excited — life is good."

Sparks has some suggestions for those who want to go before the "Idol" judges.

"Make them listen to you," she cautioned. "And take a camera. You’re gonna want to capture the memories."

Ashton: An Accessory?

It turns out Mr. Kutcher isn’t really an actor, he’s an accessory who exists to "highlight" his missus — and he wants all males to take on the same role.

Demi Moore's husband offers these and other words of wisdom in the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

"When it comes to getting dressed, men are a little bit more important than handbags but less important than shoes," Ashton advised. "At any rate, we are merely accessories."

And don’t ever tell your man that he "cleans up well," because according to Ashton, all guys want to feel like the guardian.

"We want to feel dirty, rugged and, most important, that you feel safe when you are in our company," he told the mag. "So when your guy finally tries on something that you like, tell him that he looks like James Bond or Tony Montana."

Trump's Favorite Miss Universe Says Staying Slim Is Impossible

Although Donald Trump recently referred to her as "the best and most beautiful Miss Universe we’ve ever had," 2004 Australian titleholder Jennifer Hawkins has admitted that along with the life of a pageant princess comes problematic pound-packing.

Various beauty queens like 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera and the troublesome "Miss USA" Tara Conner came under criticism for filling out their figures throughout the year, but a life of luxury means a life of living a little larger.

"It is really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle," Hawkins dished to FOXNews.com. "I did gain weight. I knew I would — it's hard not to. You have to eat a lot of different foods because sometimes it can be insulting to a culture if you don’t. It is also hard to exercise on the road, and plane food is a killer for maintaining weight."

As for whether Miss Conner’s bad behavior and rehab rendezvous late last year have tarnished the tiara, Hawkins doesn't think so.

Conner "seems to have received the right help for her problems," Jennifer said. "Trump is a smart man. He knows what he is doing."

And although some may think Trump's decision to house Miss Universe with sash sisters Miss USA and Miss Teen USA spells stress, it seems there's no time for sniping.

"We didn’t actually see much of each other all year — we were always in different countries," Hawkins admitted. "But I still speak with (Miss USA 2005) Shandi Finnessey a lot on the phone."

Britney’s Booty: Why She Won’t Stop Parading Her Privates

Britney Spears hit up Hollywood’s hottest shops earlier this week, bouncing through a pack of paparazzi in a micro-mini that “cheekily” allowed her bum to see the sun.

Click here for a pic (site may contain objectionable content)

While it wasn't clear if she was wearing a thong, her buns clearly lacked cotton covering.

But fashion faux pas are now familiar to the “Crazy” crooner, who made no attempt to hide her hind.

“Britney seemed to be in good spirits,” one photographer told FOXNews.com. “She didn’t care that everyone could see her bottom. Why else would she wear such a short dress? She was loving it."

People were even yelling out to the songstress to cover up, but the Britster and her bodyguard just boogied on.

“Britney is now associating this whole trailer trash image with her identity,” an insider who has worked closely with Spears told FOXNews.com. “It’s become a persona that she feels she needs to maintain — it’s keeping her popular and in the press. She knows exactly what she’s doing.”

The source also added that the single mom is significantly “insecure” and needs the attention to keep her spirits lifted.

Meanwhile, word is out that Brit may have hired some special services to spy on Fed-Ex.

According to In Touch magazine, Spears has hired the PI firm Lisa Javoric to follow her ex-husband Kevin Federline around and find some saucy scoops to slap him with in their custody battle.

She's also launching her comeback.

Brit has been confirmed to host the opening of the LAX Club at the Luxor Hotel in Sin City this Friday while Entertainment Weekly magazine is reporting that her comeback single could be out as soon as next week.

The Lohan Family: Drugs for Dina? Michael Gone Mad?

It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan's estranged dad Michael Lohan loves muttering to the media, but it seems he has gone from dish to dirt.

Michael Lohan had fierce words for his ex-wife Dina Lohan in an interview with blogger Perez Hilton.

