Pop Tarts: Blue Crush: Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler Smooch

Hollywood hotties Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler shared a girl-on-girl greeting before grabbing lunch at Sant Ambroeus in New York on Wednesday.

The gorgeous glamour girls went in for the full-frontal kiss much to the surprise of their fellow foodies.

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Britney Bares Her Baby's Face

Good news! Britney Spears’ second son Jayden James really does exist, and for the first time there are clear pictures to prove it.

The pop princess was pap-snapped this week with her two boys while holidaying in oh-so-hot Hawaii, but didn’t seem sunny about the snoopers snagging the secret shot.

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Clooney, Pitt Slam Paris and Lindsay

Hollywood may have a predominant pack of pop tarts, perennial partiers, princesses and poor drivers, but screen veterans George Clooney and Brad Pitt certainly aren’t fans of this Hollywood Boulevard bunch.

The “Ocean’s Thirteen” duo admitted to Entertainment Weekly magazine that while young stars are slapped with a substantial amount of pressure, many just push to be popular with the paparazzi.

"We are always going to be that society that slows down to look at the car wreck on the side of the road,” Clooney said. “I think we're just in one of those places right now, and it seems to be focused on younger kids. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and people like that.”

Pitt also piped in that these celebrities are to blame for not concentrating on more imperative life and career concerns.

"You have to focus on other, more important issues too, because those 'car wreck' tendencies can be very disruptive and aren't a good guide on how to live your life," he said.

And while Clooney confessed he too might have gone haywire “shooting crack” if he was a young stud in Hollywood today, Pitt believes that our present-day brat pack is “groomed” for such stupidity.

Friendship Never Ends …Spice to Come Back Into Your Life

Girl Power is back!

OK! magazine has confirmed that the Spice Girls reunion is well under way and the gals are getting ready to begin rehearsals in Los Angeles.

The rumor mill of a return has been running rampant for months now, but many put the slow-start down to Mel C.’s lack of enthusiasm. However, it seems Sporty Spice is now stimulated to start singing again.

"If the other four girls want to do it, I don't want to be the one to hold things up,” she told the BBC.

Is Nicole Richie Pregnant?

Itty bitty Hollywood Boulevard babe Nicole Richie may be well on her way to packing on some pregnancy pounds.

According to Life & Style magazine, the “Simple Life” star recently underwent a series of blood and urine tests which confirmed she is pregnant. This follows a sighting of Richie two weeks ago at a reproductive clinic.

“Nicole’s determined to get healthy for her own sake and the baby’s,” an insider told the magazine.

The Tinseltown tiny is yet to refute the rumors, with her reps refusing to comment.

Aniston's New Man: He's No Pitt, But He's a Paul

We told you that former “Friends” flame Jennifer Aniston was spotted out and about over the Memorial Day weekend with a mystery man — but now we can put a name to the face.

According to People magazine, Jen has launched a love affair with a 36-year-old British model Paul Sculfor.

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The former boxer and construction worker now resides in L.A. under New York Model Management and is a face for Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Levi’s Jeans.

But even though his ex-girlfriend, London socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, describes him as “a lovely guy,” the romance might be difficult to keep up.

"It's hard keeping a girlfriend in this business — you end up conducting your relationship on the phone,” he once divulged to Britain’s Daily Mirror.

Hayden to Go From 'Heroes' to Housewife?

Blonde beauty Hayden Panettiere may have something real to cheer about: wedding into wifehood.

TMZ photographers spotted the starlet strolling “hand-in-hand” while kissing and canoodling with her MTV co-host boyfriend Stephen Colletti at L.A’s The Grove cinema earlier this week.

Interestingly, the “Hereos” hottie was also sporting a solid gold band on her engagement finger.

Posh Proves She's a Hollywood Hot-Pants

David Beckham may be known for his killer kick, but wife Victoria also wants to showcase just what her legs can do.

The British babe arrived at the Glamour Awards in London Tuesday night in a cutting corset and teeny tiny hotpants that continued to creep into her netherland throughout the night.

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But despite her wardrobe woes, the new-to-L.A. brunette “spiced” up her life by winning the Woman of the Year Award.

"She is indicative of the modern woman, successfully juggling the work/home life balance, and is a role model in terms of achieving it all," said Glamour editor Jo Galvin.

Brangelina: Talkin' in Da Tub

Angelina Jolie comes across as quiet and reserved, but get her nude in water and the words will come whooshing.