“Dina’s had six DUIs, has had car crashes and left the scene, had someone else pick up and drive,” Michael divulged. “She collects $354,000 a year from Lindsay and she has this degenerate boyfriend around our kids. The guy’s a drunk, he’s a rapist, he’s a piece of garbage hanging around my children.”

The post-prisoner also alleged that his ex-wife is a “cocaine addict” who is dangerously “deceptive” and “full of lies."

The “Mean Girls” mom was vague in her retort:

“Now the world will know why eight people were issued criminal stay away orders of protection until 2011 against Michael Lohan,” Dina Lohan responded in a statement.

It’s no wonder that Linds has gone loopy, but friend Criss Angel says she is recovering rapidly.

“She will do fantastic and she is doing fantastic right now,” the magic man told FOXNews.com. “Lindsay is a smart and talented girl, she won’t let any of this affect her anymore. What she needs now is to be left alone — it’s hard having everything you do under the microscope.”

'Weeds' Wonderwoman: MK Cuddles Her Co-Stars, Get Clobbered by Cameraman

She might be a Tinseltown tiny who is sometimes a snob, but when it comes to “Weeds,” it seems Mary-Kate Olsen is smokin’ sweet.

“Mary-Kate is just so incredibly lovely and kind,” co-star Elizabeth Perkins (who plays suburban mom Celia Hodes) gushed to FOXNews.com. “Despite all the media reports that suggest she is standoffish, she is actually really affectionate toward everybody. Mary-Kate is a complete doll and everybody adores her on set.”

Another star from the set also splurged that the former “Full House” favorite has the touch of tenderness and is often nestling and nurturing the cast and crew.

But one person the itty-bitty babe certainly won’t be bear-hugging is the careless cameraman who hammered her head last weekend. MK was cruising out club Les Deux when she got pap-pounced by a camera in the forehead, causing her to drop her purse and fall to the floor.

Her bodyguard then rushed her back inside to check for injuries, but thankfully, MK was OK. Well, it’s no wonder the Olsen twins leap when they see a lensman.

Charlie Sheen Refuses to Shut Up Until Denise Richards Grows Up

While Charlie Sheen and fiancée Brooke Mueller basked on the beach over the weekend with Sheen’s daughters Lola and Sam, it seems the mandatory presence of Denise Richards' “assistant” rained on their relaxation.

Sheen told People magazine that his ex-wife’s spy sullied his opportunity to spend quality time with his girls, and the “Platoon” star is in the process of pushing to change the custody clause

Meanwhile, a lawyer for Richards hit back at Sheen’s public outburst, telling TMZ.com “it is unfortunate that Charlie is discussing this matter in the press in an attempt to discredit Denise.”

The attorney also suggested that Sheen has something sinister to hide and that is why a third party is required for all his father-daughter dates.

But Charlie has vowed not to keep his lips zipped until Denise stops the control-freak mothering.

“Until I’m granted the ability to hire my own nanny, she is required to provide one and I was terribly insulted that she felt her 'assistant' was a suitable replacement,” Sheen told FOXNews.com.

"If it’s unfortunate that I’m speaking, it’s 'unfortunate' that an incredibly loving and responsible father and his terrifically capable fiancée are being subjected to these transparent and unnecessary sanctions that have nothing to do with responsible co-parenting and everything to do with punishment and control.

"As long as I am forced to live under these conditions with my children, people are going to hear about it," he said.

Celebrity 'Apprentice' Battle Begins: Omarosa vs. Paris, Britney & Lindsay

She may have already been “fired” by Donald Trump in season one of "The Apprentice," but Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is back for the new series of “Celebrity Apprentice." And she’s praying for the chance to use her problematic personality in order to pop Tinseltown’s most troublesome trio on-air.

“I’ve heard Donald Trump is in talks with Britney, Paris and Lindsay — and I’m looking forward to it,” she told FOXNews.com. “I welcome them to the boardroom; I can’t think of anything more fun than having these Hollywood starlets in Trump Tower."

And despite wanting to give these girls a good going over, Omarosa is tired of the attention they get from the media.

“There is so much temptation in Hollywood, and if you aren’t firmly rooted in your own beliefs you will get caught up,” she said. “But it is about time we turned the spotlight on role models who are strong and talented. These girls aren’t representative of the industry.”

Britney Spears Investigated for Child Abuse?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse in Britney Spears' battle to keep custody of her two young sons, they just did.

TMZ.com is reporting that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating abuse allegations against Britney.

Sources told TMZ that the investigation does not involve physical mistreatment of her children, and that a hearing has been set for Sept. 4 to further examine allegations of child abuse.

But a Britney spokeswoman told FOXNews.com that such allegations are “ridiculous."

“First I've heard of it ... her kids are very well taken care of — this is simply a tug-of-war between two high-profile individuals,” said the rep, referring to the custody battle between Britney and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. “The only abuse here is the way that the press is twisting information.”

Sources told TMZ that the complaint filed involves allegations of poor dental hygiene as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her kids ... and there is speculation that it may have been Federline himself who lodged the lament.

Meanwhile, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals last week confirmed that they were currently addressing “several complaints” that Brit’s Yorkie pup was being badly treated and was even suffering some broken bones. The SPCA has since “resolved” the rumors and while the diva’s dog did break its leg, the incident has been put down as an accident.

And Larry Rudolph, the manager booted by the Britster earlier this year for “forcing” her into rehab, has revealed that he is in hiding. The big-wig lawyer wrote a letter to Ryan Seacrest stating that he has gone into lockdown in the attempt to avoid being subpoenaed and forced to testify in the post-divorce drama between Spears and K-Fed.

'A Mighty Heart': Angelina in Iraq

Angelina Jolie, the world’s hottest humanitarian, has abruptly ended her family festivities in New York City and traded subways for Syria and Iraq.

"I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to the humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for UNHCR [United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees] and its partners," Jolie said in a public statement. "My sole purpose in both countries is to highlight the plight of those uprooted by the War in Iraq."

Jolie flew to poverty-stricken Syria on Monday where she visited a UNHCR registration center and spent hours home-hopping in order to talk to Iraqi refugees.

On Tuesday, she made her way to Iraq and engaged with 1,200 refugees camping out at Al Waleed (a makeshift outpost on the nation’s border) while witnessing several Iraqi natives making the risky run into the neighboring Syria.

"It is absolutely essential that the ongoing debate about Iraq's future includes plans for addressing the enormous humanitarian consequences these people face," she said.

But the glamorous globetrotter hasn’t forgotten about her own origins — she also made time to meet with American troops based in the region.

Sleeping in Separate Beds: Will Nick Hogan Cause His Parents' Marriage to Crash?

While 17-year-old Nick Hogan has been released from hospital unscathed, FOXNews.com has learned exclusively that this incident may be the final straw in his folks' marriage.

“Hulk will be incredibly angry at his son,” a source very close to the Hogan household revealed. “He and his wife Linda didn’t need this on top of their current marriage stress.”

According to the insider, the former wrestler and his wife have been “sleeping in separate beds for quite some time” now while trying to work through their relentless relationship woes.

“Everything his parents are going through is bound to affect Nick at some point though,” added another friend. “His accident was probably a culmination of a lot of things.”

The reality star was rushed to a Florida hospital on Sunday evening after crashing his Toyota Supra, critically injuring a passenger. Hogan is alleged to have been speeding when he lost control and swerved into a palm tree.

Jamie Foxx Defends Vick

“Ray” sensation Jamie Foxx sparked outrage last week when he defended disgraced Falcons football star Michael Vick on "Access Hollywood."

“It’s a cultural thing, I think,” Jamie said. “I know that cruelty to animals is bad, but sometimes people shoot people and kill people and don’t get time. He really didn’t know the extent of it, so I always give him the benefit of the doubt.”

And after voicing his shock that the jock would get jail time, Foxx has used FOXNews.com to clarify his comments.