“I talk a lot in the bath," the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” star told the July issue of Marie Claire. "It's easier to talk when you're naked ... Get naked with me, and I'll talk!"

And while it obvious that the Brangelina brigade is blossoming in numbers, it seems Brad and Angie's romantic relationship is also blooming.

"Our family has grown very quickly, and we have a lot of responsibility together, and we acknowledge that we are lucky we turned out be for each other everything we'd hoped,” she said. “We could have been very wrong, but every challenge we hit has brought us closer. It has been that kind of relationship."

Things are so strong between the Hollywood hotties that Jolie has confessed to Parade magazine that they plan to replace flicks, fame and fortune for family retirement in just a few years.

“Basically we’re going to try to take a year off and just be with the kids. So certainly, we’re trying to find a few projects that we love or that we think would be good to do for one reason or another,” the brunette beauty said. “But mainly our focus is, 'OK, let’s look at our schedule, and try to figure out when we’re going to have our family time.'"

Almost Fabulous: Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson Part Ways?

It seems that Hollywood’s golden-haired hotties Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have sprung into Splitsville.

The comely couple first met on the set of the 2006 film “You, Me & Dupree,” and a low-key love affair was launched last fall.

Just last month, Hudson accompanied Wilson to the Dallas premiere of his movie “The Wendell Baker Story” and spent the night cuddling and caressing him.

But the good times apparently ended just before Memorial Day weekend, according to People magazine.

"They're still friends," an inside source splurged to the magazine.

Diaz Caught Caressing Uma Thurman’s Ex

“The Holiday” hottie Cameron Diaz certainly knows how to sleep five-star style.

The Hollywood Boulevard blonde has been busted out and about with Uma Thurman’s ex boyfriend, hunky Hungarian hotelier Andre Balazs.

The two were reportedly caught getting close and comfortable on Saturday evening.

“She was giving him a discreet neck rub,” an eyewitness told the New York Daily News.

Balazs and Thurman were an official item from 2004 until March of last year, but have been dating on-and-off since then.

Meanwhile, magician Criss Angel and Diaz have been spotted several times having magic moments in Sin City, but Angel said they are just pals.

"Do you think that Cameron Diaz, the most beautiful woman in the world, would have any interest in me?” he asked "Extra."

"We're just friends when it comes down to it — no benefits, just friends. Friendship is an important thing in life. She doesn't want anything from me. I don't want anything from her.''

But after his latest stunt escaping a cement box suspended above Times Square, Angel appeared before the crowds and declared his devotion to his “very special person."

“He didn’t mention her (Diaz) by name, but everyone knew who he was talking about,” an insider told Us Weekly magazine.

Lindsay Lohan Holds Vanessa Minnillo at Knifepoint

It seems rehab resident Lindsay Lohan can get into more than just a “Mean” mood.

Pictures have surfaced capturing the “Bobby” beauty playing some cutthroat games with Nick Lachey’s girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

The shocking shots, reportedly taken at a house party last summer, showcase the sexy stars sucking on a blade, Lohan pointing it at Nessa's chest while puffing on a cigarette and Minnillo tugging at Lindsay's bra.

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Minnillo, 26, was host of MTV's "TRL" and New York correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight," both Viacom shows, until her contract expired in April.

And while 20-year-old Linds is currently living life on the quiet side at Promises Malibu rehab facility, her mom Dina plans to do anything but “Li-Lo."

The New York Post is reporting that Dina is in tentative talks with E! about having her own reality show titled "Mom-ager” which chronicles her attempts to turn her youngest children Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, into celebrities.

“Can you believe that? She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a 'star' and living vicariously through her — and now she's going to do the same to the other two,” an inside source scoffed to Page Six. “How the [bleep] can E! do this? Those kids should be in school having normal lives, the life that Lindsay didn't get to have."

Britney Spears: From Rock Bottom to Bare Bottom

Britney Spears decided to escape the California craziness over the weekend and do some groovin’ and movin’ in Mexico.

Brit and her joined-at-the-hip cousin Alli spent three days at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, 26 miles from Puerto Vallarta.

But the reformed rehabber had no intentions of staying inside and decided to get a little "cheeky" instead.

Just last week, Spears posted a message on her Web site explaining that she hit “rock bottom” in rehab — but over the weekend, the single mom was spotted multiple times on the Mexican sands revealing her bare bottom in a teeny tiny thong.