“I don’t put animal life over human life — murders happen all the time in Chicago and we don’t hear about them,” Jamie told us. “Vick is a figurehead and they are using him to make a point. But I’ll never value animal life over human life. We should be focusing more on human murders than this.”

Paris vs. Pammy: Hilton Loses Hair and Huddles With Kid Rock

We’re pleased to announce that perennial party princess Paris Hilton has done away with her Barbie-like long locks and is going short and au natural.

The hotel heiress hosted yet another bash at her Malibu mansion on Saturday, sporting a classically cute crop and a rocker to accessorize her laid-back look.

Pamela Anderson’s ex Kid Rock made an appearance at the beachside celebration and seemed especially interested in talking to the paparazzi-popular screen star.

Click here for a pic

“They spent a lot of time together chatting privately,” confirmed an eyewitness. “They seemed like they just got along really well.”

But despite spending two hours alone behind closed doors, a Paris pal proclaims that there are no romantic rumblings.

The night before, Hilton was spotted out raging with another rocker boy, Mischa Barton's ex Cisco Adler, and his band Whitestarr, attempting to bust some sketchy sequences on the dance floor.

Brangelina in the Big Apple: Hot Dogs, Helicopters and the Hamptons

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rounded up their flourishing family over the weekend and braved the prying paparazzi for a spree through New York City.

Brangelina and their babes (minus Shiloh) spent Friday shopping in midtown Manhattan for art supplies before hammering down five hot dogs from a very serene street vendor who “didn’t even know who he (Brad) was.”

The Hollywood hotties even explored the perks of Central Park, buying balloons and masks.

Click here for a pic

But despite being humanitarian hotties and dining on the cheap, these “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” stars still know how to exude style and sophistication.

The comely couple left the kids with a sitter Saturday evening while they took a helicopter to the Hamptons to dine alongside Christie Brinkley and Ellen Barkin during a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser.

Priceless Pageant: Nervous or No Idea?

Smart and stunning Hilary Carol Cruz from Colorado took the coveted crown of Miss Teen USA on Friday while sash sister and fellow finalist Lauren Caitlin Upton from South Carolina contributed significantly to the dumb blonde beauty queen stereotype.

During the live telecast, a judge asked the Southern sweetheart the straightforward question of why it is that one-fifth of Americans cannot locate the USA on map. However, Upton fell downtown when it came to her rambling response:

“Some people in our nation don’t have maps … and education in South Africa and in Iraq, and they should … and our education here in the U.S. should help the people in South Africa and in Iraq and in the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future for our children.”

Click here to watch

We wonder if it was nerves, or if this radiant “role model” and self-proclaimed “star student” in high school just had no idea.

But since her confusing clip received over 2 million hits worldwide, Upton issued a response to her local newspaper:

“I did nothing wrong,” she declared. “I wasn’t expecting the question. I lost my train of thought.”

'American' Rivals: Simon Cowell Sore About Ryan Seacrest Emmy Gig

The ongoing rivalry between "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest and jibing judge Simon Cowell has reached a whole new level — and it seems Simon is scared that he’s the one who is losing.

Ever since it was announced that Ryan would host the upcoming 59th Primetime Emmy Awards , Simon has been sickened by Seacrest in the spotlight.

"I just have to keep patting Simon on the back and telling him that it’s going to be all right," fellow "Idol" judge Paula Abdul revealed exclusively to FOXNews.com. "He is just crawling out of his skin right now. Those two have been battling it out for so long, it’s hurtful for Simon to see Ryan getting all the glory."

But he’s not the only "Idol" magnate who may be mad come the big night.

"I’m not going to say that it is just great to be nominated, because that’s not good enough — I want to win," "Idol" Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe told FOXNews.com. "We’ve been nominated so many times now, so we’d better win this year. It’s about time!"

Abdul also had sweet words for Lindsay Lohan.

"You’ve just got to walk the path and stay on it," she said. "You can get through anything if you really put your mind to it."