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Brangelina Bedroom Blues: No Time for Sex?

Humanitarian hotties Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are always galloping around the globe, filming flicks and adding to their family — and it seems their sex life is being sacrificed.

Jolie confessed to Marie Claire magazine that time is a problem and nurturing her children is a troublesome task.

"Everybody needs individual time. Shiloh has our attention when the others are at school. Mad [her son Maddox] stays up the latest, so he gets the nighttime,” she divulged. “During the day, I'll go for a walk or do something specific with Pax or Zahara. ... We're working on it; we're working on it. Right now, we're not great about Mommy-and-Daddy time."

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Brad thinks it's "the Pitts" how Angie's brother James Haven is constantly giving media reports regarding his sultry sister.

Of late, Haven has commented to a number of publications about Angelina’s personal problems, her weight, her marriage and her mother’s death.

Just last week he told British magazine Closer that his sister’s work in Ethiopia has made it difficult for her to eat properly.

"To Brad, James is a wild card," an inside source told Star magazine. "He doesn't know what he'll say next."

“Brad knows how close Angie and James are,” added another insider.

“But as hard as he tries to keep his life with Angie out of the public eye, James talks about them, and it’s gotten Brad hot under the collar,” another pal added.

Posh Publicity: Victoria Plans to Write

Is their anything Victoria Beckham won’t do to “Spice” up her life?

The British beauty has dabbled in dancing, singing, acting, reality TV and fashion design and now she’s set her sights on becoming an interior-design expert.

According to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, Vic’s new book will feature pictures of her family's new Los Angles home, complete with step-by-step guides of how the look was achieved and can be maintained.

Jennifer Aniston Dating Again?

Does Jennifer Aniston have a new love?

The former “Friends" superstar spent her Memorial Day weekend with a sexy mystery man at Santa Monica’s One Pico restaurant at the Shutters Hotel on the Beach, according to People magazine.

At 8 p.m. the pair slipped into the beachfront eatery with Aniston's date gently rubbing her back as they waited for a table, the magazine reported.

For the next three hours, the duo talked by candlelight over a bottle of San Pellegrino, leaning in close and, at one point, even holding hands across the table, according to People.

Aniston was on her own again the next day at a local beach bash, palling around with neighbors Courteney Cox, David Arquette and their daughter, Coco, the magazine reported.

"[Jennifer] is doing so good," longtime friend Kathy Najimy recently told People. "She's fantastic. Couldn't be better."

Aniston, 38, has been single since her October split from Vince Vaughn.

Paparazzi Prank: Paris Pops Into Prison Early

After posing and partying at the MTV Awards Sunday, sexy socialite Paris Hilton checked herself into jail to start serving her sentence for driving with a suspended license.

Paris as well as mom, Kathy, and sister, Nicky, were picked up around 10.30 p.m. by lawyer Richard Hutton, according to TMZ.com.

But the “Simple Life” star was savvy enough to sidestep the packs of paparazzi and chose to surrender at the L.A County jail facility Twin Towers. The Hilton heiress was then transported to the Century Regional Detention Facility to don a dazzling detention suit.

According to the New York Daily News, Hilton will spend her time in prison writing a sequel to her 2005 best-seller “Confessions of a Heiress," documenting her days of detention in a diary.

“Paris' prison diary will make a more dramatic read than Martha Stewart's,” a source told the paper. "If she can make it believable, and not exaggerate too much, she might expect to make a million dollars out of it."

Meanwhile, the quieter Hilton heiress, Nicky, is arguing that her sister’s sentence is too severe.

"I think she should definitely be punished, but going to jail for a traffic violation is pretty absurd," she told People magazine.

But at least the pending prisoner will have something to look forward to when she her time is over. Paris is the face of a canned sparkling wine called RICH Prosecco and is set to swing into the label's summer party.

“When it [the jail sentence] is over, she was planning to go on vacation at the end of June,” said Günther Aloys, the Austria-based head of RICH Prosecco. “We expect to have a party day then with her in St. Tropez."

Jessica Alba: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

It seems Hollywood “Honey” Jessica Alba may have finally put an end to the age-old blonde vs. brunette debate.

The screen starlet dyed her naturally dark hues golden blonde for her role in “Fantastic Four,” and said that as a result, she was victim to even more smiles and stares than usual.

"People pay attention to blondes far more than they do to brunettes,” Alba admitted. "I definitely got checked out three times for every once I do with my regular hair color."