Criss Wants to Work His Magic on Britney

They may be "just friends," but when it comes to Britney Spears’ career, Criss Angel may very well be the one to turn her from "Toxic" to tantalizing "One More Time."

"We’re exploring the possibilities of working together," Angel told FOXNews.com. "But we haven’t made any official decisions as yet. We’d both really like to."

And according to the chilled-out charmer, his good friend Lindsay Lohan is en route to recovery.

"Lindsay is an intelligent young lady — she’s going to do fantastic and she is already doing fantastic," Criss said. "It’s difficult when you are in the spotlight every day and you are growing up into it. Everything she does is under the microscope — but you have to just be true to yourself and not give a s—t."

Flesh-Flashing Former Friends: Britney and Paris Party at Same Club

Speaking of Britney, the single mom was spotted wiggin' and jiggin' last Thursday at new Hollywood hotspot Opera until the wee hours of the morning.

Her former friend Paris Hilton was also there to dance and prance, sparking speculation that the troublesome twosome are pals again.

But a Pop Tarts spy rejected reports of rekindled relations, instead saying that Hilton and Spears were out on the town with their own personal posses and it was a simple coincidence that they chose the same spot.

There was one male in particular to whom Britney was devoting a little extra attention.

"Britney and this guy were holding hands and canoodling all night," an eyewitness said. "They both looked so happy together."

But unfortunately, this charming mystery man won’t be the next love in the pop princess’ life. He’s been identified as a choreographer/dancer who prefers lovin’ from lads…

'Borat' Befuddlement: Sasha Cohen or Sacha Cohen?

Sasha Cohen may be an American sweetheart and a figure skating stunner who keeps in shape with yoga and swimming, but this beauty often is mistaken for "Borat" Sacha Baron Cohen.

"It happens all the time," Sasha told FOXNews.com. "Whenever I make reservations, people always ask if it’s Borat or if I’m playing a prank. But it’s fine, I’m a fan. Cohen is an absolute genius."

But the two stars do actually have something in common: a sense of immaturity.

"I’m still a child," the 22-year-old top-ranked skater admitted. "I still love ice cream, I still run in the grass. I never want to grow up."

Winehouse and Husband Didn't Have a Bloody Spat

Fans of "Rehab" rocker Amy Winehouse were left flabbergasted after pictures emerged showing the British babe and her hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, embroiled in a bloody fight late last week.

The craziness was caught on camera and showed Winehouse cloaked in cuts, blood and bruises while her man was maimed by deep lacerations on his face.

Click here for pics

But the punk princess is claiming that Blake’s support saved her life.

"He did not and never has hurt me. He has such a hard time and he [is] so supportive," Amy revealed to blogger Perez Hilton. "He is an amazing man who saved my life again and got cut badly for his troubles."

The sad starlet splurged that she was cutting herself and about to do drugs with a call girl when Blake busted them.

"He rightly said I wasn’t good enough for him. I lost it and he saved my life," Amy added.

The skillful songstress has spent her summer in and out of rehab in the battle against a coke and crack addiction. Although Amy says she has no plans to go back to the help house, she just wants "a holiday."

Said-to-Be Spears Song Asks for 'Sweet Love Right Now!'

She might be a former princess of pop, but judging by this purported new song, it seems Britney Spears soon will become the mistress of mushy.

Blogger Perez Hilton purportedly has gotten his gossipy gloves on the lyrics of one of the songs that Spears’ supposedly wrote and is working on, in which it seems she’s suffering from some sexual frustration:

"Oh, sweet love, can I get some?
So why do you desert me, baby boy?
I need your love right now!"

But it is comforting to know that while the Britster actually recognizes that every day she is "in a daze," she is turning to the Lord for a little help:

"Everyday, I sit and kneel and pray," the song confesses.

Meanwhile, FOXNews.com has learned that Britney wasn’t actually so "Crazy" that she stood up her former flame Justin Timberlake and his offer to do a duet.

According to a Spears source, the reformed rehabber plans to polish her pipes with a number of different artists, but Timberlake never was on the table.

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